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【Dragon Quest】I’ve compiled a list of all the remakes and ports! For those who have already played it, I recommend

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The Nintendo Switch version of “XI” is also doing very well.
We’ve compiled a list of changes and ratings for the remake and port from the original version!
It comes with a “recommendation rating” to indicate whether or not people who’ve already played it would enjoy it too!

Dragon Quest (MSX and MSX2 versions)

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The MSX is a relatively inexpensive computer that became popular in the 1980s.
It felt like a computer for playing games, and many people bought it to feel like a game console.

The MSX version, released in 1986, did not differ greatly from the original Famicom (FC) version and had fewer colors.
The MSX2 version is almost the same as the FC version.
It is only a port and difficult to obtain, so there is no need to play it for any purpose other than to reminisce about those days.

recommendation level:★

Dragon Quest (Supccaer NES version)

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Dragon Quest I and II was released in 1993.
This Super Famicom (SFC) version is based on Dragon Quest V: The Sky Bride, with greatly improved controls and graphics.

Characters that only faced the front in the original version now face in four directions – front, back, right and left – and there are no more annoying command controls.
Also. A “Book of Adventures” has been added to make it easier to resume play.

Quite a few people will have played Dracula I first with this game.
You can now play almost the same content on the Wii version.

Translated with (free versioncommendation level:★☆★


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This is the Game Boy (GB) port of “Game Boy Dragon Quest I and II” released in 1999.
It was the first numbered title that could be played on a handheld game console.

Since it’s on GB, the graphics are not as good as the Super Famicom version, but there is a new “Book of Interruption” feature that allows you to stop the game immediately, making it much easier to play.
The opening has been added as well.

commendation level:★☆

Dragon Quest (flip phone)

It is an application for feature phones that was released in 2004.
It is based on the Super Famicom version of Dragon Quest III.
The main feature of this game is the level limit, and while the maximum level is 30 on other machines, you can level up to 50 in this game.

If you have a flip phon, there’s no harm in playing it.

commendation level:★☆

Dragon Quest (Wii version)

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Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Famicom & Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Dragon Quest I, II and III was released in 2011.
It contains the FC and SFC versions of the Lotto series trilogy.
It adds “interrupt the adventure and save” so you can resume play without having to write down the resurrection spell.

If you want to feel nostalgic, this product is most recommended ……, but it’s somewhat difficult to obtain as it’s already out of production.

commendation level:★☆★☆

Dragon Quest (smartphones)

出典 : ⓒARMOR PROJECT / BIRD STUDIO / SQUARE ENIX : ドラゴンクエストfor スマートフォン ポータルサイト | SQUARE ENIX

This app version of the game was released for Android and iOS in 2013.
At a fairly inexpensive 360 yen, this is the easiest way to play Dracula I at the moment.

It’s based on the feature phone version, but the graphics are a bit stinging and the font is in gothic type, so it lacks some of the Dragon Quest .

commendation level:★☆

Dragon Quest (PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch)

出典 : 公式PlayStation™Store 日本 | PlayStationゲーム、PS4、PS3、PSVitaのゲーム

The game has been available for download on the official PlayStation 4 (PS4) and 3DS since 017 and on the Switch official store since 2019.
Both are based on the smartphone version of the game.

The price is slightly higher than the smartphone version, but for users accustomed to the consumer version, this is the one to beat in terms of controls.
The PS4 version also has the advantage of being able to play on a large TV screen!

commendation level:★☆★

Dragon Quest II: Gods of Evil (MSX and MSX2 versions)

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The content itself is the same as the original franchise version, but this MSX version has one major feature that you won’t find anywhere else.
The “dangerous swimsuit” that is familiar to players of the Dracula series has its own unique presentation.
In particular, the MSX version is a special version that even has special graphics.

Whether or not it’s worth playing this product for that reason is up to the player, but the feeling of rarity is quite strong.

commendation level:★☆



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