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An easy-to-understand guide to the 5 + 1 recommended dead by daylight game players!

In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the most popular horror games ever made, including the PC version, PS4 version, and Nintendo Switch version.
In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the best players of the popular game.
Whether you’re familiar with dead by daylight or not, we hope you’ll enjoy this article as much as we do.

Belkura Project


Points of recommendation

Belkura has been broadcasting games for about 9 years now.
Recently, he’s been focusing on dead by daylight, but he’s still one of the most famous game players in the world.
And best of all, he’s the official dead by daylight game player.
This is the first time I’ve seen a live video of a dead by daylight game.

I recommend him for his reassuring voice, his gentle manner and personality, and his ability to turn even the littlest things into laughs.
He also introduces horror movies every time, and sometimes we watch the movies he recommends.
If you haven’t heard of the game “dead by daylight” or are thinking of starting it, I’d like to recommend you to watch this video.

In addition to the content, the soothing voice and personality of Ms.Belkura will surely make you fall in love with her as well.

Recommended for

People who don’t know about “dead by daylight
People who want to start playing “dead by daylight”.
Anyone, young or old, male or female

Assari Syoko


Points of recommendation

Assari Syoko is a very popular video game player who mainly plays “dead by daylight”.

She originally started out on Nico Nico Live, but when she made the switch to YouTube, her popularity quickly grew to over 10,000 subscribers.

In my opinion, there are three things that make Syoko so appealing
He’s an established tease, he’s easy to get along with, and he has amazing play skills.
These are the three.

If you watch her live streams, you’ll see that she’s become a character that’s easy to tease, as she makes a lot of vulgar jokes during her play.

When you watch the comments, you can see that the listeners are enjoying the game.

The best part is that his playing technique is amazing.
He has over 3,000 hours of experience playing “dead by daylight,” so even a single chase is an impressive feat.

Recommended for

People who want to go further than the advanced level
People who want to keep their rank 1
People who want to enjoy the sense of unity between the distributor and the listeners.



Points of recommendation

Lepchin is a popular game player with over 100,000 registered users.
He’s got an infectious voice and a tongue you won’t believe.

The most recommended videos for dead by daylight are the commentary videos when new killers and survivors are introduced.

Lepchin is one of the first to deliver commentary videos on new killers and survivors in the beta (PC version), including their unique skills and new perks.

Your friend (?) I’ve been working with a friend of mine (?) who has been working with me to create a single video explaining every aspect of the game, and it’s really interesting and easy to understand.

Whenever a new killer is added, I always go to Lepchin’s videos first.
I recommend it to people who

People who want to enjoy the gap between his voice and his tongue
People who want to know the latest information

Fullcon channel


Points of recommendation

Fullcon is a veteran YouTuber who has been delivering live game videos for the past four years.

His videos are full of fun developments during play, and he provides commentary in his well-paced Kansai dialect.

Rather than commentary videos, many of his videos are purely about playing and enjoying “dead by daylight,” which is a great way to lift your spirits.

As Fullcon himself is a fan of Cannibal, there are many videos of him using Cannibal as a killer.

I recommend it to people who want to raise the tension rather than those who want to get better at playing.
I often start watching his videos when I want to be lazy and not think about anything else, and before I know it, three hours have passed.

Recommended for

People who want to see games played in a Kansai dialect.
People who just want to have fun.
People who want to watch videos after work.



Points of recommendation

He’s been playing games for about a year now.
He’s made a lot of interesting videos with his unique sensibility, such as “How to Play Killers” and “My Own Ranking of Killers.

Personally, I recommend the “How to Play Killer” videos and the “Best Killer Add-on Ranking” videos.
They are interesting, easy to understand, and helpful.

I recommend these videos to people who have played “dead by daylight” to some extent, rather than complete beginners.
Even if you haven’t played the game for a while, if you understand the “perks” and “unique abilities of killers” that appear in the explanations, you’ll enjoy the content.

Recommended for

People who want to know about strong perk configurations.
People who want to get better at standing up to killers

extra (special) edition:EIKO!GO!!


This is the YOUTUBE channel of comedian Hidetaka Kano, who you may have heard of.
Kano’s YouTube channel has a lot of different projects, but one of the most popular is his video game videos, and I think it was “dead by daylight” that sparked his popularity.
Kano is a miracle worker with the gods of laughter on his side.
To be honest, his gameplay isn’t as good as some of the other players I’ve mentioned above, and he may not be as good as some of the more experienced players, but he’s a lot of fun to watch.
You may not be the best player, but you’ll be the most entertaining.

You may have seen him play with some of the other live actors I mentioned above, so you may have seen him there.
You may have seen him play with some of the other players listed above.
As I mentioned above, Kano himself isn’t particularly good, so he’s often the first to die.
It is interesting to see how the person being taught gradually realizes that Kano-san is not that good.

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