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【Milon’s Secret Castle】A lesser-known but actually interesting classic franchise game

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Milon’s Secret Castle is a side-scrolling action game released by Hudson in 1986 for the family computer.
The game’s concept is a music-themed action game with strong puzzle-solving elements, and at the time, the difficulty level of the game made it difficult for me to play.
This article introduces “Milon’s Secret Castle” as a lesser-known but actually interesting classic franchise game.

Milon’s Secret Castle Basic Information

・Genre Horizontal scrolling action
・Compatible Models Family Computer
・Developed/Sold by Hudson
・Number of players 1
・Release date: November 13, 1986

The game begins with the exterior of Garland Castle, the castle in the game, which is the setting for the game.
Doors and windows allow you to enter the various rooms that form the main stage of the game, and you’ll need to solve riddles in various locations to clear stages.
Basically, the controls are simple and basic, with sideways movement and jumping, attacking enemies with soap bubbles, and discovering tricks hidden in walls and such.

An innovative action game with a music theme

At the time, action games for the franchise were often royalistic and adventurous, and were also mainstream, but this title was different from those games in that it was an innovative and shocking action game with a heavy emphasis on music.
One of the most iconic scenes is the bonus stage.
In the bonus stage, notes fly around and your goal is to earn them, but each time you take up a box of instruments, you get more parts to play, and the more you take up, the more lively the suite becomes.
The combination of music and action in a well-done game is the best thing I can say about this title.

Solid action elements.

The theme of this game is “music”, but it is a full-fledged action game, not a “sound game”.
There are various elements of an action game, such as attacks with soap bubbles and the features of each stage, not to mention the controls, and even the bosses.
Of course, as the game progresses to the latter stages, the number of enemies increases and their attacks become more fierce, so if you go at it with the image of the title, you’ll get hurt.
As an action game as well as a music game, this is a complete game.

You need to solve the mystery of the stage to capture it

There are many tricks in each stage of this game, and you must solve them to conquer the stage.
This element of puzzle solving is a factor that increases the difficulty level of this game.
For example, there is no clear goal for the stage and you need to get the key to clear the stage, so you need to find the key hidden in the stage, which is a bit of a challenge.
These elements of puzzle solving certainly add to the difficulty of the game, but they are also the appeal of the game.
Each stage has an item shop as a hidden room where you can purchase items, as well as get hints on how to attack the stage and what items you need to possess, so I used to play the game with a memo in hand at the time.
I don’t mean to say it, but I think this game is closer to Zelda than The Legend of Zelda: 2: The Adventure of Link, which is a side-scrolling puzzle-solving action game (laughs).

【Milon’s Secret Castle】 Summary

I’ve introduced “Milon’s Secret Castle” as a lesser-known but actually interesting classic franchise game.
At the time, I gave up on clearing it due to its high level of difficulty, but even now, I’m not sure I can clear it right away .
However, it was definitely a fun game, even if you can’t clear it at that time, and I remember clearly that I was desperate to play it, and I think I felt the completeness of the game as a child.
I would confidently recommend Labyrinth Suite as an interesting retro game that is still fun to play today.

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