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【We Never Learn】Sawako Sekijyou’s popularity is on the rise with her Seriously yuri line!

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Pick up Sawako Sekijyou, who is a sub-character of “We Never Learn” but whose popularity is rising as she appears on the cover of the comics!
We’ve compiled a summary of her traits and charms for one of the heroines, Ogata Rizu, who has more than just friendship in her heart!

Overview of the character of Sawako Sekishiro

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A female character in “We Never Learn” .
She is a third year student at Ichinose Gakuen and the head of the chemistry club with her distinctive hanging eyes.
She wears a white coat on a daily basis.
She usually wears her long hair in a bun, but sometimes she changes her hairstyle to a ponytail as a make-over.

He is good at science subjects and is the second best student in his school year after Rizu,Ogata and he is a one-sided rival of Rizu and shows an aggressive attitude towards her. …… In fact, he is a tsundere girl who wants to be friends with her.
He has been impressed by Rishu in the past, and he seems to have feelings for her that go beyond friendship.

Although she is often flailing around with Rizu, she is otherwise a very sensible, caring and diligent person.
She senses that Ritju is romantically interested in the main character, Masayuki Yuiga, and she tries to leave them alone together, which shows her to be a very worthy person.

She is not a man-hater, and although she has mixed feelings for Naruyuki, she seems to be honestly impressed by the fact that he is polite and patient in giving guidance to several classmates.
She also has a sensitive side, such as crying herself to sleep when she watches romantic movies.

Her voice actor is  Saori onishi

Is your admiration for Rizu love?

出典 : ©筒井大志/集英社・ぼくたちは勉強ができない製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ぼくたちは勉強ができない!」公式サイト

The feeling Sekijyo-san has for Rizu is one of admiration.

In junior high school, her intelligence made her somewhat of a floater in her surroundings and she was the object of envy.
Her classmates hurled heartless words at her, and for a time she was so mentally challenged that she had to go to the school nurse’s office.

What changed her life forever was the dignified behavior of Rizu, whom she met at a mock examination.
She finished the exam far before the end time and left the room with dignity, unfazed by the cold stares and words of the people around her.
Seeing this behavior inspired her to arm herself with the white coat and grow into a person who could present herself openly.

However, when he entered the same high school as Rizu, he tried to become friends with her, but because of his inherently hurtful and thoughtful nature, he was unable to talk to her for more than two years, until the first semester of his senior year, when he was finally able to talk to her.

From then on, Sekijyo-san became Rizu’s best friend (self-proclaimed) without a hitch, and while I thought that she was in contact with her friends at ……, she would act in ways that clearly crossed the line of admiration, such as “trying to get Rizu’s favorite haircut” and “sniffing Riju’s scent while blushing”.
It seems that Sekijyo-san’s feelings for Rizu are at the level of a gutsy yuri.

Increasingly popular despite being a sub-character

出典 : ©筒井大志/集英社・ぼくたちは勉強ができない製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ぼくたちは勉強ができない!」公式サイト

Sekishiro appeared relatively early, as of the second volume of comics (episode 12), and she is older than one of the heroines, Kominami Asumi, aka “Ashishumie-senpai”.
However, her position is a sub-character, so she ended up in the 8th place in the first popularity poll.

However, after that she got into the yuri genre and started appearing in Rizu’s episodes at a high rate, and the episodes where Sekijyo-san is the main character were drawn.
And in the 9th volume of the comic, she and Rizu appear on the cover!
Her popularity has been steadily increasing as she rose to 7th place in the second popularity poll, surpassing Naruyuki.

Usually, the friends of the heroine in romantic comedies tend to play a role in stirring up the story and attract hate, but in Sekishiro’s case, she is more of a person that people want to see her come on, such as trying to push herself to get Rizu and Naruyuki together.
Since his romantic interest is not directed at the main character, he doesn’t create a disturbing situation.

Sekijyou-san is the best and standout sub-character in a romantic comedy.


The second season of the anime has been pretty remarkable for Ms. Sekijyo!
She’s now become such a key character that a Rizu episode can’t start without her.
Fans are even asking for a game to be released that has a route to capture Sekijyo, and it looks like her popularity is going to increase even more in the future!

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