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I’ve compiled a list of all the cartoons that stalled in their second season, by cause! It’s not just ” Kemono Friends” and “Osomatsu-san”!

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We thoroughly examine the cases where the first anime adaptation was very popular, but the second season saw a major drop in sales and reputation from various angles!
We’ve compiled a list of what films actually lost momentum in the second season, and what caused it!

The cartoons that dropped significantly in the second season were…..

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There have been many cases in the past and present where an anime that was a huge hit in its first season and was loved by many fans loses momentum in its second season…
Typical examples are “Kemono Friends” and “Osomatsu-san”.
Both of them became huge hits in the first season, but they lost momentum in the second season, and their sales fell far below the first season.

However, there are many other anime that lost sales in the second season besides these two works.

Anime with a significant decline in Blu-ray and DVD sales for the second season (only average of more than 5,000 copies per season)

-90% student council.
-87% Giant of Progress
-86% Gatchaman Crowds
-85% Osomatsu-san
-83% Blue Exorcist.
-81% Moyashimon
-77% Durarara!
-75% Detective Opera Milky Holmes
-70% GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation
-67% The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Theater
-65% Bloodlines.
-63% Magi
-59% policeman
-58% Namike.
-55% I want to fall in love, even if I’m a midget!
-55% School Rumble
-54% Invasion! Squid Girl.
-54% The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
-54%. I’m reading, Mr. Azazel.
-53% Gundam Build Fighters
-51% K
-51% Nodame Cantabile
-51% IS <Infinite Stratos>.
-50% overload.
Friends of the Unknown

Each of these cartoons must have their own causes for the large drop in numbers.
We’ll examine the causes.

A case of too much time missing from the first term

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An anime that has been on the air for years after the first season will inevitably lose a lot of sales to the second season.
The most notable example of this is “Shinkenger no Kyojin”.
The first season averaged over 50,000 copies sold, and the numbers were well deserved for a mega-hit manga anime that has now sold over 100 million copies, but because the second season aired 4 years after the first, about 90% of fans stopped buying the Blu-ray/DVD (disc).

As for “Durarara! was broadcasted for a second season in 2015, five years after the first season.
Furthermore, it became a long-running anime that was split into 3 cool seasons, which made it even more difficult to continue purchasing it.
Other than these two works, works such as “Blue Exorcist”, “Moyashimon”, “LAST EXILE”, and “Mushishi” aired a second season after more than four years, which resulted in a significant decrease in sales.

If the airing period is interrupted, the motivation of the purchasers will inevitably decrease, and it is inevitable that the momentum and freshness of the work itself will be diminished.
It’s not uncommon for them to try to keep fans’ interest in the series alive by creating shorts and spin-offs between the first and second seasons.

The overall trend seems to be that if a second season airs within two years of the first, it is easier to maintain some sales.
If more than three years are vacant, the number of cases will increase to a significant drop of around 50%.

A case of fan animosity

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It’s a pattern that I can’t help but think is very disappointing.
In this case, despite a strong first season, fans are turned off for reasons other than content, and sales of the second season drop significantly.

The most famous example, of course, is “Kemono Friends”.
The first season was a huge hit that no one could have ever imagined, and just when it seemed like the show was going to get even more exciting, it was revealed that the director had left the show, which caused a firestorm of grief among the fans, and as a result, the mood for the second season was already at an end even before it aired.

The second season of “Minamike” is also famous for the fact that the fans had a negative reaction to the show.

This anime is a bit unique in that the first season was broadcasted in the fall of 2007 and the second season was broadcasted in the winter of 2008, so there was no blank period of time and the second season started consecutively, but the production staff was completely changed.
It seems that the plan was to have a different production team be in charge of one season each from the beginning, or it could be that the production was hurriedly requested by a different production company due to the popularity of the first season, but production could not keep up… Either way, it seems that there was a lack of cooperation between the two studios, and the appearance of the apartment where the three Nanka sisters live was completely different between the first and second seasons.

However, what was more rejected by the fans was the different atmosphere and the addition of original characters from the original work.
It ended up being an anime that didn’t fit the atmosphere of the original work and was heavily criticized by many fans.

These examples are extreme, but there have been many other second seasons that have fallen out of favor with fans for a variety of reasons, such as changes in production companies, main staff, unfavorable treatment of popular characters, deletion of popular episodes, and more.
In the case of an original anime, it’s easy to have a negative effect if the colors of the work are changed significantly from the first season.
Gatchaman Crowds” and “Gundam Build Fighters” can be guessed to fall into this category.



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