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【Darwin’s game】Summary of information about the lovely and powerful heroine Shuka! What is her relationship with Kaname?【 Anime adaptation】

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I picked up Shuka, the main heroine from Darwin’s Game! She’s a little bossy, but when she’s in front of Kaname, she’s a cute and lovable character. We’ve compiled a variety of information about Shuka!

Shuka’s profile and overview

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Shuka is a character in “Darwin’s Game”.
She is a 16-year-old high school girl who lives alone in an apartment.
Her real name is Shuka Kano.
Her real name is Shuka Kano, but she is often referred to as “Shuka,” which is her player name in Darwin’s Game.
She is the main heroine in “Darwin’s Game”.
She has long blonde hair tied up in twin-tails and wears a gothic lolita outfit as her basic visual.
On rare occasions, she is seen in pajamas or with her hair down.

Her personality is what is called “tsundere,” and her S-like side is also noticeable.
Although not always, she also adds “nya” and “nya-” to the end of her words.

She absolutely obeys and supports the orders and ideas of the main character, Kaname.
She expresses her feelings of love straightforwardly and does not hide her jealousy.

She is called the “Undefeated Queen” and is a very famous player who has won 49 consecutive games in Darwin’s Game without losing since the first game.
She is one of the strongest players in both name and reality, and is ranked “A” in the top class.
His outstanding fighting prowess, combined with his relentless personality, makes him uncompromising in his battles with his enemies.
He is willing to push his enemies to the limit and even kill them, so despite his cute appearance, he can be said to be a very “S” character.

She is also good at pretending to be a cat, and in volume 14 of the book, when she and Kaname infiltrate a high school to investigate, she plays the role of the “younger sister” to perfection.
Kaname highly praised her performance, saying “Wow, it’s honestly amazing that she can act like a cat to this extent.
However, the moment a high school boy unintentionally puts his hand on her shoulder, her expression changes completely.
With a frozen expression on his face, he said, “Can you please not touch me with your dirty hands? He then cut off his hand with a wire.
This is the moment when we see Shuka’s cruelty towards people other than Kaname and his clan mates.

In the comics, Shuka alone graces the covers of volumes 2, 10, and 17.
All the illustrations are very cute and dainty, and are highly praised by fans.

Focus on Shuka’s different ability (Sigil)

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Shuka’s Sigil is “Queen of Thorns”.
It’s an unusual ability that allows her to manipulate string-like objects at will.
Basically, she uses two chains as a weapon, and can use them at any range, from short to long distance.
Since there is no restriction that the chains must be “chains,” they can be used flexibly by changing the material and shape depending on the compatibility with the opponent.

Chains can be driven into the ground or hooked to high places to achieve three-dimensional movements.
Since it is in the form of a string, the Sigil can attack freely from anywhere, and since it can move in three dimensions, it is also easy to “escape.

How did the “undefeated queen” end up under the thumb of a newcomer?

Shuka,” the strongest player in the game, easily joined Kaname’s group in the second volume of the book at the beginning of the story.
The reason for this was simple: “I lost the battle.

Shuka, the “Undefeated Queen,” is a very powerful player with 49 consecutive wins.
It seems that she was no longer satisfied with the existing players and was looking for a promising new player to join the team.
Then Kaname joins the “Darwin’s Game”.
From a distant café, I observed her fighting a panda in the “Rookie Hunt.
Seeing Kaname running away in agony, I secretly gave her advice via the message function.

After Kaname’s victory, the two made contact and decided to meet in person.
Kaname didn’t want to make a scene, but the discussion didn’t end and a battle broke out.
Shuka is the “undefeated queen” with 49 consecutive victories and has absolute confidence in her power, but she is defeated by Kaname’s intelligent fighting style.

In “Darwin’s Game,” defeat leads to death.
Especially for a player like Shuka, who has a high rank and a lot of points, losing usually means “losing all your points and dying.
However, Kaname did not even harm him, let alone kill him.
This was the beginning of Shuka’s trust in Kaname.

After that, he took care of Kaname, who fainted after the tension was released, and let her rest in his room.
The next morning, Shuka said, “I’ll teach Kaname anything you want. The next morning, Shuka says, “I’ll tell you anything you want to know about Kaname, since she said something like that to me yesterday…” She is embarrassed, so we can assume that one of the triggers for Kaname to become aware of him was when he said something strong to her in her slumbering consciousness.

At first, Shuka was interested in her in the sense of “whether or not she was a formidable player who could satisfy him,” but after this incident, his interest changed to that of a “love interest.
Shuka, in particular, is the type of person who doesn’t think too much and uses his power to screw over his enemies.
The way he makes use of Kaname’s head, he probably feels that he has something that he doesn’t have.
There is also a scene where he looks at her with envy when he sees her like that and how she is active.



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