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Why was [Yuru Can△] a huge success? Verification summary

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Update 12/3!

A short anime, a second season, a movie, and even a live-action version of “Yuru Can△” has been announced. I’ve re-examined why it’s become such a huge success!
We thoroughly examine the reasons for success, not just the “high school girl x old man’s hobby” as they say!

The unlikely “Camping x Everyday Life” anime

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Yuru Can△” is a work that depicts a daily life of high school girls enjoying a leisurely camping trip.
There are many works that are based on the theme of the outdoors such as “Yamanosumei” and “Gaku”, and it is not unusual to see scenes of camping in the works, but “daily life anime with camping” is a genre that has never been seen before.

However, that doesn’t mean that the novelty of “Yuru Can△” is not the charm of the work.
The great thing about this work is that even though it is a daily life anime, the commentary about camping is very thorough.

Not to mention how to set up a tent, the types of camping equipment, how to use them and even the prices are carefully explained and it is not at all crappy so you will easily get into the story.

I don’t think there is another work that conveys the appeal of solo camping and off-season camping so well.

Another great feature of the work is that it is an engaging conversational drama that uses social networking sites.
In recent years, communication through SNS (mainly modeled after LINE) has become more common in anime works as well as in real life.
However, I have the impression that it is not used very much in daily life anime due to the lack of a realistic picture.

However, in “Yuru Can△”, one of the main characters, Shima Rin, likes to go camping solo and there are many scenes of her camping by herself, so there are more conversations on SNS.

This is funny and cute!

One scene in particular that got a lot of attention was when Rin actually pronounced the internet slang “kuwse drftgy fjikolp” in episode 2 of the anime.
I think it was one of the reasons why a lot of people got to know the work “Yuru Can△”.

The beauty of the scenery is essential to the story of “Yuru Can△”.
The backgrounds of the campsites are so beautiful that you can’t help but sigh at the beauty of the magnificent nature that only an animation can bring, especially for the occasional appearance of Mt.

The backgrounds aren’t the only attractive feature of the animation.
The “aniori”, which can lead to negative feedback, is integrated into the storyline of the original work in a very natural way.
The C-part that was provided in the last episode and the last part was especially great.

These features and the charm of the show are the factors that made Yuru Can△’s reputation and one of the factors of its success.
However, if this was all it was, it would have ended up being simply a well-made everyday anime.
There are many other reasons why Yuru Chan△ was a huge commercial success.

episode1 or 2 that succeeded in grabbing

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The company that produced the anime “Yuru Can△” is called C-Station.
They are a relatively new studio that started as a production contractor in 2014, and although they had successfully adapted “Stamus” into an anime, they were not yet famous at the time of the Yuru Can broadcast.

Yoshiaki Kyougoku, who was at the helm, also had no experience as a director, and Yuru Can△ was his first work.
For this reason, there were not high expectations for Yuru Can△ before the start of the broadcast, but rather, the d Anime Store conducted a survey just before the start of the broadcast with the question, “What do you want to watch this season? It didn’t even rank high in the 2018 Winter Anime Popularity Poll.

But the anime! Animation! conducted on January 13-15, 2018 by “What are your high expectations for winter 2018 anime? It was already ranked #4 in the list.
At this point, there were already signs of a hit.

As of January 15, only 2 episodes had been aired.
In other words, this high ranking is the result of the anime fans who watched the first and second episodes and felt the attraction of Yuru Can△, and it is also the proof that they were able to catch the show.

In fact, many of the core parts of the work are drawn in the first and second episodes of “Yuru Can△”.
By episode 2, all five main characters have been introduced, Shima Rin’s (Simarin) solo camp is described twice, and the aforementioned “conversations on social networking sites”, “kuwse drftgy fujiko lp”, and “the beauty of the scenery” are all depicted in the episode.

It is also worth noting that the first episode opens with “the camping scene of all the main characters”, followed by “Shimarin’s solo camping scene”, which is the beginning of the original story.
The introduction of the main characters in the beginning of the story makes the main characters show their faces quickly and reminds us of the changes in the environment surrounding Shimarin, which draws our interest and contrasts with the solo camps.

It is also worth noting that it is a daily life anime, but it makes the viewers feel a sense of non-daily life by drawing a camping scene at the beginning of the work.

The same hit daily life anime, “Is Your Order Usagi? At the beginning of “Kinlo Mosaic”, the scenery of the wooden house and the cobblestone streets was described carefully and gave an impression of a slightly different world.
The beginning of “Kinlo Mosaic” also has a special feel to it because it started with a homestay in England instead of a scene from school life.

By showing the unique characteristics and themes of the work at the beginning, it differentiates itself from other anime of the same genre, and at the same time, it brings ups and downs to a daily life anime that could have easily become a flat story.



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