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Blades of Demon Destruction] They acted for the people of YAJA (YAHA)? Select 3 traits [and a sad past].

Blades of Onimatsu, which is currently a hot topic of discussion, began to be serialized in 2016, and as of now, at volume 20 of the book, the original The total number of copies sold exceeded 60 million.
In this article, I’d like to introduce you to the twelve demon moon’s upper-string demon, YAGAZA, from the Blades of Demon Destruction.
If you’ve only watched the anime, be warned that this is a character you don’t know about yet, so there is a risk of spoilers.


They are the elite twelve demon months selected by Onimayu Tsuji Musashi, and among them is the participation of the twelve stringed demons whose members have not changed for hundreds of years.

Since demons are basically immortal, they devote all their time to their own training.
They desire to fight the strong and despise the weak, but they are influenced by their past as human beings.

In addition, among the demons of the upper-string, only YA YA MELISSA is the only one who does not use weapons or blood demon techniques to jump, and he fights entirely with his bare hands.

In appearance, he is slender and muscular with short red plum colored hair.
He is dressed in a sleeveless cloak directly on his bare skin, sand-colored trousers and beads on both feet.
Basically, demons are unable to maintain a normal state of mind and attack humans on instinct, but not the Maidservant.

They are methodical in their words and actions and aim for the supreme realm.
As a result, they fight squarely in battle, and even in battles against the strong, they never lose their composure and respect.


[Characteristic of MELISSA: The ambition sought to protect what’s important to them.

The first characteristic of the MELISSA is ambition.

Both as a human and as a demon, MELISSA was ambitious and sought the supreme realm.
So how strong is a MELISSA seeking the supreme realm in the first place?
The answer to this is that it is stronger than the pillars of the demon slayers.
The Upper String Demon is basically so strong that it’s difficult to defeat the pillar alone.

Purgatory, the Pillar of Fire, also fights a good battle against YAELSA, but is defeated by YAELSA.
Even though they are stronger than the pillar, they are still training for greater heights.

So why does MELISSA seek strength in the first place?
The answer to this involves the past of the human age of the Maidens.

They were originally human. When he was human, his name was Hakuji (Hakuji).
His father was too weak to go to work and his family was poor.
Therefore, in order to obtain money, Komaji began to steal.

Komaji said, “Medicine for my father. If you don’t get strong, you won’t be able to get away with your stolen wallet, and if you don’t get strong, you’ll be returned. You will not win if you encounter them. If you don’t become strong, the magistrate will catch you and punish you. (Quoted from Blades of Demise, Volume 18).

In other words, MELISSA was trying to be strong for his father. He was trying to be strong for the sake of his loved ones, but when he became a demon, he lost his human memory and I had forgotten what I was going to be strong for, but I wanted to be strong in the human era. Only the only thing that remained in my head was my obsession with becoming a demon and being strong.

Characteristic of MELISSA: Honesty based on one’s beliefs.

The second characteristic of MELISSA is the straightforward honesty of admitting the strong.
They have a discriminatory character, admitting the strong and showing contempt for the weak, but they are straightforward in their feelings.

In his battle with Purgatory, YA YA admits, “Its fighting spirit is well-honed. It is close to the supreme realm” (quoted in Blades of Destruction, vol.8).Also, in response to Purgatory, they said, “The spirit of that fighting spirit…The spirit of that man who was wounded so badly. It’s not a part of your stance, after all, you should be a demon, Anjuro. Let’s keep fighting with me forever. (Quoted from Blade of the Demon, Vol. 8) He is also honest about his own desires.

Thus, honesty about what you want and the strength of the other person is a characteristic of a YA.

We are also introduced to an episode of Sanjiro.
After he grows up, he encounters YA YA YA (YA HAYATA YA) again in the Mugenjo Arc when he is about to face his enemies in the final battle.
That’s where they meet again. It’s been a long time since you were alive. A weakling like you. Hear me, Tamujiro Tamujiro! But after repeated battles with them, they start to recognize YA YA HAYATA (YA HUIHASHIRO).

In addition, “This boy is not weak, don’t insult him,” he said, “I’ll admit that Anjuro was right. You were certainly not weak. I salute you. (quoted from Blades of Demon Destruction, volume 17), and YA YA YA admits that he was right.

Thus, the honesty of MELISSA’s honesty is attractive.

They work on the weak. Kindness.

The third characteristic of the Maideo is that they are kind-hearted.
You may get the impression that the YAHA is killing purgatory and bullying the weak.

But the truth is that MELISSA

He has a kind-hearted nature.

This is evident from the fact that the past MELISSA is human.
After the death of his father, Komaji commits a series of crimes and is expelled from Edo.
There he meets Keizo, the master of a Soryu dojo, and Keizo’s daughter Koisetsu, who later becomes Komaji’s wife.

Koisuki was born sickly by nature and Komaji was left in charge of taking care of her. He had to stay with her all night, so he didn’t have time to play, and the time to train her was a gap in his training. But Komaji nursed Koisetsu without a single word of complaint.

Koisuki feels sorry and suggests to Komaji that he should go to a fireworks display for a change of pace, but Komaji Osamu says he’s going to carry Koisetsu on his back and go to the fireworks. And “Even if you can’t go today, the fireworks will still go off next year and the year after, so you can go then. (quoted from Blade of the Demon, Vol. 18).

In this way, Komaji was kind and caring to the weak.



This time I introduced the characteristics of YA YA (MELISSA).
I think the image of YA YA (YA HUI) is that of a demon who kills purgatory, despises the weak, and seeks strength.
In fact, they’re not even sure
Ambition for strength to protect someone else
Honesty to always say what’s on your mind
A kind-hearted person who is able to protect and care for the weak
It has the following characteristics.

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