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【Horimiya】Why is Isumi Miyamura covered in piercings and tattoos? An in-depth look

出典 : ©HERO・萩原ダイスケ/SQUARE ENIX・「ホリミヤ」製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ホリミヤ」公式サイト

From the TV anime “Horimiya” to be aired in the winter of 2021, we pick up the main character, Isumi Miyamura!
We’ll take a closer look at his true nature, with his dark and nerdy front face, and his evil-looking pierced and tattooed back face!

Isumi Miyamura Character Overview

出典 : ©HERO・萩原ダイスケ/SQUARE ENIX・「ホリミヤ」製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ホリミヤ」公式サイト

A male character who appears in “Horimiya” and “Hori-san and Miyamura-kun.

He has long hair for a man, with bangs that cover his eyes and back hair that covers his neck.
Outside of school, his hair is basically tied back in a bun.
For one reason or another, he cut off his long hair and seems to have kept it that way ever since.

In high school, her appearance and demeanor are subdued and dark, and people around her seem to think she is an otaku.
Until he became friends with Kyoko Hori, he didn’t have much contact with girls, nor did he have any boys close to him.

In fact, she has pierced ears, which she hides with her hair to prevent teachers from pointing them out.
Outside of school, she wears a total of nine piercings, initially even on her lips.
She also has tattoos on her arms and back, and wears long sleeves all year round at school to hide the tattoos on her arms.

His face itself is neutral, with long eyelashes and quite handsome.
His personality is introverted and negative even outside of school, but he is not a communist, and he is friendly to children and polite to superiors.
After getting to know Mr. Hori and making more friends, he seems to be gradually opening up to the people around him.

His voice actor is Koki Uchiyama.
The OVA version of “Hori and Miyamura-kun” was voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka.

A “duality” a little different from the norm

As mentioned above, Miyamura dresses completely differently in school and outside of school.
On campus, he looks plain and nerdy, but outside, he looks flamboyant like a rock musician.

Normally, a character with such a duality in appearance would also have a duality inside.
However, the Miyamura we see outside of school is outlaw-like in appearance, but his attitude and manner of speaking are calm and not rough at all, not much different from the image he has at school.
If he had a dual personality as he appears, he would have become a commonplace, tempestuous character.

The reason why Miyamura and Hori met was because of Hori’s younger brother, Sota.
Miyamura took care of Sota when he fell and had a bloody nose, and took him home.

Naturally, Miyamura’s appearance at this time was far different from what he was used to at school, so even though he was a classmate, Hori didn’t recognize him at first.
Even though he was wearing a flashy outfit with piercings all over, Hori didn’t seem to mind at all and accepted Miyamura.
Also, when we talked in the classroom earlier, Hori had heard from his friends that Miyamura was gloomy, but when he actually talked to him, he laughed and said, “He’s not gloomy at all.

Later, when asked by her father what he liked about Mr. Hori, he replied, “The fact that he doesn’t judge people by their looks.
Although he didn’t show it on the surface, it seems that Mr. Hori’s response made Miyamura extremely happy.

From then on, Miyamura and Mr. Hori rapidly grew closer, but this also revealed a different side of Miyamura.

He likes manga, but is not interested in figurines and other merchandise.
His family owns a cake shop, and he can make cakes himself.
His grades are not very good, especially in Japanese, and he can’t say “warm” very well (it becomes “akkatai”). …… His inner image doesn’t match the otaku-like image or the pierced and tattooed boys, and he is just a normal boy who is a bit clumsy. He is just a normal high school boy with a bit of clumsiness.

On the other hand, Miyamura also has a natural temperament.

Miyamura never gets angry, either at school or at Hori’s house.
Even when Mr. Hori is unreasonably angry with him, his calmness never changes, and he is thought to have a Buddha-like personality.

However, when Hori was being blamed by the student council president, Sengoku Kakaru, for some unreasonable reason, she gave him a headbutt without question and revealed her anger.
She was also very harsh to her friend from junior high school, Koichi Shindo, hurling abusive language at him without hesitation, and Hori was puzzled when she saw her behavior.

Being angry at someone you like for being clouded or swearing at a friend is a very common emotion and behavior that everyone has.
However, in Miyamura’s case, the emotions she expresses are quite extreme.
He is usually calm and has no temper, but under certain conditions, he is surprisingly honest and expresses his emotions.

Miyamura is very sensitive and sensitive when it comes to human relationships, and he is the type of person who thinks a lot about what others say or do and tries to come up with an answer.
In spite of this, there are times when he suddenly acts without thinking or says something insensitive.
These can be called “two-facedness.



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