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【SAO】A thorough explanation of the charm of Yuna (Yuna Shigemura), who has three faces!【Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale】

Sword Art Online is a light novel written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec.
Sword Art Online” is a light novel written by Reki Kawahara, illustrated by abec, and officially abbreviated as “SAO”.
The third season of the anime, Alicization Arc, is being animated in October 2019.
This article will introduce the appeal of the very popular AR idol Yuna from the Audinal Scale movie version of Sword Art Online.

Character Overview

There are three faces of Yuna in “Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale” the movie.
I’ll introduce you to these three Yuna.


The first Yuna is YUNA, known as the main Yuna.
She is a very popular AR idol widely known within SAOOS, and her true identity was an AI for collecting records of SAO survivors. To distinguish her from other Yuna, Age and Professor Shigemura call her by her alphabetic name, YUNA, or Black Yuna.
YUNA loves to sing and is only motivated to sing in front of many people, so we don’t know the real reason why it exists.
Also, Kirito and Age, who sensed the danger of YUNA, played an active role and saved it from disappearing.
After that, the management rights were transferred to Kamura, the manufacturer of Augmar, and an entertainment production company called Ario Room, and they continue to sing as AR idols.


The second Yuna is AI Yuna, a reproduction of Professor Shigemura’s deceased daughter.
She is a girl who usually wears a deep white hood, and is called White Yuna to distinguish her from Black Yuna.
The AI was created by appropriating the language engine of the boss of the 100th layer of SAO, and the memories of the original Yuna that the SAO survivors had were needed to complete White Yuna. However, the high-powered scans at the live concert venue in the final phase of the project will, in the worst case, burn the brain and cause death, just like SAO.
Yuna Shirou did not want this SAO to happen again and tried to contact Kirito to stop him from completing his own work.
The boss of the 100th layer of SAO is defeated by Kirito and his team, ending the incident, and Shiroyuna almost disappears, but she continues to protect the collapse of Black Yuna and disappears.

Shigemura Yuna

The third Yuna is Yuna Shigemura, the deceased daughter of Professor Shigemura and a childhood friend of Age.
She was 17 years old, born on July 29, 2006, and was a game-loving girl. She logged into SAO with the software she got from her father’s connections and got caught up in the terrifying death game.
She then lost her life in the SAO incident.
Yuna loved to sing, and her dream was to sing in front of many people.
That’s why she learned the skill of minstrelsy, which is rare in Aincrad life, and cheered herself up with singing.

The charm of Yuna

Here, I will introduce the three charms of Yuna.

Yuna’s singing voice cheers people up

The first attraction of Yuna is her clear and cute singing voice.
As an AR idol, Yuna has sung five songs in SAOOS. Yuna’s singing voice is mesmerizing, and she has an amazing live stage presence.
She has a voice that makes people excited to listen to her.
The voice actress is Sayaka Kanda, who played the main character Anna in the Disney movie “Anna and the Snow Queen”.
In the storyline, Yuna’s song strengthens her attack power, and I think her voice inspires us.

Yuna’s song attracts people.

The second attraction of Yuna is her captivating songs. Here are five of her songs.
Ubiquitous dB
The first one is “Ubiquitous dB,” a song that symbolizes YUNA.
This song is also sung as an advertisement for AR, and is also sung by Silica in SAOOS.
It’s a cute and lively song.

Yuna’s second song is “longing”.
This is the song Yuna sings when she fights the Aincrad boss in SAOOS the Movie, and her attack power increases when this song is played.
The song has a sad tone, but it will make you feel better.

The third song by Yuna is “delete.
The word “delete” means “delete,” and it is played when you are fighting an enemy that you can’t fight.
For example, it was the song that was played when Klein was beaten to a pulp by Age.
The song has a suspicious atmosphere that makes you feel hopeless that you are about to be erased.

Break Beat Bark!
The fourth song by Yuna is “Break Beat Bark!
This song was sung at the very beginning of YoonA’s first live performance, and it has gained strong support from her fans.
The unique rhyming style of the lyrics will stay in your head, and it’s an up-tempo song that will get you excited.

smile for you
The fifth song by Yuna is “smile for you”.
This song is played in the last scene of SAOOS, and it makes you cry when you learn about the relationship and background between Eiji and Yuna.
It also features a gentle tune that wraps you up in your pain, making it a soothing song.

A kind-hearted and courageous character

The third charm of Yuna is her kind-hearted and courageous character who sacrifices herself to help her allies escape.
In Aincrad, there was an incident where a party that was working hard to strengthen itself in order to be a part of the attack team was trapped in a trap in the dungeon and was wiped out.
Most of the attackers are away fighting floor bosses, so Yuna, Eiji, and other mid-level players who want to be attackers head out to rescue them. However, the rescue team is also surrounded by a horde of monsters and is in a critical situation.
So Yuna uses her reciting skills to gather hate and uses herself as a decoy to get the other members out.
After that, she was lynched by more than 20 monsters in a dimly lit prison dungeon and died.
In this way, he has both the kindness and courage to take the bait to save his friends even when he knows he will die.


I have introduced the appeal of Yuna.
A singing voice that energizes people and inspires warriors
A song that attracts people
Her kind-hearted and courageous character who sacrifices herself for her friends
These are the charms of Yuna.
Yuna is basically a character that only appeared in the movie version, but she also appeared in the anime Alicization Arc, which drew a lot of attention.
I highly recommend that you watch the anime and novel in addition to the movie version.

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