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Hunters must see this! 9 Unknown Backstories and Urban Legends of Monkhan!

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The Monster Hunter series is a simple and straightforward game in which players take down monsters. However, there are more detailed settings than the simple content would suggest.
Some of the settings are not mentioned in the game, and you’d never expect that! Some of them are surprising. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 9 backstories and urban legends in the Monster Hunter series.
If you’re a Monster Hunter player, you should take a look at these backstories and urban legends, because knowing them will make the game more fun.

1. Compensation paid to Airou the courier

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In MonHunting, if you are hit by a monster during a quest, you will be sent back to base camp with a message that says “You have run out of power”. At that time, a group of Airou, called “Airou the Mover”, is carrying the exhausted hunter.
The Airou appear out of nowhere and carry hunters, but they are paid well for their work.
Quest rewards are reduced by a third for each time you run out of power. The amount that decreases after you run out of power is paid to Airou as a reward.
Avoiding the monster onslaught and carrying out the hunters is not an easy task. Because it is a risky job, Airou is well rewarded.

2. Were the Uragankins originally human?

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The Uragankin lives in the volcanoes. It is one of the most rambunctious monsters in Monhan, with a huge body covered with a square-jawed, hard shell.
The Uragankin is said to have originally been a human. A human turned monster? But it seems that he went through the following process to change from a human to a monster.
Uragankin was a powerful hunter, but he accidentally got lost in a volcano while on a quest and died. Uragankin, who died with a lingering memory of his death, has spent many years resurrecting himself as a giant monster.
The volcano is a dangerous place where even the most powerful are at risk of losing their lives. In order to prevent more victims like himself from being killed, he runs rampant in the volcano to keep people away.

3.Gravimos fire beams aren’t an attack

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A gravimos spits out a beam of fire that burns the entire area. In fact, it doesn’t spit out its flaming beam of fire for the purpose of attack.
Gravimos feeds on explosive minerals and burrows into lava. Because of this characteristic, it accumulates high heat energy in the body.
They spit out beams of flame as a means of cooling their highly heated bodies. To the gravimos, this is just one of the physiological phenomena.
When a mere physiological phenomenon becomes a threat to humans, you can feel the power of the monster.

4. Lao Shan Lung on the run from a certain monster

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I know that the Lao Shan Lung that appears in the fort keeps going deeper into the map without looking at the hunters. This is because Laoshan Long is desperately running away from a certain monster.
What kind of monster would a monster as big as Lao Shan Lung be afraid of? That monster is the Black Dragon Miraboreas. Fearing the overwhelming power of Miraboreas, he fled to the fort to avoid being killed.

5. Akantor and Ukanlos are the same species

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The volcano-dwelling Akantor is called the “Black God” and the snowy mountain-dwelling Ukanlos is called the “White God” and is feared by the people.
Why are these two monsters, which live in such contrasting environments, called so similarly? It is said to be because Ukanlos was originally called Akantor.
The Akantor’s habitat is the volcano, but new monsters and environmental changes have driven it to the snowy mountains. They cannot adapt to the snowy mountain environment with the same characteristics they had in the volcano. In order to adapt to the snowy mountain environment, they evolved into the Ukanlos.
When you consider that Akantor and Ukanlos are the same individual, it makes sense that they look and move similarly.



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