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[Love Live! It’s too late to ask! What is the difference between “School Idol Association of Nijigasaki Gakuen” and μ’s and Aqours?

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Update 12/25!

Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Association has finally achieved an anime adaptation, but it seems that there are still some people who don’t know much about it.
So, in this article, we summarized how they are different from the previous groups such as μ’s and Aqours!

Project team in School Idol Festival

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Love Live! The activities of the Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Association, aka “Nijigaku”, are becoming more and more prominent as a new project of the
In December 2019, the anime adaptation project will finally be launched.
Those who have been exposed to Love Live through the anime might consider this Nijigaku to be the third school idol group, after μ’s and then Aqours.

However, strictly speaking, Nijigaku is not a school idol group.
It is a group of like-minded people with the purpose of school idol activities, not a group activity as its main purpose.

Love Live was originally planned as a project by KADOKAWA, Lantis, and Sunrise, and the launch of the project was announced in Dengeki G’s magazine, published by KADOKAWA ASCII Media Works.
Although the impression of anime is inevitably strong, the starting point is the publication of character profiles and songs in magazines.
In the case of Aqours, their senior group, μ’s was active and attracted a lot of attention from the beginning, but they started with the G’s in the same way until it was made into an anime, and gradually built up the characterization and relationship of each idol through the projects in the magazine.

If the activities of the μ’s and Aqours are the mainstream, then the launch of Nijigaku is a heresy.

The nine members of μ’s and Aqours were picked up from the beginning with the assumption that the group would be formed.
While the group’s name was still undecided, each of the nine girls were introduced as students at National Otonokizaka Academy and Ura no Hoshi Girls Academy, and the question was asked, “What kind of idol group will they become? The announcement was made in a way that throws up expectations of the group.

On the other hand, the girls in Nijigaku are not the only members of the group.
Three of the girls, Emma Verde, Shizuku Ohsaka and Konoe Kanata, are the characters from the “Love Live! School Idol Festival” series, a game called “School Idol Festival” run by Bushiroad.

In this game, not only the members of μ’s and Aqours, but also many original school idols appear under the category of “transfer students”, and Emma, Shizuku and Konoe Kanata are one of those transfer students.
Naturally, the main characters are the members of μ’s and Aqours, so the new students are treated as supporting characters and are called a “mob live” by some players.
Nevertheless, the character designs and settings are well made, and the number of people who profess to be fans of a particular transfer student is increasing, and finally the “Transfer Student General Election” was held, and the existence of transfer students has become one of the main attractions of Scrap Fest.

Amidst this trend, Emma, Shizuku, and Kata, who came in the top 3 in the 3rd Transfer Student General Election held in 2017, were quickly introduced as members of the new Sucfest project “PERFECT Dream Project (PDP)”.
As a part of this PDP, in addition to the three girls mentioned above, six new idols who were not transfer students were added to the project and the nine girls began activities based on the concept of “competing with each other to promote PDP”.
These nine girls are the ‘Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Association’.

To put it simply, Nijigaku is a project team within Sukfest.

Activity is solo

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The biggest difference between µ’s and Aqours and Nizigaku is that each member is working towards becoming a solo school idol rather than a group.
The former is a gathering of “what we can do as a group” and “what we want to do with these nine members”, and although they often form a unit with a small group, none of the members have decided to stand on their own.
μ’s, who decided to disband with the graduation of their 3rd year students, saying “Being a unit of 9 people is everything”, and Aqours, who chose to continue their activities in order to connect the thoughts of their 3rd year students, are going in different directions, but their fundamental attitude towards the group is the same.
For them, the group is their very identity.

On the other hand, NIJIGAKU is “a gathering of 9 people with a common goal”, and being 9 people is not their identity.
Therefore, there is no leader, and each member is a friend and a rival.
In fact, we may have a stronger sense of rivalry.

The reason for this is that Nizigaku has a monthly user popularity poll, and the ranking is announced each time… a very serious thing.

μ’s and Aqours also voted on a regular basis, but it’s a different story when it’s monthly.
This is because the popularity gap is more obvious and the changes in popularity are more obvious.
I think this is also to show the fans that each of them are rivals.

Furthermore, the albums released in 2018 and 2019 are a strong indication that they are primarily solo activities.
All of the songs on these two albums are solo, except for one song that is sung by all of them.
While some songs are sung by all of the members, they are not cut as singles, and they are positioned as the lead song of the album or the theme song of Sucfest, which is a clear distinction from the group’s activity of developing a single song.

Another feature that has never been seen before is the division of the teams into “advertising media”.

The nine members of Nidjigaku are divided into three web media: the official “SQUFFES” website, Dengeki Online, and Famitsu App, each of which has three members.
Yohane (Yoshiko Tsushima) of Aqours won first place in the general election to be the face of the Gamers Numazu store, and has been the face of Noomer’s ever since… but this is the first time that an official has attempted to limit the exposure of a medium.
In these ways, Njigaku has a raw, commercial smell that has never been seen before and is more idol-like.

And the biggest difference is the cast.

The “Love Live! and “Love Live! Sunshine! is a project that links the school idol group in the work with the casts, and the casts work in real life as μ’s and Aqours respectively.
For this reason, it is thought that the cast members were chosen based on the concept of “building the group from scratch”, and new voice actors and those with little experience in voice acting were chosen.
They did not appear in other works as much as possible until their group activities were settled and they concentrated on their activities as μ’s Aqours.

On the other hand, the casts of Nijigaku are mostly new voice actors, but voice actors who have already built up their careers and played famous characters were also chosen.
Also, even after the formation of Nijigaku, they have been appearing in other productions in a bang-up fashion, and there doesn’t seem to be any kind of limitation at all.
This is possible because as a group they don’t need everyone to be aligned and they don’t have a tight schedule to manage.

From these points, it can be said that Nijigaku is not a school idol group like μ’s and Aqours.

However, because they are rivals, it is not because they are cushy or they are battling each other, or they are not creating such a bad atmosphere.
The cast members are the same way, and most of them appear at the events, and they are friendly with each other on internet TV and radio programs.



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