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Top 40 anime with lots of naughty scenes! Which anime has the most erotic scenes?

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Here’s an anime with plenty of manly romance and echiety scenes!
From soft erotic works with many bathing scenes to hardcore works with wet scenes, 40 titles were carefully selected and ranked.
The degree of each eroticism is shown as “Echi-Echi-Degree”.

Number 40, how many pounds of dumbbells can you hold?

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This is a muscle training anime based on a manga that aired in 2019.
It is a gag-leaning work with a comedic touch throughout.

The main character, Hibiki Sakura, who was pointed out by her friend that she was gaining weight, started exercising with the aim of losing weight.
The erotic elements are depicted in the training scenes, and the angle is very aggressive.
Scenes of swimwear and underwear appear, but the training clothes are erotic enough!

Recommended scenes are the images that are interspersed throughout the film.
The fact that it has nothing to do with the main story is surreal.

Euchiness: ★

No. 39 Hanasaku Iroha

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The first of P.A. WORKS’ original anime series and signature “work series The first installment.
Although it was broadcast in 2011, the visuals are not inferior to the anime of the 2020s.
Of course, the scenario doesn’t feel old-fashioned, and the work is worthy of its reputation as a masterpiece.

It seems that the work series has nothing to do with eroticism, but unlike the later SHIROBAKO and SAKURA QUEST, this work has an occasional service scene.
It is not mainly erotic, so it is just the essence of the work, but there are some impressive scenes because of the high quality of the images.

I recommend the scene in episode 3, “Hobylon,” where the unsuccessful novelist writes a sensual novel fantasy scene based on Ohana, Minchi, and Nakochi.
It’s a must-see for yuri lovers.

Euchiness: ★

No.38 magician

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The anime began airing in July 2019 and is based on a manga work serialized in Young Magazine.
The content is a sexy gag, and the shorts aired in 15-minute slots.
Three to five episodes were aired at a time.

The hero and heroine, Tejina-senpai, performs a magic trick, but due to the fact that she is a clumsy girl, she usually fails and ends up in an erotic outfit every time.
The trick is to double the eroticism even if it is just a lucky joke because the senpai has big tits and a big whip.

Recommended scene is the senpai in the opening pose in episode 1, part 2, “Boxed in Senpai”.
There aren’t many heroines who would be called “too vulgar” in a service scene.

Euchiness: ★

No.37 Anitore!

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This is a five-minute animated short that aired in 2015 and is based on exercise.
A second season, “Anitore! XX – Under One Roof,” was also aired in 2016.

The first season is a trainer type of show where the characters from the show (idol candidates) practice exercises on the viewers instead of having the story unfold in the show.
It is the type of work that tickles the fetishist’s fancy with its angles.
It’s a valuable anime in the sense that you can enjoy a service scene in a short anime!

Recommended scene is episode 7: “Push up squats hard! I’m not going to lose! It is a scene of the milk rubbing.
The appearance which makes Eri jealous is cute.

Euchiness: ★

No.36 Crowd control! Seaton School

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The anime aired in the winter of 2020 and is based on the current “Flocking! The title of “Seaton Academy -Animal Academy-” is the title of Cygames’ It is published on the webcomic site Psycomi.
This is a slapstick comedy set at the Seaton School, where all kinds of animals, from humans to dinosaurs, live together.
The female has been turned into a beautiful girl and the male has been anthropomorphized in his animal form.

It is a gag and animal trivia, but it also has a lot of service scenes.
Although there are no overly sexual scenes, the human heroine, Hitomi, is a big-breasted girl, so the scene where she gets into an extreme swimsuit and a hot spring is a must-see!

Recommended scene is Hitomi’s racy outfit as Round Girl in the last 12 episodes of “The Student Animals I Know”.
It is the best service cut that fits the slogan “the best content”.

Echi Echi Level: ★☆

No. 35 Graffiti Koubari

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It is a gourmet anime based on food that was broadcast in 2015.
It is based on a Kirara-type manga that was serialized in Manga Time Kirara Miraku.
The series has now ended and the magazine is no longer available.

There are a few service scenes, but the promise of Kirara-kei anime is that it has nothing to do with sexual scenes… but this work is the opposite.
Rather than the service scenes such as changing clothes, this work focuses more on the sexual aspects of the meal scene and it is so erotic that it is hard to believe it is a Kirara-type work.
That’s one of the things that divides my tastes, but the fact that it makes me feel a bit of immorality is different, and that’s what makes this work so appealing.

We recommend the scene in episode 6 “Atsumatsu Mochimochi. ~Unaju, Ice Cream and Zenzai”, where Ryou and Kirin are eating ice cream in the bath.
In a way, it can be called a special play.

Echi Echi Level: ★☆

No34, if you’re cute, will you like me even if I’m a pervert?

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It is an anime based on a novel that will air in the summer of 2019 and is abbreviated to “Henuki”.
It’s light in content, as is typical for a ranobe, but it’s also a sharp everyday anime where all the heroines who appear are perverts.

The perversion is also shown in the erotic area, and there are hidden dominant seniors, hidden queen juniors, and even a legitimate lorist stalker and a heroine with a body odor fetish.
In the scene where she surrenders herself to her own tastes, she may not be rational, but she may approach the main character Kiryu Keiki in a very extreme outfit!

We recommend the scene in episode 9: “Operation ‘Huikinan is Master’! The scene in which the senior of Sayuki of “The Girl Who Loved Me” rolls up her skirt.
How it is no pants!

Euchiness: ★ ★☆

No.33 Yuna of Yuragiso

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This is an anime adaptation of a manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump that aired in 2018.
The content is swept away by sexuality, but there are also emotional episodes from time to time.

Since the original work is a jump work, there is no extreme depiction, and it is mainly a light service scene such as a bathing scene.
However, the frequency of the service scenes is quite high and it is one of the top class erotic anime in the jump anime.

TKB has been released in the comics, and the Blu-ray version of the comics follows suit and is released in TKB!

We recommend the scene where Chisaki exposes her lasciviousness on the futon in episode 9 ‘Chisaki-san of the Yuragiso’.

Echi Echi Level: ★☆☆

No. 32 Strike the Blood

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The TV anime only aired for one season, which aired from 2013-2014, but it has been a popular work that has since been developed into a long-term OVA.
It is based on a light novel, with volume 20 being released in June 2019.

It’s a legitimate school action fantasy, but with a lot of sex scenes!
The main heroine, Yukina Himehiragi, gets dressed naughty quite often, and the OVA makes her look even more extreme.
On a side note, the goods also show a lot of skin.

The scene I recommend is Yukina’s naked hoodie in episode 11, “The Amphisbaena III” (Angel Flame Episode III).
It is quite maniacal, but I think there are more viewers who are attracted to it than the one just before.

Echi Echi level: ★☆



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