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【Captain Tsubasa】Collection of OP theme songs

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“Captain Tsubasa” is popular not only in Japan, but also worldwide, and its popularity is still going strong, with the fourth anime broadcast starting in 2018. In this article, we’ll introduce a list of all the OP theme songs from the “Captain Tsubasa” anime.

Summary of the theme song of the first TV series “Captain Tsubasa”

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The first memorable episode of “Captain Tsubasa” was broadcast between 1983 and 1986 and caused an unprecedented soccer boom.

“Burning Hero”

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The catchy intro to the song, which starts with a high-pitched whistle just after kickoff, is a familiar song from soccer programs. It is a song that is synonymous with “Captain Tsubasa,” which gained popularity for its memorable melody and unique yet easy-to-swallow lyrics such as “The chamber also runs” and “Butterfly Samba”. The song is sung by Hiroyuki Okita, who was popular as an idol at the time. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1999, but the song he left behind is still being sung by many people.

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“Burning Hero ’85”

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As you can see from the title, it is a minor change version of ‘Moete Hero’. It welcomed “Takayuki Takemoto” as a new singer and was used as the OP theme song from episode 88 of the first to the last episode of the anime. Compared to the original, the expression of the intro and the tune of the song have been changed. The song is surprisingly rare as most of the songs used in TV and karaoke are originals.

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Summary of the OP theme song for the second TV series “Captain Tsubasa J”

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Captain Tsubasa J was broadcast between 1994 and 1995 as a remake of the first film. It depicts the beginning of the “World Youth Arc”, which was not depicted in the first film.


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Many people born at the end of the Showa era or the beginning of the Heisei era would probably say this rather than “Moete Hero”. The melody and lyrics of this song have become more sophisticated, probably due to the time period that has passed. It may be a little old-fashioned, but the positive lyrics and the fast pace of the song give you energy. The song is sung by the two-member music group “FACE FREE”, which is responsible for the soundtrack and theme song of the OVA, and is an artist that is inseparable from this work.

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Summary of the theme song for the third episode of the TV series, “Captain Tsubasa”

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The third episode of “Captain Tsubasa” began airing in 2001, just before the Japan-Korea World Cup. It covers the popular “Elementary School Chapter” and “Junior High School Chapter” to the “World Youth Chapter” and the beginning of “ROAD TO 2002”.

「Dragon Screamer」

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Unlike the previous OP theme song, “Dragon Screamer” is an up-tempo number with a light rhythm. Combined with the stylish lyrics with rhymes in places and cool rap, many people may not realize it’s an ani-song when they hear it for the first time. As it should be, the song is sung by the popular dance group DA PUMP, who got their second break in 2018 with “U.S.A.”. Vocalist “ISSA”‘s powerful voice has been flying off the charts since then.

「Our Relation」

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Our Relation’ sung by former ‘SPEED’ vocalist ‘Eriko Imai’ is the theme song of the OP from episode 36 in which Tsubasa and Kojiro seek a new land in Europe. The melody reminiscent of techno world and Ms. Imai’s sophisticated voice are intertwined in this song, which makes us feel uplifted. With the opening of the Japan-Korea World Cup, many of you may have been excited to link it to Japan’s rapid progress. The lyrics about the importance of the moment also matched the story that is about to reach its climax.

Summary of the theme song for the fourth TV series “Captain Tsubasa”

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This is the fourth episode of the Captain Tsubasa anime, which started airing in 2018. The story is faithful to the original, except for the change of setting to the present day and detailed descriptions, and is still airing as of January 2019.

“Dash to start!”

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The OP theme song for the fourth “Captain Tsubasa” anime is sung by popular idol group “Johnny’s West”. The song was released as a single on August 15, 2018, and with the encouragement of Johnny’s and “Captain Tsubasa” fans, it was released as a single on August 15, 2018. It showed the popularity of the song, which was able to reach number 2 on the Oricon Singles Chart.

“Love with a Broken Heart”

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It is the latest OP theme song as of January 2019, which was employed at the same time the anime entered the “Junior High School Episode”. The singer continues to be ‘Johnny’s West’. Compared to the previous song, which was an invigorating coming-of-age song, this song is a moist and mature number. The lyrics, which seem to be about bonding with friends, seem to hint at the end of life of the story that is about to reach its climax.The song will be released on January 30, 2019 as a double A-side single with ‘Homechigilist’.


What did you think? Captain Tsubasa” has been made into an anime four times, and the OP theme song is a great song that is appropriate for a popular youth sports anime. Try listening to them at times. You might be able to relive that feeling you had as a child when you were passionate about something.

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