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【Mobile Suit Gundam】You can use it in your daily life (?). Summary of Gundam Quotes

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There is no shortage of attractions in “Mobile Suit Gundam”, such as the coolness of the MS and characters, but the words that come out of the characters’ mouths are one of them. Here are some of the words they spun, “This is it! We’ve handpicked the best quotes from “Mobile Suit Gundam” for each character, which you might think are “good”.

Summary of Quotes from “Amuro Ray”

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“Amuro Ray” is the protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam. Initially, he was an introverted boy who just liked to tinker with machines, but his talent as a pilot gradually blossomed after he was selected to be a Gundam pilot after being caught up in the ravages of war. Let’s take a look at some of these quotes from “Amuro Ray”.

“Amuro, let’s go!”

This is Amuro’s call to action. If you change the “Amuro” part, it can be used in a variety of scenes. Incidentally, although this line is familiar to Gundam fans, it’s actually only used once in the movie.

“You hit me twice! My dad never even beat me up!”

The line when he was corrected by Bright for being too much of a spoilsport; it’s used in commercials, and I’m sure many people who don’t know anything about Gundam know it. In recent years, we live in a time when we are so strict about all kinds of harassment that we may have little opportunity to use it.

“I still have a place to go. I couldn’t be happier”

In the final episode of Mobile Suit Gundam, a line after successfully escaping from the space fortress. With so many lives scattered, it was supremely fortunate that there was a place left to return to at the end.

Summary of “Shah Aznavour” Quotes

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Known as the “Red Comet”, she is the ace pilot of the Principality of Zeon. He is a fearsome enemy that relentlessly targets Amuro and the White Base from the beginning. He is the son of Zion Zum Dyke, the founding father of the Principality of Zeon, and has vowed to take revenge on the Zabis for killing his father and stealing the country. We’ve carefully selected some of Char’s famous quotes.

“It’s not something I like to admit. You know, I think it’s the mistakes of youth…”

It’s said to be a reflection on Char’s loss of his MS and subordinates in his haste to win the war. It seems to be able to be used in the real world as well, but it’s important to note that it can’t be used forever.

“You’re a little boy”

While enjoying a drink at a bar in a scene room, the speech on TV, “Garma is dead! Why?! In answer to. Here’s another very famous line.

“I am Shah Aznavour. I’m the man who left the past behind!”

He encounters Seira in the Texas Colony, and the line that popped up in his question and answer session. He is supposed to have abandoned the past, but it is Char’s misfortune and charm that he is bound by the past and continues to struggle to the end.

Summary of Quotes from “Bright Noah”

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After all of his superiors have died in battle, he is selected as the captain of the “White Base” in a rush. Although he looks older, he was only 19 years old at the time. Because of this, his mental fragility and naivety were noticeable at first and he sometimes clashed with his subordinates, but after many fierce battles, he grew into a great captain. Here are some of Bright’s famous quotes.

“Port side, the barrage is thin! What are you doing?!”

The line where Bright reprimands his gunner. Many people may remember it as one of Bright’s most famous lines, but it was not actually said in the Mobile Suit Gundam movie, and first appeared in the game “Super Robot Wars”. Incidentally, the starboard side of the ship is never reprimanded in the play.

“I’m always waiting for you”

The line when he sends his own lover to another man. It’s a great quote that is full of Bright’s clumsy but sincere charm. However, I wouldn’t want to use it in the real world.

Summary of Quotes from “Seyla Mas”

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She is a pilot in the White Base Squadron, but she is actually Zeon’s forgotten sister. During the play, she and Char, who is obsessed with revenge for her father’s death, part ways. The following are some of Seira’s wise and stubborn words of wisdom.

“You’re still a man! You’re a weakling!”

The line she gave to Kai, who only cares about himself, along with a slap. Many people might say this is what Seira is all about, don’t you think?

“You get used to it… I can see it in myself…”

From the movie version III, Meguriai Universe. The line that he mocked himself as he became accustomed to war and eventually to killing people despite his position as an aspiring doctor. It is a famous line that embodies the horror of war and human beings.

Summary of Quotes from “The White Base Crew”

The White Base Squadron survived the One Year War, which saw the loss of half of humanity’s total population, almost exclusively with amateurs. We’ve compiled some memorable quotes from the crew other than Amuro, Bright, and Seira.

“Standing on your head doesn’t make a man a god, you know”

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In the final stages of the original Mobile Suit Gundam, Kai Siden’s mutterings after seeing through Amuro’s lies to inspire his allies. The New Type will continue to be involved in warfare in some way, but this is a quote that succinctly states that they are not all-powerful.

“It’s sad, but I know it’s a war”

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A quote from Lieutenant “Slager Lowe”, who launched a suicide attack on the Biggam. The nuances are slightly different between the anime and the movie version, but in any case, he made a great use of it by abandoning himself as a stone. The versatility of the word “war” can be swapped out for other words, and it can be used in all kinds of situations.

Amuro is different. He’s not like the rest of us

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A poignant quote from “Frau Boe” at the end of Mobile Suit Gundam. In the beginning, Frau was very devoted to Amuro like a mother and took care of him, but she and Amuro gradually drifted apart as they got caught up in the war. From this line, you can sense a definite rift between the two of them.



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