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[Blade of the Demon] The No. 1 jumping death rate! Here’s a summary of dead characters and death conditions

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The explosive popularity of “Blade of Annihilation” has resulted in an anime broadcast and movie, and the total number of copies issued has exceeded 40 million.
When talking about “Blades of Onishin”, the death of characters is indispensable. Major characters, popular characters, and even mobs have died without mercy.
As of 2020, it is no exaggeration to say that it is the highest death rate among manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump”.
In this article, we summarized the following information about the death of characters in “Blade of the Demons”.

The character who died (human side)
The life and death of Kamon Sumijiro
Conditions for death.

In order to enjoy the story that has reached its climax, let’s look back at the bravery of the characters who have been scattered in the fierce battles so far.

The human side of the character who died in “Blade of the Demons

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The “Onigiri-Tai” struggles to eradicate demons. They are an elite group of selected humans, but it is not uncommon for them to die in fierce battles.
So far, the following four main characters have died in battle.

Kyojuro Rengoku

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The pillars are made up of even more elite members of Kyojuro Rengoku. One of them is the Flame Pillar’s Anjuro Purgatory.
In the Mugenretsu-hen chapter, he challenges the demon MELISSA YA YAZO to protect them.
His abilities are described by his enemy MELISSA (YA YA HUIZA) as “in a supreme level”, and he even suggests that he become an ogre. That’s a real testament to his abilities.
However,Kyojuro Rengoku Purgatory says, “Aging and dying are the beauty of the fragile creature called human beings. It is precisely because of aging and death that they are unbearably lovable and precious.
At first the two are evenly matched in their fight, but they are defeated by the regenerative abilities of YA YA YA. However, he is defeated in the face of the regeneration ability of YA YA HAYATA (spokesman for MELISSA HAYATA), and dies after telling him to “live with your chest out”.
Kyojuro Rengoku’s mother teaches him to “help the weak”. He fulfilled his mother’s promise to the end of his life and died in a splendid manner.
The film version of “Mugen Resshahenhen Hen”, which depicts this death struggle, is scheduled to be released in 2020. We can see Kyojuro Rengoku Purgatory’s activities again.

Muichiro Tokito

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This is also one of the pillars, Tokidou Muichiro of the Kasumabashira, who lost his life in the battle against the Black Death Mure.
He lost his life in a battle against the First of the Strings, Black Death Mure.
He is the strongest of all the demons. He couldn’t stand alone, even if he was a pillar, and his arm was cut off.
Later, he is skewered with his own sword. The reader is aghast at the situation where he is not killed all at once. With the help of his friends, he is able to escape from the crisis for a while.
In the end, his body is sliced in half and he dies. Muichiro Tokidou stabs his sword, which he was prepared to die for, and succeeds in defeating Kuroshimu.
In “Blade of Annihilation”, the scene of Muichiro Tokitsuro’s death is so painful that it makes you want to turn away from it.
The fact that a 14 year old boy dies shows the seriousness of the world of “Blade of the Demons”.

Sinobu Kocho

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Shinobu Butterfly of Mushibashira specializes in manipulating poison.
He will lose his life in a battle with “Jougen no Ni, Dooma.
Basically, the demon must cut off his neck or he will not die. However, Shinobu butterfly cannot cut off her neck due to her inability to do so.
Therefore, he devises a way to defeat the demon using poison. This is a different way of defeating demons than the other demon-killing teams.
In the battle against Dooma, they fight with poison as before, but Dooma is a demon that nullifies poison. Shinobu butterfly continues to wear out in the face of an enemy with the worst chemistry, whose poison doesn’t work as he relies on it.
In a moment of weakness, Shinobu is absorbed into Douma.
The enemy absorbs him and he dies, leaving no corpse in his wake.

Sanemi Shinazugawa

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Sanemi Shinazugawa Immortal River, one of the demon killers.
Like Muichiro Tokidou, Genya the Immortal also died in the battle against Black Deathmu.
An ability called “Oni-eating” that Sanemi Shinazugawa the Immortal has. By eating a part of the demon, he can temporarily gain the same monstrous power and regenerative abilities as the demon. There is a disadvantage, though, that in order to get closer to the demon, his humanity, such as his ability to reason and make decisions, is reduced.
Immortal Genya ate Black Death Mew’s hair in his battle with Black Death Mew. He fights back with a gun using his demon powers, but his arm is cut off and his body is cut in two.
Even though he is half-immortalized, Sanemi Shinazugawa tries to help his comrades, and he decides to take Black Death Mountain’s sword into his possession. The sheer force of the sword turns Sanemi Shinazugawa into a complete demon.
Somehow he manages to keep his reasoning and supports his friends with his half-body. After the battle, he turned into a piece of demon and disappeared like a demon.
It was a cool end to his decision to become a demon for the sake of his friends, and the fragility of not being able to die as a human.

Protagonist dead? Is Kamad Tanjiro alive or dead?

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Protagonist dead? Is Kamad Tanjijiro alive or dead? Misery, the general of the demon’s side, has finally revived.
The main character, Kamon Sumjiro, in a suicide attack against such misery, but there is nothing he can do in the face of misery’s overwhelming power, and he collapses in agony after being injected with misery’s blood.
Misery says, “Sumitaro Kamon is dead”. If the words are true, the protagonist leaves the scene without a single blow.
It is a shocking scene, but is it possible for the hero of a shonen manga to die so easily?
It is currently believed that Kamad Tanjjiro is not known if he is alive or dead, and he is in the midst of receiving medical treatment from his friends.
Considering the fact that a reminiscence scene is interspersed, it is highly likely that he will come back to life with some kind of enhanced power.
I hope he comes back with a power boost and passes through misery as a hero.

Is there a condition where a character is absolutely dead?

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I’ve looked back at the human side characters who have died so far, but it’s also true that you can’t let your guard down just because you won the battle and survived.
According to what the demon said, there is a condition under which a human side character will always die. That is the manifestation of bruises.
Some characters, including Pillar, can develop bruises on their bodies. As described in the story, when a bruise appears, it improves physical abilities and increases movement speed and attack speed.
It is a means of gaining overwhelming power, but it is described by the demons as a prelude to a lifetime. Because of the reduced lifespan and strength, it is asserted that a character who causes bruises to appear will die before they reach the age of 25.
The only exception to this rule is the rock pillar Screaming Yugong Mei. Screaming Yugong Mei is 27 years old, so is she an exceptional survivor? Is he going to die soon?
There are a number of other characters with bruises appearing, so it’s not surprising to see a few more characters die in the future.


In this issue, we’ve compiled the following information about “Blade of the Demon’s Annihilation” as the story reaches its climax.

Characters who died on the human side
The life and death of Kamon Sumijiro
Conditions for death.

Blades of Demon Extinction is one of the highest character mortality manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump.
The story has reached a climax, and the general of the demons, Misery, is attacking the demon killing squad with overwhelming strength. It’s also true that some characters are flagged for death.
Ideally, it would be ideal if no character dies, but considering what has been going on so far, the death of a character is inevitable.
What developments are in store for us? Which character will die? We can’t take our eyes off the future of “Blades of Demons”.

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