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【Nearby vampire】 Sophie / Twilight’s cute attraction summary # Vampire 2018 Unclassified Nearby Vampire moeme

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“Nearby vampire” is said to be a harvest Fall in fall 2018 It is a particularly cute everyday animation among animation, so the main character of this work “Sophie / Twilight” is recommended as a cute character shining innovative setting called “Imadoki Vampire”.

Here we will summarize the charm of Sophie Twilight’s “Nearby Vampire”.

Sophie is a vampire’s beautiful girl

The main character of ‘Nearby vampire’ ‘Sophie / Twilight’ is a vampire’s beautiful girl, beautiful long silver hair and beautiful girl with red eyes as a characteristic doll.

Although it is a beautiful girl, it is a vampire so strong in strength, it is also a superman who can lift a large car lightly.

Although it is usually hidden, on the back bats like bats are growing and it is possible to fly through the sky (it is convenient to carry people and fly).

Although the actual age exceeds 360 years old, since I have not taken years old from the age at which I became a vampire, I have a younger appearance than the other main character “Amano Akari” (Junior high school student? .

Although it looks like a child, since the living is long, the spoken language is somewhat old-fashioned and grown up, but there is an exquisite gap and it’s attractive.

Encounter with Akari

Another main character “Amano Lamp” is a high school girl who loves cute dolls and wandered to find a doll’s house rumored to be a living doll one day.

However, I can help the beautiful girl Sophie / Twilight like a doll, a passing vampire, who was at a loss as I got lost on the way.

From that day on, the light that became the captive of Sophie will become friends with Sophie and will begin to live together in the museum of Sophie mid-ago … ….

Sophie is a bit annoying when it comes to noisy days due to the appearance of lights, but attracted to the brightness of the light, on the other hand, the process of slowly opening up my mind and becoming a best friend is attractive.

I only eat blood

Sophie is a vampire so we never eat human food, only meal is blood.

Such Sophie seems to suck the blood of living human beings, stock various kinds of blood purchased by mail order in the refrigerator, eat with the mood of the day (drink?) “Imadoki vampire” setting to decide blood Is not it innovative?

In addition, blood is not only A type, B type, O type, AB type, there are maniac things such as “beauty’s blood”, and the place where you are looking forward to buying unusual blood is also interesting.

Even further, Sophie is also committed to how to eat blood, eat it as a blood bar (ice) in the summer, warm it in the range, drink like a blood tea, also stick to the dishes and how to eat There remains an impression where there is.

Sophie, a vampire, is cold without body temperature, so it does not seem to feel cold, but in winter it is pretty because there is commitment, such as warming blood and making it black tea.

Weak against sunlight

Sophie・Twilight … … rather than the vampire that appears in this work is weak against sunlight, the body will disappear when taking a day.

Nikko is an elderly immortal Sophie The vampire is one of the few ways to kill her, and Sophie’s friend Vampire Eli, who emerges from the middle stage, is also vulnerable to sunlight, and when the sun is strong with two people going down it will go down .

Sometimes Sophie and Eli are nocturnal, and during the day they basically sleep in the coffin and they often wake up in the evening when the sun has started falling.

Sophie said, healthy life rhythm for humans seems to be painful for vampires, so powerful Sophie enough to lift a large car at night, weakened enough to be fainted by the small insects hit at noon.

In addition, while dislike of sunlight, Sophie who has been living long for a long time seems to be longing for death, occasionally squatting in the morning sunshine with a fresh look and saying “I can die” and putting the lights on the human side The place to make a character panic is funny.

Oher weaknessest

In addition, Sophie generally hates all things the vampire dislikes and shows a rejection response to garlic, cross and so on.

Also, because we are not good at running water, the early story did not take a bath, but Sophie does not need to take a bath as it does not have metabolism unlike humans.

However, the second half seemed to be hooked on a blood bath, and the process of gradually overcoming bath haters was wonderful.

Sophie is not good at garlic, crucifix, running water etc, but these seem to be still able to withstand sunlight.

Besides, although it is not a weak point, Sophie does not make makeup by myself because it does not appear in the mirror (Sophie is cute enough for more than enough without makeup).

However, Sophie’s friend Vampire Eli loves makeup so even if she does not show up in the mirror she tries hard to make up and as a result it often turns into a terrible face (occasionally it seems to succeed But).



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