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[Tamayomi] Baseball’s version of Galpin! High school girls and baseball” Kirara series work to be made into an anime

出典 : ©マウンテンプクイチ・芳文社/新越谷高校女子野球部 : TVアニメ「球詠」公式サイト

Updated 1/21/2020

The new Kirara-type anime, “Kyuuyou”, which will be broadcast from April 2020, has a lot in common with the hit anime “Girls & Panzer”.
Based on those similarities, we’ll explore the appeal of this work!

It’s not softball, it’s “women’s baseball

Tamayomi is a baseball manga that is serialized in Manga Time Kirara Forward by Mr. Mountain Pukuichi.

Baseball has a strong impression of being a men’s sport, and softball is more famous as a women’s sport, but in recent years, women’s hardball has become popular and there are many women’s professional baseball players.
However, this work is slightly different from the real world of baseball, where women’s hardball is popularized as a major feminine sport.

Doesn’t this setting resemble the popular anime?
That’s right, it’s “Girls & Panzer,” which was a huge hit and made a movie version.
The setting and worldview of “tank battles are the way of life for girls” made that work popular as well.

In that sense, “Yakuyomi” could be called a “baseball version of Garupan”.

However, apart from this setting, there is no difference between “The Ball Wing” and the real world, in fact, it is a work that depicts baseball in a very authentic way.
In addition to the depiction of baseball, the story is also excellent as a coming-of-age story where friendships and bonds are fostered between players through practices and games.

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Cute and serious girls

出典 :

Baseball is a sport that requires at least nine players to play the game.
So, there are quite a few main characters in “Kyuuyomi”.

The main character is the pitcher, Yomi Takeda.
Not only does he have an amazing breaking ball that glares at the batter’s head and bends into the strike zone, but he has been told that there is no catcher who can catch it, but he is also told, “Don’t throw that creepy thing,” and is about to leave baseball for a time.

Her childhood friend Tamaki Yamazaki, who had grown up to be a top-notch catcher, became Eiben’s savior.
The two decide to team up and join the Shin Koshigaya High School baseball club, which was on the verge of being discontinued due to a past scandal.

Other than these two, there are also twin sisters,Ibuki Kawaguchi and Yoshino, hit-maker Nozomi Nakamura who speaks in Hakata dialect, sophomores Rei  Okada and Risa Fujiwara, second baseman Sumire Fujita who prefers to play with elegance and politeness, and boyish Kawasaki Ridge The baseball club is made up of three unique individuals: Ryo Kawasaki, power-hitting Shiragiku Omura, who has won a national kendo championship, and advisor/coach Kyoka Fujii, who is also the coach of the team, all of whom are serious about baseball.

They are all cute and serious. That’s what the heroines of “Kyuuyu” are all about.

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The description of the lily is understated

………From the explanation up to this point, it may seem that even though it is a real baseball manga, there are no elements of “Kirara-kei”, but “Kyuuyomi” is definitely a Kirara-type work.

However, “The Ball Wing” is definitely a Kirara-type work because it has yuri in it!

However, it is not a direct depiction of yuri, but rather it is about the friendship that is developed through baseball, and it is expressed through a yuri filter.

The author, Mountainpukuichi-sensei, is a true yuri lover who works on yuri manga in a certain yuri manga magazine.
However, in this work, the yuri component seems to be suppressed in consideration of the magazine and subject matter.

However, because of that, the yuri component and the characters are well-balanced, the destructive power when there is a description of yuri is great!
It is a very high quality Kirara-type manga.

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It’s going to be animated! Gathering of a great cast

出典 : ©マウンテンプクイチ・芳文社/新越谷高校女子野球部 : TVアニメ「球詠」公式サイト

In June 2019, the TV anime adaptation of Sphere Wing was announced.
It is set to air in the spring of 2020.

The animation will be produced by studio A-CAT, which worked on Frame Arms Girl in collaboration with ZEXYS.
The director of “MAJOR”, Toshinori Fukushima, will be at the helm, the series composition will be by Douko Machida of “GA Art School Art Design Class”, and the character design will be by “Bless This Wonderful World! and Koichi Kikuta will be in charge of each.

All 11 members of the Shin Koshigaya High School baseball team, including the coach, have already been announced for the cast.

Kaori Maeda will play the role of Eibuka, Satomi Amano will play Tamahime, Miyu Tomita will play Miu Tomita, Nao Shiraki will play Yoshino, Ruriko Noguchi will play Nozomi, Yume Miyamoto will play Rei, Airi Nagano will play Risa The roles of Violet and Violet are played by Marie Hashimoto, Rina Kitagawa, Rina Honizumi, Rina Shirakiku and Haruka Yoshimura, respectively.


Now that Yuru-Can has moved to COMIC FUZ and Gakkogurashi is complete, this is the ace in the hole for Kirara Forward!
Because of that, there are a lot of expectations for the anime.

Since it’s a work with many characters, the main cast members are naturally more numerous than the usual Kirara anime, but I think the voice actors have been chosen to match their personalities.
It’s going to be the hottest and cutest anime out there!

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