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Is “I Tueeee” becoming popular by Sally (Risa Shiromine)?

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I don’t want to be in pain, so I’d like to focus on defense. and has been gaining popularity as a sub-character on the cover of Pick up!
We’ve compiled a summary of her traits and charms for one of the heroines, Ogata Rizu, who has more than just friendship in her heart!

Sally / Risa Shiromine Character Overview

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“I don’t want to be in pain, so I’d like to put my best effort into defense. is a female character in
In the VRMMO ‘New World Online (NWO)’, she is played under the name Sally, which is a replica of her real name.
She is a close friend of the main character Kaede Honjo, a.k.a. Maple, in the real world and her partner in NWO.

Her hair is chestnut-colored, and she usually wears it in a ponytail.
His appearance in the game is almost identical to real life.

He is a genuine gamer and plays a variety of games, and although his participation in the NWO was delayed due to poor performance, he is skilled enough to quickly become a celebrity with Maple.
In the NWO, he has developed an evasive play style that emphasizes AGI (agility), unlike Maple, who is extremely focused on VIT (defense).
She uses her overwhelming reflexes and concentration to avoid and dodge all attacks, and rarely takes damage.

Her personality is cheerful and friendly, and she is a big sister.
In contrast to the carefree and pacifistic Maple, she is belligerent and fearless, and has slaughtered many of her enemies.
At the same time, she has a cautious and thoughtful side to her, but in NWO, she seems to follow her basic policy of letting the newcomer Maple take it easy.

She is voiced by Ruriko Noguchi, who is responsible for the game’s voice acting.

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From “I  Tueeee” to “I Tueeee”!

出典 : ©2020 夕蜜柑・狐印/KADOKAWA/防振り製作委員会 : TVアニメ「痛いのは嫌なので防御力に極振りしたいと思います。」公式サイト

Sally’s traits can be summed up in one word: strong character.
In the real world, she shows an age-appropriate side to her character, such as when her parents tell her to focus on her tests because she plays too many games, or when she forces her best friend, Maple, to play a game that is her hobby, but in the game, she is nearly invincible.

Sally did not enter the NWO until after the first event took place.
Before this event, Maple did something that normal gamers wouldn’t do in the early stages of implementation: vit It’s a polarizing swing and perfect defense, a powerful skill that is accidentally acquired after being attacked by an enemy for an entire hour, and As a result of raising the poison resistance to nullified at the initial stage, he defeated the poisonous dragon, a powerful enemy with a powerful poison, and was able to make a significant Level up and get cheat-grade skills” and “Eating monsters is a great way to get a defensive specialization and a great match. By playing things like “get lots of rare skills”, it unintentionally became a “walking fortress It was a great accomplishment for him to come in 3rd place in the event, even though he was at a medium level.

Normally, when you find out that someone close to you, a beginner in the game, has done so well, you’d be jealous, or you’d feel a flurry of rivalry, or maybe you’d even lose your motivation and move away.
Or you may even become discouraged and quietly walk away.

But Sally doesn’t have any of those feelings, and she doesn’t have any conflicts, and she decides to fight alongside the already well-known player in the game, with a different style of play than Maple.
Of course, it’s not surprising since I originally invited her to join me, but it’s pretty hard to be in a situation where “my newbie gaming friend is a celebrity and I’m a low-level peyote in the low-level range with a long gaming history”.
Not all gamers are self-promoting, but playing in a situation where everyone around you is only looking at the maple that made you famous first is never good for your mental health.

Despite this, Sally didn’t hesitate at all because of her friendship with the maple, and above all, her absolute confidence in it.

Sally’s playstyle against the defensive maple is an “evasive shield” of the highest level of difficulty.
We advocate the concept of “always unharmed”, a combination that will not take damage in any battle.

However, as she said, if your partner is a wall, choosing a long-range attack type is usually the best match, but her confidence and pride can be seen in her choice of “It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t hit you”.
It’s a choice she makes because she prides herself on being a gamer who can’t have fun with the usual combination of “wall + long range” and has the confidence that by standing on the same defensive field, she’ll be on par with Maple and be known as a great duo.

In addition, given Sally’s personality, she may have wanted to avoid having Maple play the role of the wall all the time.
The wall role is an important role in MMORPGs, but there’s a sense that the attacker takes all the delicious parts of the game with him, so it can be understood that he chose a role that is as unfair as possible.

Either way, it’s a choice that speaks well of Sally’s character.

And her confidence came true early on.
Even though she focuses on evasion, she doesn’t specialize in defense, but makes use of skills such as 【Super Acceleration】 to continue defeating enemies one after another with the duality of her dagger.
As a result, she became known as a genuine monster player, different from Maple, who was an invincible player of fortune and natural origin.

Her overwhelming strength is often seen in the protagonists of Narou works and VRMMORPG works.
The way she fights and defeats opponents unilaterally, with little or no attack, gives the impression of being an “Ore Tueeee”.

As represented by the word “Ore Tueeee”, in past narou games and VRMMORPGs, the allies of the enemy were almost always male characters.
Therefore, it’s refreshing to see a female Sally in this position, and it’s not “I Tueeee”, but “I Tueeee”.
We may see more female invincible characters in the future with the success of Sally.



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