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20 female characters whose image color is yellow! Is the image of yellow characters “energetic”?

We’ve carefully selected 20 female characters whose image color is yellow!
We’ve included images of the characteristics and voice actors of each character. It is said that many yellow heroines are full of energy, but we will thoroughly examine whether this is really the case!

Kiseya Yayoi /Cure Piece

One of the main characters of “Smile Pretty Cure! She is one of the main characters of “Smile Pretty Cure!
But she has a strong core and shows a cheerful side when she is with her close friends.

There are many other yellow Precures in the Pretty Cure series, but she is the most popular of them all, and was ranked 5th in NHK’s “All Precures Poll”.

Her voice actress is Hisako Kanemoto.

Jyogasaki Rika

The younger sister of Mika Jougasaki, a gal idol from “THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS”.
At first glance, she looks like a devilish girl, but at 12 years old, she’s still very young and has a childish side that stands out, making her a bright and cute girl.

In the iM@S series, other yellow girls include Ami and Mami Futami from “The Idolmaster” and Kirari Moroboshi from “Deremasu”.

Her voice actress is Nozomi Yamamoto.

Kunikida Hanamaru

Love Live! Sunshine! She is a first-year member of the main school idol group “Aqours” of “Love Live!
She’s a kind girl with a big appetite, and when she was first introduced in Dengeki G’s Magazine, her distinctive accent was a big hit.
Although she doesn’t have a particularly cheerful personality, she is very lively when she teases her classmate Yoshiko Tsushima, known as “Yohane.

Other yellow characters in the Love Live series include Rin Hoshizora of μ’s and Kasumi Nakasu of Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club.

Her voice actress is Kanako Takatsuki.

Arisugawa Otome

The main character of “Aikatsu! She is a natural idol of Starlight Academy.
She is well known for her habit of saying “Love Yoo”.
The name of the unit is “Powa Powa Priline”, but she is a stoic idol.

The Aikatsu series also has several yellow characters, including Hinaki Shinjou (Shinji) from “Aikatsu! and Hinaki Shinjou of “Aikatsu! and Emma Hinata of Aikatsu Friends!

Her voice actress is Tomoyo Kurosawa.

Moegi Emo

A main character in “KirattoPri☆Chan”, she is a member of the idol unit “Miracle☆Kiratz”.
She is a member of the idol unit “Miracle☆Kiratz”, and is known for her cheerful and active personality.
On the other hand, she is mentally fragile and weak under pressure, and often cries.

Her voice actress is Miyu Kubota.

Turumaki Kokoro

She is the core of the music unit “Hello, Happy World! and her nickname is “Kokoron.
She is cheerful, curious, and active, and is the daughter of a wealthy man, so she can do whatever she wants.
HaloHapi is a unit that helps Kokoron achieve her goals, and because her ideas are outrageous, the members of the unit are naturally outrageous as well, making them a group with unique personalities that stand out in Bandori.

There are many yellow characters in Bandori, and besides Kokoron, there are also Saaya Yamabuki of Poppin’Party, Chisato Shirasagi of Pastel*Palettes, Tsugumi Hazawa of Afterglow, and Masking of RAISE A SUILEN. The voice actress is Mirae Itoh.

Her voice actress is Miku Ito.

Kaname Bakkania

The leader of the tactical music unit “Valkyrie” in “Macross Delta”.
There was a time when she didn’t make much of an impression as an idol, and even after that, she gave up her position as ace of the Valkyrie to Mikumo Ginnemer, and her life has been full of heartache.

Her voice actress is Kiyono Yasuno. She is the leader of the tactical music unit “Valkyrie” in “Macross Delta”.
There was a time when she didn’t make it as an idol, and even after that, she gave up her position as the ace of the Valkyrie to Mikumo Ginnemer.

Her voice actress is Kiyono Yasuno.

Yurizaki Nero

She is a member of the detective team “Milky Holmes” from “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”.
She’s a boxy girl with a troublemaker’s temperament and a tongue with a sharp tongue.
The color of her clothes has made her a favorite among fans.

Her voice actress is Sora Tokui.

Shinomiya Himawari

The fourth warrior of Vivid Team in Vividred Operation.
Although he has never been to school, he is a genius hacker who is able to survive on his own by developing applications with his unparalleled intellect.
The color of his palette suit is yellow, so naturally his image color is yellow as well.

Her voice actress is Aya Uchida.

Shindo Erina / Tail Yellow

One of the heroines of “Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!. One of the heroines of “Ore Twintail ni Narimasu.
She is the student council president of the private Yozuki Gakuen High School, and has a yearning for special effects heroes. At first she supports the Twintails who saved her, but later she decides to join as well.
Originally, she was a young lady with a gentle personality, but after becoming Tail Yellow, her inhibitions were released and her perverted, dominant side was revealed.

Her voice actress is Chinatsu Akasaki.



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