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[Major Second] Can Daigo be an attractive protagonist? Thorough examination

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From the popular “Major Second” series, the second series of which has been drawing a lot of attention, here’s a summary of the main character, Daigo Motono!
The son of the great previous game’s protagonist, Goro Motono, but average as both a player and a man, we’re going to find out if he can be an attractive protagonist in the future!

Daigo Shigeno Character Overview

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He is the eldest son of Goro Shigeno, the protagonist of Major Second, and Kaoru, the heroine of the previous film Major, born to Goro Shigeno and Kaoru.
He has a milder face than Goro’s childhood, and is quite childish.
His height is slightly shorter than average, at 158 cm in the eighth grade.

By the fourth grade, he admired his father and joined the little team Mifune Dolphins with the aim of becoming a professional baseball player, but contrary to the expectations of those around him, he had only mediocre athletic ability and a sense of inferiority that led him to leave baseball for a time.
However, when Hikaru, the son of Toshiya Sato, a major league baseball player who used to team up with Goro, transferred to the same school, he started playing baseball again and, unlike his father who was a pitcher, started his baseball career as a catcher.

After entering junior high school, he joined the private school baseball club and became the captain of the team in his second year.
In addition to playing catcher, she also plays in the outfield, always thinking about the team as a whole and keeping the all-girl group together.

Her personality is the opposite of her father’s; she is sensitive and passive.
Nevertheless, as she continues to play baseball, she gradually gains confidence, and after becoming the captain, she becomes a highly respected figure in her surroundings.
However, once he falls into a depression, he has a hard time getting back on his feet, just like when he was a child.

His passion for baseball is genuine, and he quit the game not because he didn’t think he could become famous, but because he couldn’t bear the gap between his aspirations and reality.
After that, she has accepted her lack of talent and still feels a sense of fulfillment in devoting herself to baseball, and takes the initiative to spend her days immersed in baseball.

Her voice actor is Natsumi Fujiwara.

Can’t we get past the Great Father?

Daigo’s abilities as a player are, to say the least, modest.
He’s not a pitcher, which is baseball’s flowery position, he’s a catcher, which is the most unsophisticated position in the eyes of amateurs, even though he’s the cornerstone of the team, and he has no power, no meet power, normal legs, and a weak shoulder… there’s very little good about him.
I have to say that he’s a mediocre player, at least at the middle school level.

On the other hand, he is as carefully drawn as Goro is when it comes to effort.
He doesn’t have the same impact as Goro, who broke his right shoulder and started throwing up to mid-160km with his left shoulder, but in his elementary school days, when he tried baseball again after giving up once in despair due to his lack of talent, and started to achieve a certain amount of results in the games, you can feel the character’s personality.

However, after entering junior high school, Daigo has shown extraordinary skills in terms of his baseball brain and defense, but there aren’t too many moments that make you feel his appeal as a player.
Compared to his elementary school days when he made a lot of mistakes, Daigo has become a more experienced player, and he’s developed the competitive edge that is typical of a leading man, such as the results he gets in the last half of the game, and his teammates trust him to a certain extent… but he’s the opposite of his father, who was always at the center of the game, getting both allies and opponents involved, and he seems to be smaller and more collected.

This is not simply a difference in talent and ability, but also a major difference in personality.
Goro isn’t a mental ghost either, he usually dips when he’s hit, but in his case, he’s usually outwardly venting, which is crass to say the least, but the intensity of his emotions was also a major factor in making the story more exciting.
In addition, his foul-mouthed and sophomoric speech gave rise to various wanderings and confusing situations, and he always had a strong presence as the main character of the work.

His son Daigo, on the other hand, is an introvert, and is unable to create any special scenes.
During his elementary school days, he showed a simple but ineffectual personality, saying that he was inferior in terms of technique so he would bunt to get results, but as a junior high school student, Daigo is just an ordinary captain and is buried by the presence of the girls around him who are spectacular.
It’s not so much about his performance in games, but rather his lack of personality in his monologues and conversations with the other club members.

This is most evident after his reunion with Hikaru.

Hikaru had a collision with Daigo during a game in elementary school and was injured so badly that he couldn’t move his neck at one point.
Hikaru was shown the overwhelming difference in power between them, and was also humiliated by being thoroughly overlooked, which caused him to have a mental breakdown.
Daigo was pushed to this point in a harsh situation… but in the end, he ended up going through an ordinary course of depression and recovering from it in an ordinary way.

He’s not dominant enough to lead his team to victory in terms of strategy, he’s a humble player with a baseball brain and persistence, and his humanity isn’t the type of person that sounds like it will resonate if you hit him, so it may be difficult for him to become a protagonist with the same kind of presence as his father in the future.



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