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【Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World】I’ve compiled a list of comics & games! Comicalizations and anthologies other than the main story are also available!

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“Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World” has a thriving media mix, with not only anime but also various manga and games being released.
So I’ve compiled a list of what media mix works have been released, focusing on the manga and games!

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World Chapter 1: A Day in the Royal Capital

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This is the first comicalization of Re:zero, which was serialized in Monthly Comic Alive from 2014-2015.
It is drawn by Matsusedaichi.

The content is based on the first chapter of the original story.
The main character, Subaru Natsuki, is reincarnated into another world, meets a silver-haired half-elf girl, Emilia, and is slaughtered by the “gut-hunter” Elsa Granhilte.

Compared to the anime, the scenes where people are killed are a little milder, so it is recommended for those who don’t like gore.
The picture design is not particularly similar to the original work or the anime, but there is no difference that would make you feel uncomfortable.

One chapter is as short as the first volume of the original work, and this manga version was completed in two volumes.

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another WorldChapter 2: A Week in the House

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This is a comicalization of the main story that was serialized in Monthly Big Gangan from 2014-2016.
It is drawn by Makoto Kaedzuki.

The main content is the second chapter of the original story.
The story revolves around Subaru waking up in Rosewall’s mansion, meeting Ram and Rem, and going through a loop of “returning to death” to break their guard, identify the sorcerer who is causing their deaths, and deal with it.

There are five volumes.
The main story is completed in volume 4, and volume 5 is a special episode set in chapter 2.
The atmosphere of this work is different from the original, so you can enjoy both the comicalization of the main story and the secondary comicalization.

Incidentally, Mr. Kaedzuki is currently working on the comicalization of the novella “You Can’t Die, Ash-covered Witch” for Young Ace UP.

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World Chapter 3: Truth of Zero

出典 :

This is a comicalization of the main story, which was serialized in Monthly Comic Alive from 2015-2019.
It is drawn by daichi Matsuse.

The content is based on the third chapter of the original story.
Emilia and her group revisit the royal capital to participate in the ceremony to start the royal election and to have Subaru’s mana flow treated, but they get caught up in the threat of witchcraft led by Petelgeuse and the appearance of the white whale, and Subaru searches for the best way forward while repeating the “return to death” loop.

This is the chapter in which Subaru is pushed to the brink mentally more than in Chapter 2, and where he displays a lot of abusive language and ugly behavior, and these lost scenes were well recreated in the manga version.
At the same time, there are many famous scenes such as “From Zero”, and the climax of the battle against the white whale is drawn with a great deal of heat.

Eleven volumes in all.
Volume 10 is the end of the first season of the anime, and volume 11 is the beginning of the second season, the last chapter, and a special chapter.

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World Chapter 4: Sanctuary and the Witch of Greed

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This is the latest comic adaptation of the book, which began serialization in Monthly Comic Alive in 2019.
It is drawn by Haruno Hatori, and composed by Yu Aikawa, the author of “Jingaisan no Yome”.

The content is based on the fourth chapter of the original story.
It describes the episode where Subaru, who decides to save Rem, whose existence has been forgotten due to the attacks of the “greed” and “ravenousness” of the witch cult, heads to the “sanctuary” with Emilia and meets the witch Echidna.

The manga is an almost faithful adaptation of the scope of the second season of the anime, with high quality drawings and a lean structure, and has been well received by fans.
The notable character Echidna is also drawn in a cute way.

As of November 2020, two volumes have been published.
The serialization is still going on.

Kenki Koiuta ~
(Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World † Shinmeitan

出典 :

This is a comical adaptation of “Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World Ex2 Kenki Koi Uta” and “Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World Ex3 Kenki Koitan”, which began serialization in Monthly Comic Alive in 2018.
The drawing is done by Tsubata Nozaki, who has designed costumes for “FGO” and goods for “Onimei no Blade”.

This is a story about the past, depicting the childhood of Wilhelm Van Astraea, a follower of Krusch and husband of Teresia, the previous Saint of Swords.
The story depicts the beginning of his friendship and interaction with Teresia, which had been depicted in fragments in the original story, and some familiar characters from the main story, such as Roswar, also appear.

As of November 2020, the third volume has been published.
The serialization is still going on.

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World Frozen Bond

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This is a comicalization of “Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World Frozen Bond”, which has been serialized since 2020 on Manga UP!
The manga is drawn by Minori Tsukahara.

The story is a prequel to the main story, and the main character is Emilia.
Shunned by those around her because of her close resemblance to a jealous witch, she has been living alone and quietly in the snow and ice covered Eriol Forest, but she meets a spirit pack and the story is about moving the frozen time.

This episode was previously visualized as the second part of a theatrical OVA, and the serialization began in conjunction with the release of the OVA, so it is also an aspect of the OVA comicalization.

As of November 2020, the first volume is currently being published.
The serialization is still going on.

Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 公式アンソロジーコミック

出典 :

リゼロのアンソロジーは現在、2016~2018年にMFコミックス アライブシリーズから発売された『公式アンソロジーコミック』シリーズの3冊のみとなっています。



第3弾の表紙を飾っているのは、『FGO』の礼装や『鏡のむこうの最果て図書館 光の勇者と偽りの魔王』のイラストを手掛けるNamie先生



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