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[New Sakura Wars] Azami Mochizuki is a spy! A thorough explanation of the allegations

出典 : ©SEGA : 新サクラ大戦(PlayStation®4専用ソフトウェア)

We summarized one of the main characters in Shin Sakura Taisen, one of the main characters in the TV anime that will begin airing in April 2020, Nozomi Mochizuki Azami!
As the youngest and most unique member of the Imperial Huaygeki Gang, we’ll have a thorough explanation of her basic data, and how she was suspected of being a spy in the film!

Azami Mochizuki Character Introduction

出典 : ©SEGA/SAKURA PROJECT : テレビアニメ『新サクラ大戦 the Animation』

She is a female character in “New Sakura Wars” and is one of the heroines of the film.
She is a member of the newly-reformed “Imperial Assault Force, Hanagumi”, which was reunited 10 years after the demon war.
However, she often leaves the group by herself due to special missions and acts alone.

At 13 years old, she is the youngest member of the Hanagumi.
The next youngest is Clarice at 16, so she is the only one in her early teens.

She has a short cut of black hair, short eyebrows and slit eyes in a jit-eye style.
She is short in height for her age, and her body is quite thin.

Her image color is yellow.
She usually wears a frilly light yellow apron dress and net tights, which is a unique style of dress.

She calls herself a ninja, and actually shows tremendous leaping ability, and wears an agony on her sleeve.
He seems to speak of the “108 rules” that have been handed down since ancient times in his hometown, and he makes a mental note to follow them.

His character is earnest and pure.
He is proud of being a ninja and always acts like a ninja, so he sometimes acts strangely.
However, in reality, she is a very kind girl who is full of curiosity and has a strong sense of justice with an eye for sweet things.

She is voiced by Hibiku Yamamura.

The Man in the Mask holds the key! The truth about the alleged spies

出典 : ©SEGA : 新サクラ大戦(PlayStation®4専用ソフトウェア)

The game version of this title begins with a visit to the Grand Imperial Theater (Imperial Theater) by Seijuro Kamiyama, a former captain of a special navy ship, who has been appointed as the captain of the newly born Imperial Huagigumi, the Hanagumi, despite his bewilderment.
Amamiya Sakura, Shinome Hatsuho, and Clarice, who are already active as members of the Hanagumi, were there, but Azami was nowhere to be found.
She was away on another mission.

Azami doesn’t appear in front of Seijuro until some time after he takes office.
However, the first time they met was when Seijuro was transforming into “Gekizou-kun,” the Teikigeki’s karakuri propaganda doll, so Azami didn’t recognize him and treated him as Gekizou-kun.

Later on, the two had a proper encounter and came into contact as the captain and member of the Hanagumi team.
He seemed to be a little wary of Seijuro’s appointment, but he accepted it rather easily.

The spotlight on Azami is placed on him in the fourth episode of the game, “Under the Mask”.

In the World War of the Huagaidan, the new Imperial Huagaidan beat the Shanghai Huagaidan to advance to the second round, despite the fact that they had the lowest rating beforehand.
The reputation of the troupe and the opera troupe increased greatly, and the momentum for a complete revival of the troupe grew, but Azami was suspected as if to throw a wrench in the works.

The suspicion is placed on Azami by the World League of Law Enforcement Fighters (WLOF), the organization that founded and hosted the Flower Wars.
They claimed that she was a spy, using a photo of Azami making contact with an old man in a suspicious mask at a rooftop amusement park as evidence.

It would be arrogant to assume that she was a spy, but… there were multiple reasons for their argument.

One is that Azami usually acts alone and the captain Seijuro doesn’t know what he is doing.
The other is that a masked demon calling himself “Yasha” (the enemy force in the film) attacked the opening ceremony of the Kagekidan War, and he had a secret meeting with the mysterious old man in the mask shortly afterwards.
It’s true that Azami’s actions are suspicious, and the masked old man is even more suspicious than that.

Nevertheless, both are far from proof.
The WLOF determines that Azami is a spy and demands that he be taken into custody, but naturally Seijuro is repulsed.

Later, he comes across a scene in which Azami and the masked old man are having a conversation.
The old man introduces himself as Mochizuki Yatansai, a ninja chieftain of the Mochizuki school, but after returning the thistle first, he confesses that he is an old farmer who is not a ninja or anything else.
He tells a gentle lie to Azami, who has been abandoned by her parents, that her parents won’t be able to come back for a while because of a mission, and reminisces that he raised her as a ninja in order to give her hope and a reason to live…….

Just when it seemed that this would clear their suspicions, WLOF unilaterally claimed that not only Azami, but even Seijuro had been meeting secretly with the alleged old man.
Seijuro decides that if he resists, the other members of the Hanagumi will be harmed, so he chooses to be restrained quietly.

He and Azami are not the only ones detained, and the two are reunited in the car they were taking in, unintentionally.
Fortunately, they are able to escape and are surrounded by Mr. I, the right-hand man of WLOF’s Secretary-General, President G., and his Black Hattori Unit, and they are on the verge of death, but they are successfully fought off by the ninja skills of Hatanzai, who arrives on the scene.
Hatanzai was a ninja after all.

Thus, Azami’s suspicions of being a spy were cleared, and her origins, which took several turns, were confirmed as “a descendant of the Mochizuki school of ninja”.



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