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[Blade of the Demon’s Destruction] The pinnacle of the demon, the demon who is more human than anyone else, the summation of the appeal of Onimai Tsuji Musashi’s in-depth explanation [Power Harassment Conference].

Only three years after the series began, the total number of copies published has exceeded 40 million!
It was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2016 and will be made into an anime in 2019.
Furthermore, it will be made into a movie in October 2020, and the manga [Blade of Annihilation] is the one that’s gaining the most momentum right now.
The author is Mr. Agoge Yohseharu.
At first glance, it is a common story about a battle between people and demons, but the attractive characters Thanks to this, everyone is fascinated by the unique worldview. The main character, ‘Kamon Sanjiro’, is brutalized by the demon, and his sister, ‘Kamon Negeko’, is turned into a demon. The members of the oni-kiri-tai, Zenitsu Gatsuma and Inosuke Suihei, are also present. The other members of the Oni-kiri-tai are Zenzui Wagatsuma and Inosuke Suihira, as well as Onimayu Tsuji Nushu, the top demon and the person who turned Priest Neduko into an ogre.
They are demons, but they are actually humans. There are various kinds of demons on the demon’s side as well, such as demons who are miserably abandoned and are at a loss and demons who build pseudo-families. There is a story.
And the one who enhances the story is the main character’s enemy ‘Onimayu Tsuji Nushuyo’. I would like to introduce the strongest, ruthless, cool and sometimes beautiful “Oni Mai Tsuji Nushuyo” as the top of the demons! !


Age: Looks around 30 years old (estimated to be 1122 years old)
Height: changes all over the place (most of the time around 175 cm)
Weight: changes all over the place.
Birthplace: unknown
Birthday: unknown
Personality: the ultimate in self-centeredness.

He was the first demon to be born over a thousand years ago, and he was the one who turned Priestess into a demon. By giving the blood of misery to humans, only those who are conformed become demons, and those who have already become demons. When you give, that demon becomes stronger by the amount you share. Only cruelty can do that. The figure is not the same all the time, but changes from time to time, whether it is a boy or a woman. One day, when he met Sumijiro on the street, he saw the earring Sumijiro was wearing and hated him, and from then on Sumijiro They begin to turn the demons against each other. This is the beginning of a mutual hatred between Sumijiro and Musashiro.


His appearance changes all over the place, and I don’t even know who the same demon is!

Misery can change its shape and also change its shape so much that the first time you see it, you’re like, “Who? There were times when I thought it was a good idea. The most major figure is what fans call it, a Michael Jackson look-alike, “My Co It’s “misery”. The author already had Michael Jackson’s song playing in his head for a period of time every time “misery” was mentioned, and then he had a charcoal-headed It was difficult, such as the first time I encountered the cruelty of the scene. Although it’s not depicted in the anime yet, children can change their appearance as well.

One day, at the castle called “Mugenjo”, the scene where the miserable man in female form starts to preach a sermon to the “demons of the lower string There are, but even those demons are “who? I couldn’t realize it. I finally realized it when I heard the voice. If a woman with condescending eyes suddenly started lecturing me, the demons would be in trouble. And she’s quite beautiful!
The first meeting between Maiko Misery and Sanjiro is included in the anime episode 8, “The Scent of Blood in Disillusionment.

The most powerful and nearly invincible demon

There is a group of demons called the Twelve Demon Moons, which are divided into the Shang-string and the Lower Chord. The strongest are the “First of the Upper String” and the weakest are the “Riku of the Lower String”, with the exception of misery. Ogres can survive by feeding on humans, and the best ones can feed on more humans. It is. I told you in the profile section that the strength of an ogre depends on the amount of blood the misery gives, but blood If the body can no longer withstand the amount of blood, the demon will die. Furthermore, since they share the blood of the miserable, the demons have “absolute loyalty and fear,” “demon dance and talk about It is cursed with the curses of “if you die,” “every thought is known cruelly,” and “disgusting to your own kind.

Normally, a demon would disappear if it is decapitated by the sunflower sword held by the demon killers, but it does not disappear in the case of a miserable demon. He is truly the strongest and most invincible demon in the world. However, the fact that he doesn’t declare himself perfect, saying, “I am a creature of infinite perfection… I’m a little humbled, I guess.
The curse of misery is included in the anime episode 10, “I’ll Always Be With You.


Kimagure, one-man black boss!

You’re the strongest and most invincible, so you need to be a little more relaxed and kind to your hard-working subordinates. I wish you could give me that, but misery is never sweet!
I hope the demons are desperate to answer the expectations of the miserable, so I hope they listen to their troubles. I’ve been told by the miserable, “I don’t expect any more from you guys”. Basically, when they appear in front of demons, it is usually to abuse them, and if they are not happy at all, they will say, “The thought Because you can “read” it, you are immediately killed. You can deny or affirm it, but it will kill you. Then run away… but you’ll be killed by the instantaneous movement. Because he kills a number of twelve demon moons like that, he has the highest number of twelve demon moon kills among fans. It’s said to be ranked. But since the demons are sharing their blood, it can’t be helped. Ogres, I feel sorry for you.
If you want to see what a black boss looks like, please watch anime episode 26, “A New Mission.


Onimai Tsuji Misery has many facets, but his absolute strength and his personality cause him to develop a “chuuniya It seems to be a character. There are a lot of black bosses in the world, but they don’t kill you, so I thought it was better than that. You’d think (yeah… right…?) (Sweat). It’s such a tragic and sad past. It’s a bit of a spoiler, so if you want to see it, scroll down. Humans and demons alike have their own stories in the Blades of Demon Destruction. More and more powerful demons will be created in the future. I’m looking forward to the future of these demons, starting with Misery! Incidentally, there is an inn in Fukushima Prefecture that is rumored to have been the model for “Mugenjo”.

Spoilers! The past!

Onimai Tsuji Musashi was also originally human. He was born in the Heian period and was apparently from an aristocratic family.
He had always been frail and the doctors said that he would die before he was twenty years old. There was a doctor who wanted to prolong the life of such a miserable person as long as possible. The doctor, who was genuinely hoping that his condition would get better, created a prototype of a blue lily of the valley flower However, when he did not get better at all, the angry miserable man killed the doctor.
Not long after that, the potion started to work and he started feeling better and his body got stronger and stronger. It is going to go. But at the same time, you want human blood and can’t go out in the sunshine even more. That’s the moment you become the first cannibalistic demon!
As for the food, there is no problem, but it is inconvenient to not be able to go out in the daytime, so in order to overcome sunlight, he creates demons and starts looking for “blue spider lilies” and “clues to overcome sunlight”.
About 400 years ago, he confronts the “Jikoku Enichi” who uses the “Breath of Sunlight”. The miserable man attacks Enichi, but the miserable man is torn apart through his entire body. He attempts to regenerate himself, but the body cut by one of Enichi’s blades cannot be regenerated. Just as Enichi is about to attack him, Misery’s body is transformed into countless pieces of flesh, which fly apart. He succeeded in escaping with what little body he had left. The earring that Enichi was wearing at the time was the same one that Sumijiro wore.
This is the spoiler. Sorry, it may not be a sad story. But it was an episode that shows that misery was not a smooth sailing life either.
”The moment of the birth of the demon is included in the original episode 127, and the confrontation between Misery and Enichi is included in the original episode 187.


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