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【Guramburu】A thorough examination of the possibility of a second season! There’s even an anime adaptation of “Tempur”!

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We’ve put together a summary of the possibility of a second season of the vulgar, high-tension gag, and occasional ocean dives and coming-of-age “Guramburu” anime being produced!
We also examine the possibility of an anime adaptation of the manga “Tempuru,” which is being created by the animator, Kimiaki Yoshioka!

I didn’t think it was going to be live action! Looking forward to the second anime season

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The 2018 summer anime Guramburu was called “Dirty Amanchu” and was a hot topic of conversation even before it aired.
In contrast to Amanchu, which is an anime about the same subject matter of diving but is always immersed in a gentle and gentle atmosphere, Guramburu, which is full of burly, macho bastards hijacking the screen with their naked bodies, can certainly be described as “dirty”.

However, what’s dirty is the scene in which the members of the circle “Peek-a-boo” are making black mosaics flying about.
Even though they don’t wear clothes for half of the scenes, the protagonist Iori Kitahara and her friend Kohei Imamura are good looking, and the women, including the heroine Chisa Kotegawa, are all beautiful women, so when they aren’t at a drinking party, the picture doesn’t look that dirty, but there are certainly scenes that were heartwarming, as the beautiful underwater scenery is clearly depicted in the few times when they are diving.
It seems that the voice actors’ passionate performances made it possible to recreate the sharp gags and the high tension groove of the anime, and the satisfaction level of the fans was quite high.

However, the theory that gag anime does not sell well on Blu-ray and DVD (discs), the disc sales of this work was only about 1500 copies.
Unfortunately, the sales of this work is not at the level that can be considered for a second season.

On the other hand, the effect of the anime adaptation has been shown in the sales of comics.
The comics of this work were selling well even before the anime adaptation, and the total number of copies sold for the 10th volume reached 2.5 million, and after the anime adaptation, the sales increased further and reached 4.4 million as of the 14th volume.
Especially during the broadcast, all the volumes were reprinted, and volume 11, which was the most recent volume at the time, was reprinted, so there seemed to be quite a reaction.

This number of 4.4 million copies was the second biggest record after “Asian” in the magazine “good!
The fact that the anime effect is firmly in play in comics sales, and that it continues to sell well, is a good sign for the second season.

Then in November 2019, fans will be in for a big shock.
The decision to make a live-action version of the series will be a surprise.
It has been announced that in the early summer of 2020, it will be adapted into a live-action film by the director of Heroine Disqualified, Tsutomu Hanabusa, which will be released nationwide.

The anime was barely viable, but how to express the black circle mosaic in a live-action film is truly a different dimension.
Not to mention the fact that it’s not possible for a non-hottie actor to play Iori or Kohei, so it’s not hard to imagine the terrible things that will happen.

Not that a live-action adaptation is a flag for the second season of the anime, but the fact that they are daring to make a live-action adaptation of a work that is clearly considered to be reckless, shows that there is still a lot of potential in Guranburu.
If this live-action adaptation succeeds, the momentum for a second season of the anime will naturally increase.

After the first season of the anime, we’ve got some new characters! You’ve made progress in your love life?

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Guramburu was visualized to volume 5 in the first season of the anime.
Therefore, if the second season is made into a movie, it is expected to go up to around volume 10.
A good place to start would be the anime adaptation up to the Izu Offshore Uninhabited Island Arc in volumes 10-11.

Several new characters will be introduced in the range of volumes 6-11, but two of the most densely drawn characters are Shiori Kitahara and Sakurako Busujima.

Shiori is Iori’s younger sister, a third year junior high school girl who lives at her parents’ inn.
She’s a black-hearted younger sister who always wears kimono and is polite and plays the role of a very pretty girl.
Unlike her brother, she is intelligent and comes to the diving shop “Grand Blue” where Iori is living in order to prepare her brother as her successor so that she won’t be tied down by her family.

Deep down she is quite bitter towards her brother, but she seems to be at an age when she can’t be honest with him, and it’s hard to tell what she really wants from him.
She seems to be gaining a lot of insight, but in reality, she’s still a child.

Sakurako is seen earlier than Shiori in the final episode of the first season, right after the Seikai Women’s University Festival, but at that time she plays a minor role (and an unpleasant one at that).
However, she meets Iori at her part-time job later and becomes involved in the story.

In contrast to Shiori, she’s a bit of a surly, queen-like person.
She has her sights set on Naomi Otoya, a high school student at her part-time job, and is trying to make a move on her, but to no avail.
She is bitter towards Iori because of the embarrassment she has caused him in the past, but at the same time, she seems to have a good relationship with his unpretentious personality, and the two become like bad friends.

Also, Kaya Mizuki, who played a minor role in the first season, has a strong presence in the series.
She also turns out to be an immediate relative of a certain character who appeared in the first season.

By the way, the one with the most heroine power among these new characters is Naomi.
If a second season is produced, it will be interesting to see who will play him.

And the love story is just as noteworthy as the new characters.
In the first season, there was only a depiction of Aina Yoshiwara, aka Kebako, being conscious of Iori, but after the first season, not only her but also Chisa is depicted as a heroine.

Since it is a daily life comedy, the relationship between the characters does not change dramatically, but there are episodes where the relationship between Iori and Kohei, the friendship between Chisa and Kebako, and other episodes where the relationship between the characters changes not only in terms of romance but also in terms of adolescence, and the involvement of new characters makes it even more interesting.
In fact, it is not until the first season of the anime that Guranburu becomes more interesting.



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