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30 comics that will make you cry! I’ve compiled a list of unanimated works that many readers will find inspiring

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Picking up a “weepy comic” with a touching story, a heart-wrenching and poignant tale, and a heart-wrenching and tender world that creates a euphoric feeling!
We’ve selected 30 of the best hidden classics that haven’t been made into anime but are highly rated!

 Blah Blah Blah

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This work was serialized in the women’s manga magazine “Cocohana” until 2015.
It is an autobiographical essay by Higashimura Akiko, who has worked on several popular works such as “Princess of the Sea” and “Tokyo Tarareva Musume”.
It depicts her life from her aspiration to become a manga artist for girls until she actually became a manga artist.

The content is funny and touching, but as the latter half of the book progresses, the content becomes more heartbreaking and the final volume is a storm of emotions.
The fact that Master is on the cover of that volume also brings tears to my eyes.

Although the manga has not been mixed with other media, it has received high praise such as the Grand Prize in the Manga Division of the 19th Japan Media Arts Festival and the 8th Manga Grand Prize, and is a representative example of a “tearful manga”.

A girl dies

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The author of “Hibiki: How to Become a Novelist”, Mitsuharu Yanagimoto Sensei, serialized this work in Monthly Action in 2013.
As the title suggests, the story is about one of the main characters, Haruka Seto, a high school girl, who dies in the work.
Haruka accepts her death and passes away peacefully.

However, the story doesn’t end here.
Haruka, who is still in her teens, is not able to truly accept her death and her story is told in the second half of the story.
Her near-death dream is cruel and sad and makes you think about the idea of death.

It is a slightly different story from the emotional one, but it will make you cry, and that is what this volume is all about.

Stepmother and Daughter Blues

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Bunka Publishing’s monthly 4-panel manga magazine “Chief ga yuku! It was serialized in “Special”.
It is a family drama about a 32-year-old career woman who marries a man with a elementary school-age daughter, but her husband dies and leaves her, and she watches over her daughter’s growth as a stepmother and single mother.
Although not a long-running series at two volumes, 20 years have passed in the making, and it is a touching portrayal of the unusual relationship and bond between parent and child.

It was made into a TV drama in 2018 and received high ratings.
Although it has not been made into an anime, it has become a very well known work.

My Uncle and the Cat

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This web manga is posted on pixiv comics and is also serialized in Gangan ONLINE.
It is a heartfelt drama about the daily life of Fukumaru, a cat left unsold at a pet shop, and the uncle who takes in the cat.
The style is pleasant and relaxed, like sunshine through the trees in spring, and the emotions that seep into it are waiting to be felt.

The fourth volume, which will be released in January 2020, has sold over one million copies in total.
A media mix is almost certain.

A new student who doesn’t know what’s going on is giggling.

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It is a manga work serialized in Monthly Gan Gan Gan JOKER.
It is a comedy about an elementary school girl who was ridiculed as the “Grim Reaper” by her classmates, but through interaction with a pure and innocent transfer student, Takada, she gradually begins to enjoy her daily life.
The catharsis brought about by Takada, who doesn’t read the atmosphere in a good way, wipes away the bad atmosphere and is very moving.

The fourth volume of the book has been released and has sold more than 350,000 copies.
The fifth volume is scheduled to be released in February 2020.

Spring Waiting

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It is a popular shoujo manga that was serialized in Desert until 2019.
At the time of its 13-volume release, it had a total of 4.8 million copies in circulation.
A live-action movie was made in 2018.

It is a love story about the interaction between the four handsome men of the basketball club and a simple but cute girl.
The composition of the four handsome guys is reminiscent of Boys Over Flowers, but this film is a refreshing coming-of-age story with a bit more life-size characterization.



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