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What is the role of the Doctor in the Pokémon series? A closer look at the research of the previous PhDs

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You will always be involved with a doctor in your adventures in the world of Pokémon. He supports our heroes in various situations, such as handing them Pokémon and giving them advice.
Of course, he also researches Pokémon as a doctor. In fact, the content of that research varies from one professor to another.
In this article, we’ve compiled the following information about PhDs in Pokémon.

・The Role of the Professor
・About the eight Professors who appeared in the series

He’s not talked about much in the games, but he’s an indispensable part of the Pokémon series. Let’s learn more about him and enjoy the Pokémon series even more.

What is the role of a doctor in Pokémon?

He’s a doctor who conducts research on Pokémon, but the series promises to have the main character help with the research. Is there a shortage of people?
Even if they’re short on staff, they don’t ask you to help them with their research for free. They support you by giving you a Pokémon to be your first partner and giving you useful advice for your adventures.
When you win the Pokémon League, the Doctor is also the first to congratulate you on your Hall of Fame induction.
It has been the role of the Doctor throughout the series to support the heroes in their adventures in exchange for helping them with their research.

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The Eight Professors in the Pokémon series

The Pokémon series has always had a Professor. from the original Red and Green in 1996 to the latest installment in the Sword Series in 2019. So far, the following eight Doctors have appeared in the series.

・Professor Samuel Oak
・Professor Elm
・Professor Birch
・Professor Rowan
・Professor Juniper
・Professor Sycamore
・Professor Kukui
・Professor Magnolia

The following is a description of each of the eight PhDs, including what research they are doing.

Professor Samuel Oak

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Professor Samuel Oak from “Red/Green”. When you hear the word “Dr. Orchid” in Pokémon, the first thing that comes to mind is Dr. Orchid. He is one of the leading experts in Pokémon research, and he is so well known that there is no one who does not know him among researchers.
He is said to have been a great trainer when he was young, but there are no events in the game where he can fight, and his abilities are unknown.

He has appeared in the anime many times, and his Pokémon willow is a corner that is synonymous with Dr. Orchid. In the movie version of Celeby: Encounters Beyond Time, he appears in his younger form as “Orchid Yukinari”.

His research is about Pokémon types. In his research, he sometimes dares to receive Pokémon techniques. According to Dr. Orchid, “You can’t call yourself a researcher without knowing Pokémon’s techniques firsthand. I respect your enthusiasm for research, but I hope you’ll take care of your old body.
Dr. Orchid also proposed that the total number of Pokémon species is 151. Now that number exceeds 800, though.

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Professor Elm

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Professor Elm appeared in “Gold and Silver”. Because of his slender, bespectacled appearance, Professor Elmseems a bit unreliable.
Although he has a role to play, such as giving away the first one and the egg, the majority of his role is played by Dr. Orchid. Combined with his small role and his infrequent appearances, he is the most overshadowed of the eight Dr. Orchide.

His research is about Pokémon breeding and eggs. He was the first to discover Pichu and to divide Pokémon into Egg groups, among other achievements. His contributions to the Pokémon world are among the best in the world, despite his low profile.

Professor Birch

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Professor Birch from “Ruby Sapphire. He is a very disappointing Professor Birchi, whose first meeting with the main character was when he was being chased by a Pokémon.

Why was he being chased by a Pokémon? That’s because Professor Birch’s research focuses on fieldwork.
He’s the most active of the eight.
Combined with his beard and physique, he gives the impression of being more of a “mountain man” than a Professor.

Professor Rowan

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Professor Rowan appeared in “Diamond Pearl. As you can see from his white hair and white beard, he is the oldest of the eight.

He studies the evolution of Pokémon and proposes that 90% of Pokémon will evolve based on his research.

One of Dr. Professor Rowano’s characteristics is that he has a strong relationship with the other characters. Sirona, who is a champion in the Shin-Oh region, and Dr. Pratane, who appears in X and Y, are Dr.Professor Rowan’s students.
Since his student has become a champion, his ability as a Pokémon trainer can be considered to be very high.
Also, Professor Samuel Oak is his junior at the university. Because of this kind of relationship, Dr. Orchid appears in “Diamond Pearl”.



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