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[New Sakura Wars] Clarice isn’t neat at all! What are the “circumstances” that belie her pretty appearance?

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We’ve put together a summary of one of the main characters in the TV anime “New Sakura Wars”, which will begin airing in April 2020, Clarice!
We thoroughly uncover her personality, including her basic profile, her relationships, and the unexpected hobbies she secretly has for her innocent young lady appearance!

Clarice Character Introduction

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She is a female character in “The New Sakura Wars” and one of the heroines of this work.
She is a member of the reborn “Imperial Assault Force, Hanagumi”, which was reunited 10 years after the Fusaku Taisen, with the main character Kamiyama Seijuro as its captain.
She is 16 years old, and is the second youngest girl in the Hanagumi after Mochizuki Azami.

She wears her beautiful blonde hair up to her thighs, braiding her hair back and sides, and putting her hair in a haircut with a hair band in the front.
Her image color is green and she has emerald green eyes.
Her personal clothes are also mostly green, and she wears a jacket and a plaid pleated skirt.

She comes from a noble family, the Snowflakes of Luxembourg, and is a true young lady.
Her real name is Clarissa Snowflake, but she is known as Clarice by everyone in the Imperial Chinese Fire Brigade, including the Hanagumi.

She is the heiress of the “heavy magic” that has been passed down in her family for generations, and is capable of using grimoires to create power that transcends human knowledge.
However, she is afraid of its powerful power and keeps dangerous grimoires chained to her bag.

He has a kind and gentle personality.
He has a noble demeanor and a calm atmosphere because of his good upbringing, but he is also very strict when it comes to sex, and can show unexpected aggression if his naïveté is exploited.
She is a bookworm, and whenever she has free time, she hides in her reference room to read books.

Her voice actor is Saori Hayami.

What is Clarice’s unspoken secret?

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Immediately after Seijuro became the leader of the Imperial Assault Force, the Flower Clan was in a state of disarray.
The Imperial Assault Force, to which Shinguji Sakura and the others belonged, disappeared after the Fallen Demon Wars, and the troupe reunited to fill the void, but the members Amamiya Sakura, Shinonome Hatsuho, Azami and Clarice were still young and only a hair’s breadth away from being amateurs in acting ability.
They are barely able to maintain themselves with the support of Kanzaki Heavy Industries, the backbone of the Kanzaki Zaibatsu, the family of former Imperial Theater’s top stalwart Sumire Kanzaki, and their budget is always insufficient, and since they can’t even fight properly, they have fallen so low as to entrust the defense of the Imperial Capital to the newly established Shanghai Huagakure Group.

Because of this dire situation, Clarice is constantly pessimistic about the future of the Hanagumi and whines that nothing she does will work.
Sakura and Hatsuho also make positive comments, so Clarice’s negativity was even more noticeable.

However, Clarice is not that negative by nature.
There’s a reason why she was so backward.
It’s because she kept some secrets and always felt guilty about it.

As mentioned before, Clarice is the inheritor of the magic “heavy magic” passed down in her family’s family, which allows her to exert psychokinesis-like powers that transcend humans.
However, Clarice feared and avoided that power.
Normally, she would have been drowning in its powerful power, but her gentleness and sense of responsibility made her feel swept away by the power in a different way.

Clarice was unsure of herself and her negative and backward-looking side came out strongly, but with Seijuro’s encouragement, she awakened and was able to feel a response to her control of her power.
Since then, she has been able to hide her pessimistic side and focus on what she loves to do, including writing scripts for the stage of the Hanagumi.

……..Well, that’s a good story so far, but actually Clarice has one more secret.

Being a literary girl, she is skilled in fantasy, and has a habit of writing down fantasies with middle-aged content that she can’t tell others about in her notebook.
However, she leaves her “secret notebook” everywhere, and every time she does, Seijuro discovers it, she feels embarrassed.

I can’t help but wonder if it’s just one mistake, but it’s indeed a bit questionable to leave a notebook that you don’t want to be seen over and over again.
Maybe Clarice has an unconscious desire for someone to see her hobby…..

Basically, she dislikes sex, but she can be quite daring when she and Seijuro are alone, and despite her innocent and dainty appearance, there is a suspicion that she’s a mutt…..
If that’s the case, she’s definitely a great girl.



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