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【Dropout Idol Fruit Tart】Is it true that Maehara Nina is a pedophile? A thorough investigation

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From the Kirara anime “Dropout Idol Fruit Tart” that is airing in the fall of 2020, we have a big feature on Maebara Nina!
She has the biggest breasts of all the Fruit Tarts, and she’s a quiet girl, but in fact she’s a bit of a pervert. We’re going to thoroughly dissect the front and back faces of Nina!

Nina Maehara Character Overview

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A female character who appears in “Dropout Idol Fruit Tart”.

She has pale hair with a medium short haircut.
She wears a small black ribbon on each side of her head.
She has a gentle face with tanned eyes, and her basic personality is as introverted as her appearance.

She works as a fashion model, so she has a good sense of fashion.
She wears yellow and tangerine outfits during live performances.

She lives in Rat Production’s fourth dormitory, known as “Rat Manor,” and is one of the oldest faces in the group.
She is an active model, but she is not selling well, so her manager, Hoho Kajino, has come up with a plan to bring in Roko Sekino, an unsuccessful actress (actually a child actress), Hayu Nukui, an unsuccessful musician, Ino Sakura, an aspiring idol who has newly joined Rat Manor, and Midori Midori, a promising idol who has transferred from another agency. The five of them formed the idol unit “Fruit Tart” with Midori Hemo, a promising idol who had moved from another agency.

She is 16 years old and a second-year high school student at Koganei Chuo High School, the same school as Roco.
She and Roco are classmates and are always together in the classroom.
He and Roco have no other friends, so they rarely have a chance to talk to other students, but the people around them don’t see them as a nuisance, but rather watch them warmly from afar.

She has been making and wearing clothes since she was a child, so she is in charge of costumes in the unit.

Her voice actress is Reina Kondo.

Table: Fashion model with great style

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Nina is not a budding fashion model, and the only jobs that come her way are for models who wear affordable clothes.
However, this is not because she is not a good model.

Her height is 170cm and her weight is 55kg.
Her BMI is 19.03.

It is said that the target BMI for aspiring models is around 18, and there is a tendency to call this weight “Cinderella weight,” but in reality, a BMI of 18 is considered too thin and not healthy.
However, in reality, a BMI of 18 is too thin to be considered healthy. In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for fashion models to be beautiful without being too thin, and “beauty weight,” which is a slim figure within the standard range, has become one of the standards.

One of the standards is the “beauty weight”, which is a slim figure within the standard range. The beauty weight is said to be a BMI value of 19, which matches Nina’s weight perfectly.
In other words, it is a body type that is typical for a modern model.

In spite of this, the reason why Nina has not made a splash as a model is because she is not good at showing her bare skin and cannot wear revealing outfits.
Since she is not allowed to wear swimsuits or gravure, it is quite difficult to market her as a new model, and it is no wonder that she does not get any work.

So, what is your suitability as a gravure idol?

If you look at it from the perspective of an idol character, there are not many characters with a BMI of 19 or higher, and many are in the 17s or 18s.
However, most of them are around 160cm tall.
Female idol characters who are taller than 170cm are quite rare.

Main tall female idol characters

186cm Kirari Moroboshi (THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls)
175cm Sakuya Shirase (THE iDOLM@STER SHINY COLORS)
171cm Kaede Takagaki (THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls)
171cm Rui Wakaouji (Tokyo 7th Sisters)

170cm Maebara Nina(Ochikore Fruit Tart

170cm Tae Yamada (Zombieland Saga)
169cm Shijo Takane (THE iDOLM@STER)
168cm Mai Kondo(Wake Up, Girls!
167cm Asaka Karin(Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club)
165cm Yugiri(Zombieland Saga
165cm Mizuki Kanzaki(Aikatsu!
164cm Chiko Sekino(Ochikore Fruit Tart
163cm Mari Kohara(Love Live! Sunshine!
163cm Mikuru Natsuki(Aikatsu!
162cm Eri Ayase(Love Live!
162cm Reika Sato (22/7)
Eri Piyo (I’ll die if my guess goes to the Budokan)

Aside from Kirari in Deremus, there are very few idol characters who are taller than 170cm.
In the Love Live series, there are no idols over 170cm, and even in the iM@S series, which has a huge number of idols, there are less than 10.
Nina is taller than Takane, Karin, and Yugiri, who all seem to be quite tall.

Furthermore, Nina’s biggest feature is her big breasts, with a threatening “G” bust size.
Furthermore, Nina’s underbelly is not particularly low, so her top is probably over 90cm.
Both her height and bust size are outstanding in Fruit Tart, and Nina’s visual presence is quite impressive.

On the other hand, she has an introverted personality and her position in the story is rather subdued.
Since Roko is a prominent character in many ways, she tends to be relatively overshadowed.

However, this is only the beginning of the story.
As the story progresses, Nina’s unexpected side becomes clearer and clearer.



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