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[Pokémon] What is the big three? I tried to put together the first choice Pokemon [from red green to Sun Moon] # Pokemon

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Have you ever heard the word “BIg Three” in the game “Pokemon” series?
“BIg Three” is a term that collectively refers to the type, size and strength of the first choice. This time, I will review the three families from Red Green to Sun Moon!
It is a must-see for those who want to know Pokemon from now on, those who want to know the three families again!

Big Three

“BIg Three” is a generic name for Pokemons who will be selected as the first partner in the game “Pokemon” series (except in some series such as “Pokemon Pikachu”, not the first partner).
There is one kind of Pokémon from Grass, Fire and Water type in each series, and it is only an unusual Pokemon that can not be obtained easily!

In addition, the word Big Three” is not an official name, but is very widely used in the names used by fans.

The Big Three that have penetrated such.
“What’s your Big Three in that series?” “I’m not familiar with recent Pokemon …” “I don’t know much about old Pokemon!”
Even if I think so, I feel that I can not ask you “What is your third family?”
To such people and those who are already familiar. We introduce each series of the Pokemon family this time!
If you’re new to you, or if you want to look back on it, please come by.

The Big Three of “Pokemon red and green”

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出展 : ©2018 Pokémon. ©1995-2018 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc. ポケモンだいすきクラブ

Bulbasaur has a height of 0.7m and a weight of 6.9kg. Ability is ” Fresh verdure”, and Hidden Ability is “Chlorophyll“.
This type is Grass・Poison. It characterized by a bulb-like growth on the back and a frog-like appearance.
The evolutionary line is bulbasaur → ivysaur → venusaur. The final evolution form of Venusaur is a pokemon decorated with packages of “Pokemon Green” and “Pokemon Leaf Green”.
You can learn skill types such as “Solar Beam” and “Falling cherry-blossoms“, and assistive skills such as Seeds of the mistletoe” and “Photosynthesis”.

Special Attack・Special Defense  is a higher pokemon, but there are less special skills for techniques to be remembered by itself. Let’s utilize the technical machine.


出展 : ©2018 Pokémon. ©1995-2018 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc. ポケモンだいすきクラブ

The Charmander is a Pokemon with a height of 0.6m and a weight of 8.5kg. Ability is “Blazing“, and  Hidden Ability is “Sunpower”.
It is a Fire type with a lizard-like appearance and a burning flame on the tail.
Evolutionary lineage: charmander→ charmeleon → charizard. The final evolution of Charizard is a Pokemon decorating the package of “Pokemon Red” and “Pokemon Fire Red”.
You will learn a wide range of skills, such as “Flame radiation”, a short type of technique, and “Shadow Claw”, a technique of dragon type.

It is easy to grow Special Attack ・Speed, and it is characteristic that it becomes a little and type when it evolves to Charizard.


出展 : ©2018 Pokémon. ©1995-2018 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc. ポケモンだいすきクラブ

Squirtle is a turtle Pokémon with a height of 0.5 m and a weight of 9.0 kg. Ability is “Torrent.”, and Hidden Abilityi is ” Rain Dish”.
It is a water type, and it looks like a curled tail and a turtle.
The evolution system is squirtle → wartortle → blastoise. The final evolution of Blastoise is decorating the “Pokemon Blue” package.
From the battery that appears on both shoulders when evolved to Blastoise, “Hydraulic pumps” is considered to be synonymous with this Pokemon. Other than that, you will learn the Steel-type technique “Flash Cannon.” and the auxiliary technique “Praying for rain”.

The big three  of “Pokemon Gold and Silver”

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出展 : ©2018 Pokémon. ©1995-2018 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc. ポケモンだいすきクラブ

The Chikorita is 0.9m tall and 6.4kg in weight. Ability is “Fresh verdure” and Hidden Ability is “leaf guard”.
It is a grass type and features a four-legged walk and a large leaf.
The evolution system is chicory → bayleef→ meganium.
It is easy to grow Defense・Special Defense and learn many assistive techniques such as “light Screen” and “aromatherapy”. It is a Pokemon who is better at protecting than attacking.
However, because there are many weaknesses, story capture tends to be a bit more difficult. Be sure to choose a confident player.


出展 : ©2018 Pokémon. ©1995-2018 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc. ポケモンだいすきクラブ

Cyndaquil is a 0.5 m tall, 7.9 kg main swing pokemon. Ability is “Blazing” and Hidden Ability  is “Flash Fire”.
This type is Fire . It characterized by the appearance of a porcupine and the flame that blows from the back.
Cyndaquil → Quilava → Typhlosion evolutionary system.
There are many types such as “Nitro charge” and “The plume” for skill to memorize, but the repertoire is a little modest, though the Special Attack and the Speed are high.
However, in “Gold, Silver, Crystal” and “Heart Gold, Soul Silver”, where Hino Arashi is a trio, there are few types of flames caught in the early stages, so you can expect sufficient activity.


出展 : ©2018 Pokémon. ©1995-2018 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc. ポケモンだいすきクラブ

The Totodile is 0.6m tall and 9.5kg in size. Ability is “Torrent.”, and Hidden Ability is “Brute force”.
The water type is characterized by the appearance of a large jaw and crocodile.
The evolution system is totodile → croconaw → feraligatr.
It is a Pokemon that has a tendency to grow in an unusual manner, even among the water type that has many Pokemon with a strong strength.
In addition to basic techniques such as “water gun”, you will learn about “crunch”, dark type of skill using a proud jaw, and “Koiraki Kiba”, ice type of skill.



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