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【 Voice Actor】Announcing the top 10 characters played by Hiroshi Kamiya! Which character is your masterpiece?

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Hiroshi Kamiya, who has played many leading roles and has become an indispensable presence in the anime world, has announced the top 10 most popular and well-known characters among the roles he has played so far!
Which character is the representative work of the popular voice actor who boasts a career spanning over 25 years?

No.10:Matuno Choromatu

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He is the third son of the sextuplets in the anime “Osomatsu-san,” which took the world by storm in 2015 and 2016.
He is the third son of the sextuplets in the 2015-2016 anime “Osomatsu-san.
There are rumors that she is a severe dollar otaku, self-conscious, and more dangerous than any of the six children.
In the movie version of his high school days, he was a strange student who walked like a robot, had an unusually high-pitched voice, and made an appeal to be an honor student.

Mr. Kamiya’s debut work was “Tsuyoshi: Get a grip,” which aired in 1994.
This work is also an everyday comedy.
However, in the past, he played extreme gag characters such as the president of “Green Green”, and in the 2010s, he played Kiyoshi in “Prison Academy”.

No.9:Edokawa Ranpo

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A member of the Armed Detective Agency, he is one of the main characters in the popular anime “Bungo Stray Dogs,” which has been produced for three seasons since its first anime in 2016.
He is the only character in the Armed Detective Agency, where people with different abilities gather, who doesn’t use supernatural powers, but uses his extraordinary powers of deduction and insight to solve difficult cases through “super deduction”.
On the other hand, he doesn’t have much common sense, and his self-confidence and childishness stand out.

Mr. Kamiya, who says he is a backward person himself, doesn’t have many opportunities to play confident characters, but he played the self-righteous and headstrong Rei Idomugi in the 6th season of “Gegege no Kitaro.

As a side note, he is not the same person as Edogawa Rampo in “Bungo to Alchemist (Bunsto)”.

No.8:Saiki Kusuo

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He is the protagonist of “Kusuo Saiki no Ψnan”, which started its anime adaptation in 2016, and even after its completion, a new one was produced exclusively for Netflix.
He is a student of PK Academy’s 2nd year class “Curved”, a member of the occult club, and above all, a psychic who has the power to destroy humanity in less than three days.
However, he is a quiet person who lives his life as inconspicuously as possible, and his interaction with others is limited.

Although Mr. Kamiya has many opportunities to play oblique characters, there are surprisingly few cool characters who do not show much emotion.
In the second half of the movie, she showed a completely different side of herself, such as Thielia Arde in “Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

No.7:Akashi Seijyuro

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A character from “Kuroko’s Basketball,” which has been produced for three seasons since its anime adaptation in 2012, and has gained popularity mainly among women.
A genius player who served as the captain of the “Kiseki Generation” and stood in front of Seirin as the point guard of Rakuzan High School.
The Emperor’s Eye allows him to anticipate every play, and it is revealed that he has developed a different personality due to his harsh family environment and fear of defeat.

His first appearance in the game, where he suddenly tries to cut Taiga Kagami with scissors and then cuts off his own bangs, is very famous.
This is one of the most dangerous characters that Mr. Kamiya has played in the past.

No.6:Trafalgar Law

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He is a surgeon of death who has established himself as a popular character in “One Piece,” which is popular among all generations, young and old.
He is one of the “Worst Generation”, and although he is basically a cool character, he is rather wet on the inside, and often yells when he gets into trouble, making him a character with a human touch in many ways.

His first appearance was in volume 51 (episode 392 in the anime), which was quite late, but he was suddenly ranked 10th in the 4th popularity poll, and in the 5th, he was ranked 2nd, close to Luffy.
In the 5th round, he was ranked 2nd, just ahead of Luffy. In the 6th round, he was ranked 4th, and has become one of the representative characters of ONE PIECE.

In fact, Mr. Kamiya has appeared in ONE PIECE since the first episode, and at that time he played the role of Pirate A, one of Alvida’s men.
After several appearances since then, he seems to have arrived at the role of Law with a full heart.



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