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[JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure] I tried collecting 4 OP’s! Great songs!

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A cartoon work that is receiving high popularity and strong support, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”. Have you ever seen that animated version? This time we introduce the OP of 3 songs in the fourth part of that animated version “JoJo”, “Diamonds can not be broken”. Let’s taste the view of the world from those who do not know “Jojo” or who have never watched anime, from the theme song OP.

What is “JoJo 4”?

“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” is a manga work by Hirohiko Araki. Among them, “diamonds can not be broken” is called 4 copies because it is a work which is positioned in part 4 among the series.
Set aside in Mori Ochocho in S city of M prefecture in Japan, A high school student with a trademark as a riesent head · fight against “stand use” in which Higashakata jusuke lurks in town It is a story.
Four copies were made into TV animations in 2016, and roughly three kinds of OPs were announced. This time we will introduce about these 3 OPs!
However, since there is spoiler, please be careful who is unread / un-listened!

1st Cool OP “Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town”

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“Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town” was used as the first OP of the animated version 4 copies. The artist is “THE DU (Jun Shirota, Yasuda Wada, Jeity)”.
It is characterized by a bright and light tone that emphasizes the relatively comical 4 images of “Jojo”.
In the atmosphere like an idol song of the 90’s, I feel 4 parts of “everyday”.
Moreover, there are lyrics that suggest not only “everyday” but also the key item “story” of the story and “shadow” lurking in town. It is a theme song that has Jojo’s appearance, but it is not just bright.

2nd cool OP “Chase”

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“Chase” was used as the second theme of 4 animated versions. The artist is batta.
“Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town” turns into a serious song. Around this time of the animated version, Yoshi Yoshikage (Kira Yoshikage), the biggest enemy of the work, appears.
Ability to turn into a bomb whatever – Killer Queen is a murderer who takes advantage of the killer queen and is a lone person who is casting a deep shadow in Duo Town.
It is this theme song that reminds me of the battle of Shusuke chasing after that Kira. It is a song packed with sense of tension and preparedness to fight.

The 3rd cool OP “Great Days”

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The last OP will return to the bright atmosphere again from the serious air.
“Great Days”, artist is Aoki Karen · Hasegawa Daisuke.
It is a song in which the main character, Toyosuke Toya’s habit of choosing “Great” is used as a title, and a figure depicting a figure faced with his companion to the “shadow” of the city.
Reverse playback is used in the second half of the song, and recalls Kira’s new ability Viza dust.
Also, this “Great Days” is full of English “English Ver.” And 1 – 4 points OP artists gathered “Unit Ver.” There are points! Please listen and compare.


How was it?
There are many bright songs in Jojo, and it is also recommended for those who have never touched JoJo because the work content is comical.
Also for JoJo Fans, it may be a challenge to deepen the 4 view of the world. Please listen to it!

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