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All the heroines of the Pokémon anime, in one place! Who is the most popular?

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There have been many heroines in the “Pokemon” anime series, and we’ve compiled a list of all of them!
From Kasumi, the heroine of the first Pokémon, to Koharu, the heroine of the latest Pokémon, here’s a look at all the different types of heroines!


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She is probably the most famous Pokémon heroine.
She is the first heroine from Hanada City who appeared in the first episode of “Pokémon (Heisei Version)” and traveled with Satoshi and Takeshi.
Her navel-baring t-shirt, denim hot pants with suspenders, and side-tails are quite distinctive in appearance.

Perhaps due to her age of 10, she is a little unstable and short-tempered.
She has a strong sense of self-esteem and is very active in Pokémon battles.
He has a deep love for Pokémon and is a good Pokémon trainer, but he is still immature.

His relationship with Satoshi is basically that of a good friend and a good rival.
They often argue and fight with each other, but through their travels, their trust has become quite strong.
Although he has never expressed any romantic feelings for Satoshi, he sometimes shows jealousy towards him.
He ends his journey with Satoshi by becoming the Gym Leader of Hanada Gym.

The voice actress is Mayumi Iizuka.


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She is the second heroine from Touka City, who appeared in the first episode of Pokémon Advance Generation.
She has semi-long brown hair, a red bandana, and black spats.
When she appeared in “Diamond & Pearl”, she wore a green bandana.

She’s very caring and good-natured, and as a 10-year-old girl, she’s very trusting and easily influenced by others, both good and bad.
Although she is not as short-tempered as Kasumi, she shares the same ups and downs in her emotions, and her competitive spirit is quite strong.
While she has a big appetite and a curious mind, she also has a maidenly side that can be seen in many places.
Her love for Pokémon is also quite deep, and although she was a novice trainer at first, she has grown into a very capable one through a lot of experience.

He and Satoshi have a good relationship, and have only had one fight, and are basically good friends.
She respects Satoshi as a senior trainer, and her trust in him seems unshakable.
There is no description of romantic feelings, but they are good partners.
In the end, she ends her journey with Satoshi in order to challenge the contest.

The voice actress is Kaori Suzuki.


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She is the third heroine from Futaba Town, and has appeared since the first episode of “Pokémon Diamond & Pearl”.
She is a 10-year-old girl who loves fashion, and in addition to the standard attire of a white knit hat, black sleeveless dress, and pink miniskirt, she also wears a variety of outfits, including a dress and a maid’s uniform.

Her personality is similar to Ash’s, being cheerful, lively, and clumsy, probably because she is the heroine but also the other main character.
Her emotions fluctuate wildly, and when she panics, she becomes quite distraught.
He’s bossy and rough around the edges, but he’s polite to his superiors and seems to have at least a modicum of common sense.
His habit is to say, “Daijojo-bu! and rarely “Daijoubanai”.

He and Satoshi are like minded people and get along well.
They often cooperate with each other, and it is often shown that they have an equal relationship.
Since he is not a romantic person, he does not seem to have any romantic feelings for her, and “buddy” is the most appropriate term for their relationship.
She left her trip with Satoshi to compete in a contest.

Her voice actress is Megumi Toyoguchi.


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She is the fourth heroine from Dragon Village, and has appeared since the first episode of Pokémon: Best Wishes.
She is a brown-skinned girl with overwhelmingly voluminous hair tied up around her waist on both sides in a distinctive hairstyle.
Her age is set to be in her teens, but she is much smaller than the previous heroines.

However, she seems to have an older sisterly nature and treats Ash like a child, saying things like, “Ash is such a child.
She is a wild child who grew up in a dragon village surrounded by nature, and is an active girl with extraordinary physical abilities.
She has an innocent personality and a desire to act older than her age, which is one of her greatest charms.
Her abilities as a Pokémon trainer and her leadership skills are relatively high, and she sometimes gives accurate advice to new trainers.

She has a soft spot for Ash, who is also a trainer, and seems to sympathize with his attitude of caring for Pokémon.
At first, there are quite a few scenes of them falling out, but they gradually get to know each other and build a relationship of trust as rivals and friends.
He is not a fan of romantic feelings, saying that “talking about love makes me hungry,” and it is believed that he is not in love with Satoshi.

Her voice actress is Aoi Yuuki.


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She is the fifth heroine from Asameta Town, and has appeared since the first episode of Pokémon XY.
At first, she wore a red hat, black top, and red skirt with long hair, but in episode 60, she cut her hair and changed her look.
However, in episode 60, she changed her hairstyle by cutting her hair into a bob-short bob, and started wearing a hat, a dress, and a long cardigan.

Although she has a cheerful personality, she is not the type to be outspoken and is a bit quiet.
She is very fashionable, has high girl power, and can bake and sew.
At first, she wanted to be a Pokémon trainer, but she couldn’t find her goal. When she saw Elle’s Pokémon performance in Lagoon Town, she admired her, and after that, she wanted to be a Pokémon performer.

She is the first heroine who is shown to have clear romantic feelings for Ash.
She has been saved by Ash before, and after meeting him again, her feelings for him seem to have grown even stronger.
Ash, who is insensitive, is unaware of her affection, but he trusts her as a person and as a friend, and they have a caring relationship.
The scene where she kisses Satoshi when they part in the last episode has become a hot topic.

The voice actor is Masayuki Makiguchi.



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