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20 Death Game Cartoons! I’ve put together an exciting collection of erotica and insanity

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I’ve put together a list of works based on the death game!
There are 20 different types of death game manga, from tense battles to erotic and grotesque ones.
Each title has an “eroticism” and “grotesqueness” that indicates the eroticism and grotesqueness of the work.

Darwins games

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It is a suspense manga by FLIPFLOPs, serialized in Bessatsu Shonen Champion.
As of December 2019, it has been released in 19 volumes and has a total circulation of 3.6 million copies.
A TV anime will be broadcast in January 2020.

It depicts a death game played in an app called “Darwins games” by a superpower user.
It is characterized by the fact that the elements of strategy and the growth of the main character are more prominent than the gloom and despair inherent in a death game.

Degree of erotic:★
Degree of grotesque:★

Battle within 5 seconds of meeting

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It is a battle manga that is serialized in Manga One.
It has been released to 12 volumes and has a circulation of 1.5 million copies.

It is a story about a protagonist who is killed by a mysterious woman and is forced to participate in a death game of xenophobic battle.
The protagonist has absolute confidence in the game and welcomes his participation in the death game.

This work was originally a web manga published on the internet by Saizo Harawata-sensei, and the manga was remade by Miyako Kashiwa-sensei in the form of a serialization.
At the point of 24 episodes, all of the original web manga storyline was digested, and after that, it seems that Miyako Kashiwa-sensei is also in charge of the storyline, and Saizo Harawata-sensei has been changed to the credit of the original idea.
There are endless rumors on the internet like “the original author has disappeared”, but it seems that the original work has simply not been touched from the beginning, and when the original work was fully digested, it was automatically switched to the original work.

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Degree of erotic:★
Degree of grotesque:★☆

Friendship game

出典 :

Suspense manga serialized in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.
The original work is written by Yamaguchi Mikoto and drawn by Sato Tomoo.
It is a popular work that has been made into a TV drama and a movie, and has sold more than 2.5 million copies in total up to volume 15.

A group of five good friends are kidnapped one day, and in order to repay the debt of one of them of 20 million yen, they participate in the “Tomodachi Game” where they find a way to make a living by observing their friendship.
There is no eroticism, but rather the psychological description of the characters who are in a state of doubt.

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Degree of erotic:★
Degree of grotesque:★


出典 :

A suspense manga serialized in Champion Red.
It is based on the original work by Mikoto Yamaguchi, the creator of “Friendship Game”, and drawn by “Seishun Pop! The book is written by Touta Kitagawa, a teacher of
It has been published in 13 volumes and has sold over 1.3 million copies.

The story revolves around the game “DEAD Tube” in which the protagonist competes for the number of views of “anything goes”, including murder.
The protagonist gets caught up in the game, but continues to shoot videos of his own volition, following his sexuality.

It is a death game work specialized in eroticism with the heroine’s bizarre murder and erotic depictions of mainly sex scenes.

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Degree of erotic:★☆★☆★
Degree of grotesque★☆★☆

100 floors above ground – 0.0001% chance of escape

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It is a survival manga serialized in LINE Manga.
It is based on Mr. Kuroi Arisuke, who has worked on many survival suspense works such as “Savannah Game” and “Ningen Card”.
It is drawn by Mr. Momota Tetsu.

It depicts an escape game in which 20 men and women gathered in a huge 100-story tower, the “Babel dungeon”, fight for survival.
The story is not too dark in terms of erotic or gory, it is mainly about survival action.

Degree of erotic:★☆
Degree of grotesque:★☆


出典 :

Based on a novel that was contributed by a bad boy teacher to “Shosha ni neru” (Let’s become a novelist).
After that, the book version was released from Famitsu Bunko and comicalization was started on MangaUP!
The manga version was drawn by Peng Jie & U U Na (Friendly Land).

It is a story about a main character who has wandered into the world of a love game and tries to escape by attacking the heroines with a dangerous scent, literally risking his life.
Because it is based on a romantic game, there are a lot of erotic scenes in the story.

Degree of erotic:★☆★
Degree of grotesque:★


出典 :

This new serialization by Yoshimoto Sotomi began in 2019 on comic boost.
The first volume was released in October of the same year.

This is a new death game manga from Sotomi-sensei, who has worked on a number of death games and survival suspense, including Doubt, Judge, and Secret.
In this story, the main character, who once survived a death game, now turns to the side of the game’s management.
It is an unusual type of work drawn from the point of view of the person in charge of the death game.

Degree of erotic:★☆
Degree of grotesque:★☆★


出典 :

This manga work is based on the novel “Kodoku: The Seduction”, which was released in 2013 by Dr. Michio Hatou.
It was drawn by Hotaru Goda, and was serialized in E☆evrista and completed in 6 volumes.
Ena-sensei produced “Dokumushi the ruins hotel” based on the sequel novel, which has been published in 4 volumes.

This is a fierce story of the protagonists locked in an abandoned schoolhouse, who kill each other in a state of extremity without food.
Although it does not depict the extreme gore typical of a death game, it depicts the ugliness of human beings in a very strong way.

Degree of erotic:★☆★☆
Degree of grotesque:★☆★

Even if it is reduced to ashes

出典 :

This suspense manga was serialized in Young Gun Gun Gun until 2019.
Due to the passing of the author, Kakashi Oniyagashira-sensei, it was written out of existence, so it ended in six volumes without being completed.
Currently, the spin-off manga “All Ashes to Ashes” by Salmon no. Marine is being serialized on Manga UP!

The story is about the main character who gives his life to participate in a “gheme where he dies when his real name is called” in order to raise money for his sister’s surgery, which costs 1 billion yen.
Each character is described in a very gory way when they die.

Degree of erotic:★☆
Degree of grotesque:★☆★☆★

Sky Violation

出典 :

It is a suspense manga that was serialized on Manga Box until 2019.
It was based on the original story by Dr. Tsuina Miura and drawn by Takahiro Ohane.
The main story was completed in 21 volumes, but then a new series, “Tenkuininga ARIVE”, started to be serialized in Magazine Pocket.

A high school girl is transported to a mysterious realm of skyscrapers and fights for survival.
There is a brutal scene in which a cornered person jumps off on her own in a building that is a symbolic building for suicide.

Degree of erotic:★☆
Degree of grotesque:★☆★



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