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Psychopath, Blade of the Demon, Kabaneri … is “the rest of the story in theaters” possible? Nothing?

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There are some works that have been decided to be made into a movie after the TV anime has aired, but there are cases where the fans welcome the sequel, but there are also cases where the sequel leaves fans speechless.
We’ve thoroughly examined when such a “sequel in theaters” would be a viable option!

Pattern A: “The rest of the story will be in theaters” without completing the film

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A “theatrical” version in anime isn’t always going to be special.
There are a variety of theatrical versions that range from being just a compilation of TV series to completely original episodes made on an epic scale.

While a feature film is not always welcomed, it is a great introduction for those who haven’t seen the TV series, and most of them are designed to be enjoyed by fans who have already seen them on TV by introducing new cuts and improving the quality, so it is unlikely that they will be avoided.

On the other hand, in the case of “the continuation of the story will be in the movie version”, there is often an antipathy from the fans.
This is the case of a movie version of a TV series.
However, there are multiple patterns to this case, and depending on the pattern, some adaptations will be accepted by fans, while others will be rejected.

And the one that is most likely to cause a backlash from fans is the unfinished story pattern where the film version is continued in the same way without any break in the story.

For the viewers, the TV anime and the feature film anime are not in any way connected to each other.
Generally speaking, the theater anime is often scaled up and has the advantage of being able to watch a work with more beautiful images and well-crafted direction, but the big difference is that it costs money to watch.
It’s not a good feeling to have to pay to watch a film that you used to watch for free on TV at some point, even if you don’t have a simple profit motive.

Still, as long as there’s a clear break in the main story, people won’t feel that bad about it.
For example, “K-On! When they do the last episode of the original work in a TV series and then make a movie out of it with the original episodes, it’s a pleasant surprise for fans and they can’t help but rejoice.
Even if it’s not that neat, a case like “Blade of the Annihilation” where they did the last episode of the TV series and then made a movie of the next episode would be satisfying to most fans.

However, it’s a different story if they do a “we’ll do the rest in the movie” without a narrative closure in the main series.
Since the story isn’t wrapped up properly, the reputation of the TV series on its own will naturally suffer greatly, and it will feel as if it was made just to bring the TV series to the movies, which is a bit disgusting.
It seems as if it was made just to draw people in to the movie, and it seems as if it was made in order to draw people in to the movie, which makes people suspect that it was made just for the sake of drawing people in to the movie.

Also, there are two patterns in those films that didn’t conclude in the film, but instead did a “continuation in the movie”.
The first is the one where they tried their best, but ended up with a half-hearted ending, but still made a movie sequel because it was so popular.
The other is a work that was produced with the movie version in mind from the beginning.

In many cases, the quality of the latter is higher than the former, which seems to have run out of ideas.
However, it is the latter that is more detestable.
The final episode ends in the middle of the story, and right after it airs, a movie version is made! Fans would watch with mixed emotions as the series would announce, “I’m going to be a part of it.

One example of an anime that has been aired in recent years is “PSYCHO-PASS: Psycho-Pass 3”.
The announcement that the final episode of the TV series would end at the point of “TENSION” or “SESSION”, and that the rest of the series would be released as a movie, has caused a few fans to lose interest.

In the old days, “Neon Genesis Evangelion” was also in this pattern.
There are quite a few fans who were excitedly waiting for the final episode of the TV series, “The Beast that Shouted Ai in the Center of the World,” to see what kind of ending it would bring, and there are quite a few who are still not convinced.
However, that final episode, famous for its “Congratulations”, became a big topic of conversation and gained even more notoriety after it aired, so it’s hard to say that it was a negative thing about this work in general.



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