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【 Super HxEros】Can Tenkuji Sora break the jinx of being second best? A thorough examination

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A big feature on one of the heroines, Sora Tenkuji, from the summer 2020 anime “Do-class Formation Exelos”!
She was ranked second in the official popularity poll, but there is a jinx that prevents blue heroines from becoming winning heroines. However, there is a jinx that prevents blue heroines from becoming winning heroines, and we’re going to thoroughly examine whether she can break out of it!

Sora Tenkuji Character Overview

A female character from “Super HxEros” and one of the heroines of the game.
She belongs to the Saitama branch of the Earth Defense Force, the same branch as the protagonist, Retto Enjo.
She is a classmate of Retto’s younger sister, Hiiro, who is a junior high school girl.

She is a junior high school girl with three sizes (86-52-78), and has large breasts and a small ass, which is rare among two-dimensional characters.
She has light blue hair that grows to her back, and she wears it in small twin tails, tied up on either side near the top of her head.
Her tails seem to move when she is interested in something.

He is a member of the hero group “Exelos”, which fights daily against humanity’s sworn enemy, the Kiseimushi, by amplifying the source of eros, “Henergy”, with HxEROS, and is active as Exe Blue.
He is good at drawing comics, and is also in charge of the design of the “XERO suit,” which was developed to overcome the drawback of H×EROS that it tears clothes when used.
In addition, he likes to draw girls being naughty, and Henergy seems to be a source of two-dimensional eros rather than three-dimensional.

He lives in the same dormitory as Retto and his friends in the Saitama branch of the Earth Defense Forces, and often sleepwalks into Retto’s room across the hall and crawls into bed to spend the night.
At first, she hid the fact that she draws manga and gets her H-energy from 2D, but after Kirara Hoshino discovered her by accident and appreciated her work, she gained some confidence.

She’s a natural, and doesn’t usually show much emotion, but she’s very particular about the design of her XERO suit, and seems to get excited when she talks about it.
She is also surprisingly shy.

Chacha, the princess of Kiseimushi who inspired the development of the XERO suit (but is now an abomination and lives as a member of Exelos), calls her “Solara.

Her voice actress is Yuki Kuwahara.

The second most popular heroine in the official popularity poll! Will she conquer the world?

The main heroine of Super HxEros is Kirara, and she has the most appearances in the heroine group, while the rest of the heroines are about the same.
As a result, there are not that many appearances in the air.

Despite this, she made a great showing in the official character popularity poll held in 2019.
Despite not yet being in the main character LOVE group, she came in a respectable second place with 6717 votes, close to Kirara who came in first with 7520 votes.
The third-place finisher, Akebono Yoizuki, also did very well despite her late appearance, but with 3051 votes, she received less than half the number of votes that Sora received.

In other words, Sora is the heroine who represents this work.

If she is given more opportunities to appear in the future due to her high popularity, she may even become number one in the next popularity poll.
Also, as the number of fans increases with the broadcast of the anime, there is no doubt that her popularity will increase further.
In that sense, she is a heroine with the potential to grow even more in the future.

On the other hand, however, there are several jinxes in the anime world that prevent her from becoming a winning heroine.
From here on, we will examine the jinxes that are the key to whether or not she will be able to rise above the rest.

Is it good to be a junior heroine? Is it bad?

There are no special rules for a character to be a winning heroine in a romantic comedy in manga or anime.
However, there is a trend.

First of all, as a matter of course, the heroine who is treated as the main heroine at the beginning of the series has an overwhelming probability of ending up with the hero, and the rest of the heroines have little chance of winning the romantic battle.
However, there are exceptions, such as in “Ichigo 100%,” so this is not an absolute rule.

Also, junior heroines (younger heroines) tend to have a hard time becoming the winning heroine.

If they are the main heroine from the start, such as Yukina Himehiiragi in Strike the Blood or Rin Nanakura in Pseudo Harem, they are not limited to that, but if they are not the main heroine, their chances of winning are almost zero.
Even in harem romantic comedies where the main character is not clearly defined, there are very few cases where the junior heroine wins.
This is presumably because the junior heroine is one of the variations of a work with multiple heroines, often appearing as the third or fourth heroine, and is often placed as the heroine who is sure to lose.

Even so, if the heroine becomes more popular than the main heroine, it is possible to overturn the loss.
It’s just that junior heroines who gain that level of popularity don’t appear very often, so the upset rarely happens.
Therefore, if the heroine has already gained popularity that is close to that of the main heroine, she is not guaranteed to lose just because she is a junior heroine.



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