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[Pokémon Swordshield] Everything, even the backstory of the protagonist and rival is revealed! [Masaru yuuri hop mary beat]

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Friday, November 15, 2019 – Pocket Monster Sword & Shield to be released simultaneously worldwide already. Have you played it? This is one of the biggest narrative volumes of all time.
We’ve also found that the amount of background delving into each character’s background is one of the greatest of all time, so we’ll be introducing it with a bit of insight for those who have already played it and those who are still unsure if they want to play it or not.

Future champion! Masaru & Yuri!

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Name:Victor or Gloria
Type of use: indeterminate
Position: Protagonist. Future Pokémon Champion. A future hero.
Gender: male or female
Personality: a child who loves Pokémon.
Birthplace: halon town (presumably urban and rural)
Home environment: presumed to have been raised in an affluent home

Have you ever heard of Masaru and Yuri? Many of you will probably name your protagonist after yourself, so some of you may not know Shall.
Masaru and Yuri are the default names of the main characters in Sword & Shield.
It’s thought to be a name thought of from the word “victory” because it can be converted to “win” and “advantage” when translated into Chinese characters.

In this article, I would like to venture to introduce the character of the main character, which can be inferred from the name, the place of origin of the main character, the interior of the house, and the title of becoming a champion.

First of all, the protagonist’s birthplace is Harontown, but the model is Scotland, England. It is said to be Inverness. Harontown may look like a rural town, but Inverness, which was modeled after the “Highlands It is called the “capital of the It is the second largest regional city after Tokyo. If we were to compare it to a Japanese city, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Nagoya would be the closest to the image.

The main character’s parents’ house is a house in a regional city. There is a nursery in the house, which implies that the house is decent sized. Also, you can tell from the decorations in the house that the main character loves Pokémon! .

Now, let’s continue to discuss the names. This title’s Pokémon Battle has a strong athletic feel to it. With such a worldview, the fact that it’s named after a victorious It’s possible that the name was given with a certain amount of desire to be a Pokémon champion. You can guess that the sex is there. The protagonist may be a bit of a feisty kid. (I’m not putting it in the profile above because I can’t be certain.)
From the above, you can see that in the midst of the mediocrity of the story, you can see the very human image of a child born to be a champion. We are forced to do so. This Masaru and Yuri are the main characters of this game. They will be the players.

Hop, the protagonist’s best childhood friend and rival

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Type of use: indeterminate
Number: 189
Position: the protagonist’s childhood friend. A future Pokémon researcher. A future hero.
Gender: Male
Personality: an honest boy with an honest personality who admires his brother who is a champion. He has a very keen sense of observation, probably because he has an older brother and a future champion near him.
Birthplace: Halong Town (presumably urban and rural)
Family Structure: has a champion brother.

一見すると爽やかな少年なのですが、実は、今作で一番複雑な環境に置かれているキャラクターなのではないでしょうか? 彼にとって、一番身近な存在であるはずの兄と、同じく一番身近である幼馴染みは、二人ともこの世界の頂点に立ったことのある人間です。



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