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【Dropout Idol Fruit Tart】Is Nukui Hayu waking up to yuri? An in-depth investigation

A big feature on Nukui Hayu from the Kirara anime “Dropout Idol Fruit Tart” which is airing in the fall of 2020!
We reveal not only the front face of this rock girl who loves music, but also the back face. We thoroughly dissect the true face of this rock girl who loves music, as well as the other side of her, and her fondness for girls!

Nukui Hanyu Character Overview

A female character from “Dropout Idol Fruit Tart”.
She has blond hair that she wears in a side ponytail with a large ribbon.
She wears hairpins in various places on her head, including her bangs, and her charm point is her double tooth.

She wears a red jacket both in her casual clothes and in her uniform.
She wears a red jacket for both her personal clothes and her school uniform, and also wears a red and strawberry costume for live performances.

In order to fulfill her dream of becoming a musician, she overcame her father’s objections and left her parents’ house in Kanagawa for Tokyo, where she moved into the fourth dormitory of Rat Production, known as “Mouse House.
There, he begins his career as a musician, but he is uncooperative and doesn’t seem to think much of pandering to the masses. He writes only strange songs that reflect his hobbies, such as rock music, comic books, and heroes, and they don’t seem to sell at all.
So, at the suggestion of their manager, Hoho Kajino, they are joined by Roko Sekino, an unsuccessful actress (actually a child actress), Nina Maehara, an unsuccessful model, Ino Sakura, an aspiring idol who has just joined Mouse Manor, and Hemo Midori, a new idol who has just transferred from another agency. (Midori Hemo), a new idol from another agency, and the five of them formed the idol unit “Fruit Tart.

She is 15 years old and a first-year high school student at Koganei Gakuen, the same private school as Ino.
She was a classmate of Kinno and became her first classmate friend.

She is 150cm tall and weighs 40kg.
Her detailed three sizes are unknown, but her bust size is B-cup, and she is classified as “Petern’s” within Fruit Tart, both locos.
She is a musician, and is in charge of composing music in the unit.

Her voice actress is Haruka Shiraishi.

Table: Cheerful and rocking mood maker

Among the members of Fruit Tart, all of whom have strong personalities, Hayu is a relatively decent girl with a high level of communicative ability.
Her presence must have been very reassuring to Kinno, who came to Tokyo from Okayama Prefecture to become an idol and moved into the mouse house.

Other than Hayu, Roko and Nina were the only two people living at the mouse house before Ino and Hemo joined.
Both of them were second-year students, and if it had been only Roco, who was strong-willed but had a height complex that made her depressed when a newcomer taller than her joined, and Nina, who was kind but quiet, it might have taken a while for Kinno to get used to them.
Fortunately, Roko, who is older than her, was able to tease her in a friendly manner, and Hayu, who was not shy at all and was cheerful even when she met Korino for the first time, helped Korino to blend into the mouse house easily.

This is also the case at Koganei Academy, where Hayu and Kinno attend.
Although she came to Tokyo alone from the countryside and was planning to make her high school debut, Hayu cheered her up with her cheerfulness and eccentric behavior.

Hayu’s rock spirit seems to be reflected in the things she wears.
While she is passionate about music and other things she loves and is obsessed with looking cool, she is careless about her underwear and socks, which are not so visible to others, and keeps wearing them even if they have holes.

She also loves music and is obsessed with her vocals, but it doesn’t lead to good singing, which is also rock.
She must be trying to deliver her soul, not her technique.

It’s also rock that she gets high when she eats her favorite strawberry.
It’s not just a level of getting excited by eating your favorite food, it’s a state of being so gung-ho that stars appear in your eyes.

However, this “cheerful, detail-oriented rock girl” is just the surface of Hayu.
Her inner self is actually the complete opposite.



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