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【We Never Learn】Is Nariyuki Yuiga the ideal image of a harem romantic comedy protagonist? A thorough comparison with the other main characters

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This is a summary of the main character, Nariyuki Yuiga, from the second season of “We Never Learn” which is currently being broadcasted!
We’ll examine how popular he is and how well he fits in as a romantic comedy protagonist, comparing him to other romantic comedy protagonists!

Summary of Nariyuki Yuiga’s character

出典 : ©筒井大志/集英社・ぼくたちは勉強ができない製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ぼくたちは勉強ができない!」公式サイト

e is a male character in “We Never Learn” and is the main character of the book.
He has short, black hair and wears glasses at all times.

Although he is one of the top students in his grade at Ichinose Academy, he is not a genius and was below average in all subjects during his junior high school years due to his poor standards.
In recognition of her stable performance, she was appointed as the educator of Ogata Rizu, who has the highest grades in the school in the sciences but is aiming for the humanities, and Furuhashi Fumino, who has the highest grades in the humanities but wants to study the sciences.
Later on, a promising swimmer, Takemoto Uruka, also joins them and is assigned to teach the three girls how to study.

She has a caring and friendly personality.
Perhaps because she was raised in a less affluent family, she is good at sewing and cleaning, and she regularly cleans up the messy room of Rishu and Fumino’s former teacher, Kirisu Mafuyu, who used to teach world history to the girls.

Her weaknesses are sports and digital devices, and she can’t swim at all and can’t even handle a smartphone properly.
She’s also devastatingly dull when it comes to the romantic side of things, failing to grasp that Riju and Uruka have feelings for her, and not even noticing that Riju has cut her bangs so much that they’ve become patched up.

On the other hand, she is skilled at teaching people how to study, and she doesn’t neglect her efforts after accepting the position of educator, and she becomes acquainted with Kominami Asumi when she attends a prep school, Saegusa Seminar, during a summer course, and from then on, she has regular contact with her.

Her voice actor is Oosaka Ryota.

How popular is it?

出典 : ©筒井大志/集英社・ぼくたちは勉強ができない製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ぼくたちは勉強ができない!」公式サイト

The hero of a harem romantic comedy is a character that tends to have a lot of disliked elements.
First of all, there are multiple heroines, so they can’t be single-minded.
And since they often don’t realize that they have feelings for more than one heroine, and don’t notice or hear when they’re given something resembling a confession of love, they are called “hard of hearing protagonists” beyond being insensitive.

Nariyuki is no exception, and he is quite insensitive when it comes to love.
As for Uruca, he almost noticed her feelings for him once, but she denied it because she was afraid of ruining their current relationship, so he seems to have completely stopped thinking that she liked him.

Such is Nariyuki, but how well do fans like him?

“We Never Learn” has had two official popularity polls, and the second one was especially popular because Mafuyu-sensei got more than half of all the votes, which made him the most popular.
So how did Nariyuki do: …… The first time came in 7th place and the second time in 9th place.
In the first round, she was overtaken by the five heroines and her sister Mizuki, while in the second round she was also overtaken by the white-clad Sawako Sekijyo and Mafuyu-sensei’s sister,Miharu Kirisu.

In the first round, they received 437 votes against a total of 21251, securing 2% of the total votes cast.
However, in the second round, he received only 136 votes against a total of 25755 votes, which is only 0.5% of the total votes cast.

Let’s compare the results with those of other harem romantic comedies.

Uesugi Futaro (The Fifth Equalizer Bride)
6th place (81 votes)

Fuyuzora Kogarashi (Yuna of the Yuragiso)
6th to 10th place (543 votes to 398)

Nicely done.
6th to 7th to 11th (660 votes to 662 votes to 156 votes)

Rito Yuki (To LOVE-ru)
5th place (2201 votes)

The rankings are almost the same as the other main characters.
However, the percentage of votes cast for Rito from “ToLoveRu” is quite high at 9% of the total number of votes cast, and Kogarashi from “Yuragiso” has a 4-5% share.
Even Raku from “Nsekoi”, famous for its unlikable protagonist, got 3-5% of the vote the first two times and 1% the third time around.

In other words, Nariyuki’s votes have been even slower than Raku’s.

Considering that Kazutaro from “Fifth Equalizer”, which received a good rating at the time of the popular vote, also received less than 1% of the votes, the protagonist who is able to study may not get much sympathy from the audience.
It may also be that neither of them are very strong as characters, making it difficult to generate readers to like them best.

However, in the case of romantic comedies for men, the main character is the heroine.
In that sense, Nariyuki is an ideal protagonist in a romantic comedy, as he doesn’t stand out but doesn’t show off either.



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