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20 most popular censored comics! What works of art are memorable even if they don’t sell?

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Some of the manga that have been censored for various reasons, such as low sales, have since become well known for various reasons and are remembered by many people.
We’ve picked out 20 of those “popular censored comics” and put them together!


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Many media mixes with live-action movies and animations have been done now, and “Dororo” is one of Osamu Tezuka’s masterpieces, but when it was first serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday, it seems to have been discontinued.
After that, it was serialized again in the magazine “Adventure King”, but it didn’t last long either.
At that time, it seems that the dark storyline of this work was not well received, and it seems that the reason why it was not as popular as it should have been.

Takaya-Senbu -Gakuen Gekitoden-

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The most common characteristics of censored works are “lost time”, “rushed development at the end of the story”, and “abrupt ending”, and this work has all of them.
This manga, which was serialized in JUMP from 2005 to 2006, was originally a school battle manga, but in order to improve it, the title was changed to “Takaya -The King of the Flame Blade at Dawn”, and the main characters were reincarnated in another world, which was a super development.
Considering the subsequent boom in inter-world reincarnation, in a sense, it was probably prescient.

There is another great line of dialogue in this film that will go down in history.
When the tsundere heroine hugs the protagonist and it is pointed out that her breasts are hitting her back, she says “I’m just guessing” in response.
This line became a bit of a buzzword and became popular.

It’s probably the only short-lived censored piece of work that provided this much of a topic.


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JUMP is a magazine with a large number of new and cancelled soccer manga, and this is one of them, but it has a different impact from other cancellations.

The series started in 2010, and on the first page of the first series, the manga suddenly announces the end of the J-League. on the first page of the series in 2010, it became a topic of conversation as a very challenging manga, but it was completed in three volumes.
However, the many aliases that tickle the chuunibito mind, the subtitle of the 19th episode “Okaeri, our Genius”, the wings that cover the earth, and the overly unique characters such as “Ano Hito”, are still talked about today, and seem to remain firmly in the memories of the readers.

By the way, there is a scene where the main character, Rihito, is screaming with his feathers plucked and it seems to be the last scene of the work, but that image is a collage that was made to look like a censored work.

Yaoyorozu Girl

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Unlike the LIGHT WING story image, this one ended the series in what I don’t think is really the last episode.
The manga was serialized in Monthly Comic Bars from 2006-2008, and the last panel where he shouts “My parents are avenged!” is so famous. is so famous that the last panel that screams “My parents are avenged!

That image has become so famous that people tend to think of it as a serious battle manga, but it’s actually a comedy with characters based on characters from Japanese folktales such as Momotaro.
The protagonist is a high school girl named Kibitsu Momoka, and she is not the person who is the “avenger of her parents”.

Then, who is that person? It is a person named Isun, who is thought to be based on a one-dimensional man.
He is a gag character who has had his parents murdered and is traveling to get revenge, and he is the only gag character who is “the one guy out of place in a gag manga who has a serious air about him”.
By the way, since he’s blind, he didn’t have visibility to see if his parents were avenged or not, but he judged it by the flow of his ki… but we don’t know if he’s actually avenged or not.

As you can see, if you cut out that scene alone, it looks like a very serious scene, but in reality, it’s not.
It’s a censored work that walks alone in many ways.

Go through it in a rocket!

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A work serialized in JUMP by Kiyu-sensei, which became a hot topic of conversation because of its unique end-of-volume comments.
It was a rather ephemeral work among the censored manga, in which only 10 episodes were published in 2000, but it is a title that has been handed down even after 20 years have passed, even in the era of the warrior.

However, the title and the comments at the end of the book are the only things that have been handed down, and the content may not be as well known.
This is a story about kart racing, and the main character’s maverick, reckless life as a budding racer is depicted with a unique frame layout and the edgy use of the phrase “Live Like Rocket!” inserted throughout the story.
In many ways, this is a work that makes the reader think, “There was a time like this for me…”.

Incidentally, Kiyu was in charge of drawing “Somriere” which became a million-selling manga under the pen name “Matsui Katsunori”, and he has become one of the most successful artists in the world.
Currently, “Mainichi Oohayoki”, a manga de anxieties supplement, is being serialized on the comic app “Mochikomi”.

Rising Impact

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Although he is known for the huge success of “Seven Deadly Sins”, he has had a number of works discontinued up to this one.
The first of them was “Rising Impact” which was first published in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1998.
Initially, the series did not grow in popularity and was cancelled after less than half a year, but three months later it made a miraculous comeback.

This is the one and only time that a manga that was discontinued in Jump magazine has been resumed in serial form.
It is a famous story that it was cancelled again 3 years later, but when the series has continued for 3 years, it can be called a success.

Bushizawa Receive

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Sexy Commando Gaiden: Amazing! Masaru-san” and “Pyu to Blow! Jaguar” and “Bushizawa Receive”, which was serialized in 1999, was the middle of the two blockbuster hits by Kyosuke Usuta.
It was discontinued after only 20 episodes, and he used the tour de force of summarizing the final story in a digest and timeline to put it all together.
This last story is still a narrative story today, despite the bitterness of being a gag manga, which is only allowed because it is a gag manga.

Double Arts

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This is a work published in 2008 in JUMP by Naoshi Furumi, which was serialized before “Nisekooi”.
It is a fantasy work of a completely different genre from “Nisekooi”, and is an exciting adventure story for readers.
Although the serialization is short (3 volumes), it is highly acclaimed, and there are many requests for a continuation of the story even now.


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From 1999-2000, before BLEACH, Kubo Taito-sensei serialized this battle action series in Jump.
It ended after a total of 4 volumes, but since that time it has been regarded as “rough and tumble but shiny”, and is still often talked about, especially by BLEACH fans.
Like Nobuhiro Watsuki’s GUN BLAZE WEST, the western-like worldview may not have been a good fit for the Jump readership.

P2!―let’s Play Pingpong!

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It is a table tennis manga that was serialized from 2006 to 2007 in Jump.
Although it was a work with a lovely picture and the girl was pretty, and the rule and the game of table tennis were drawn in earnest and were worth reading, it was discontinued in the serialization period of about one year.
After that, the final version was published in Akamaru Jump, and it was completed in 7 volumes, but the voice “it was too good to be true” is regularly heard.

Author Tatsuma Ejiri is currently working on a series of comic adaptations of Infini-T Force in Monthly Heroes, which should be called the Tatsunoko Pro version of The Avengers.



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