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【Digimon】What’s the secret behind the lyrics of the theme song? A compilation of theme songs from the past!

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There have been 7 TV series and movie versions of the Digimon series so far. The content of the story is of course important, but the quality of the theme song is also an essential point when talking about the Digimon series.
So, this time we have compiled the theme songs used in the Digimon series and the secrets hidden in the lyrics of the theme songs.

The theme song of successive Digimon series

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There have been 7 TV series of Digimon series so far, and the theme songs used in each of the 7 works are as follows

“Digimon Adventure”

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“Digimon Adventure” is the first in the series, which should be memorable.
It featured “Butter-Fly” sung by Koji Wada as the opening theme song, and “I wish” and “keep on” sung by Ai Maeda as the ending theme song.
Although it is the theme song of the 1999 anime, it is still popular enough to be ranked in the karaoke ranking.

“Digimon Adventure 02”

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The second film in the series, “Digimon Adventure 02”, features “Target – Red Impact” by Koji Wada as the opening theme song.
AiM sings “Asitaha Atashi no Kazegafuku” and “Always, Always” as the ED.

“Digimon Tamers”

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The third in the “Digimon Tamers” series, “Digimon Tamers”, the OP is again done by Koji Wada.
The OP is “The Biggest Dreamer” and the ED is “My Tomorrow” and “Days – Affection and Everyday Life” sung by AiM.

“Digimon Frontier”

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DIGIMON FRONTIER, the fourth in the series, features Koji Wada as both OP and ED.
The OP “FIRE! The second ED, “an Endless tale” was sung by both Wada and AiM, both of whom have been involved in the Digimon series for a long time.

“Digimon Savers”

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The fifth in the series, “Digimon Savers”, has two OPs, one for the first half of the series and the other for the second half. The first half of the series features Dynamite SHU singing “Going! and “Hirari” by Koji Wada was used for the latter half of the album.
The two EDs are “One Star” by Yosuke Ito and “Meteor” by MiyuMiyu.
Wada has been the OP for 5 consecutive movies, but “Digimon Savers” will be his last theme song for a TV series.

“Digimon Cross Wars”

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Digimon Cross Wars, the sixth in the series, has three OPs, the most in the series.
The first OP is “Nebagiba!” sung by Sonar Pocket. The second and third songs, “New World” and “Stand Up” are both sung by twill.
While it has the most OP songs in the series, Digimon Cross Wars does not have an ED. It is the only work in the Digimon series that does not have an ED.


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As of 2019, the seventh and final TV series is the seventh and final Digimon Universe App Monsters.
The OPs are “DiVE!” by Amatsuki – Amatsuki – and “Gatchen!” by Old Man Shima. two songs.
One of the features of “Digimon Universe App Monsters” is that it has a lot of EDs, four of which are the most in the series.
It starts with “Blue Flame Syndrome” by Riho Iida, “Eye” by Ami Wajima, “Little Bi” by Ange☆Reve, and “Perfect World” by Traffic Light. The four songs are “Perfect World” by

Digimon Adventure tri”

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In 2015, a film version based on the first film in the series, Digimon Adventure, was released. That is Digimon Adventure tri.
Digimon Adventure tri. has six chapters, and all six chapters feature “Butter-Fly – tri. Version” sung by Wada Kouji as the OP.
The first chapter features AiM’s “I wish~tri.Version~” and the second chapter features “Seven~tri.Version~” sung by Wada Koji. The OP and ED are arranged from the theme song at that time, which gives you a sense of nostalgia and newness.
The ED of chapter 3 is “Boku ni Kase” by KNIFE OF DAY, chapter 4 is “keep on” by AiM, and chapter 5 is “Aiko Toba” by Ayumi Miyazaki and AiM.
Chapter 6 features “Butter-Fly~tri.Version~” as the ED. It is a special version sung by Koji Wada, Ayumi Miyazaki and AiM along with the cast.



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