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A dichotomous mind! A look at the charm of the Sakura Matou! [Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel]]

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On the upcoming March 28, 2020, the cherry blossoms will finally…?
As a cherry blossom fan, I would like to explore the appeal of the character.

There are many different images of the character of Makiri Sakura, aren’t there? It can be said that she is a character with a different kind of likes and dislikes.
Some people think of Sakura as a healthy and kind girl, while others think of her as a demonic woman who acts selfishly. That’s what Sakura is.

By unraveling these two sides, we can see how Sakura has developed a dangerous personality with conflicting human characteristics.
I would like to explain why Sakura needs Shirou and Shirou needs Sakura.

Attraction of Sakura (1) The ideal Yamato Nadeshiko

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Sakura is basically the ideal woman: homely, mild, and yet devoted.
What is ideal for her is up to each individual, but I think Sakura’s personality fits the image of Yamato Nadeshiko, the good old Japanese image of a woman.

The character of Yamato Nadeshiko is a woman who stands up for her man. It means a woman who takes a step back and is modest and modest. It also means to praise a strong woman who has a strong core in the midst of being modest.

While the other heroines fight side by side with the hero, Emiya Shirou, Sakura does not go out on the battlefield with Shirou.
Instead, it can be said that Sakura’s role is to always cook a delicious meal at home, waiting for Shirou to return, and to greet him with a warm “universal everyday life” as he constantly jumps into danger.
Saber and Rin meet and fall in love in the story, but Sakura is the only one who knows Shiro before the beginning of the story, and the fact that they have already established a relationship since the beginning of the story and that Sakura has the key to Shiro’s house shows how much time he spends with her is the “universal everyday life” for him.

Also, while Sakura doesn’t fight side by side with Shirou, she is also fighting on a different field.
Her past is unimaginably harsh. And that state of affairs continues today.
Sakura knows that she is unhappy and that she will never escape that misery.
And yet, she continues her modest and peaceful routine, only next to Shirou.
That is the battle for Sakura. This is the battle of fighting against her unhappy self.
And in the midst of an unfortunate environment from which she cannot escape by herself, Sakura is waiting for salvation.
I think that waiting for salvation in a harsh environment is one ideal heroine.
It is precisely because Sakura will never be saved unless someone else saves her that Shiro wants to save her.

The charm of Sakura(2)

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I wrote that Sakura is the ideal Yamato Nadeshiko, but that’s not the only expression Sakura shows us.
She has many unforgivable sins on her back, which is one of the aspects of Sakura, and we can call her inseparable when we talk about her. Cherry blossoms are inexplicable and can be called a demonic woman.

Cherry blossoms kill people. It kills innocent human lives too absurdly and easily.
In reality, it can be said that a person who has taken so many people’s lives will never be forgiven.
Sakura is the one who has committed that many crimes. Even King Gilgamesh, the cruel and cold-hearted king of this series, cannot ignore Sakura’s actions, and she is the one who did something so horrible that she came to do it herself.

However, the audience is aware of this.
Sakura’s slaughter is against her will, and at the same time, the lives of innocent human beings. At the same time, she is the most abhorrent thing in the world to Shirou, as she takes the lives of innocent people.

The dichotomy in Sakura’s intentions and actions is the true nature of her magical nature. It can only be called ironic that the girl who should be protected, who wants only the “universal everyday life” than anyone else, can be called the most “evil incarnate”.

At the same time, while Sakura Magiri is the girl who needs to more be saved more than anyone else and the “universal everyday life” that Shirou needs to protect the most, she is also the most unforgivable “all the evils of this world (Henri Mayu)” – the enemy of humanity, which is a duality of her and her demonic nature.

That’s why everyone hopes that Sakura can be savedーー or even that she can’t be saved.
That kind of danger is very appealing to fans.



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