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【Smile down the runway】A bright future as a model is assured, and Kokoro Hasegawa aspires to be a designer? Her struggles and profile summary

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Smile down the runway a character named “Kokoro Hasegawa” who is almost guaranteed to become a future blockbuster as a model. However, the film depicts a conflict with his manager, who is desperate to stop him from becoming a designer. This article summarizes the conflicts and profile of Heart of Hasegawa.

Character Overview

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Kokoro Hasegawa is a character from “Smile down the runway”.
She is a freshman in college and has tremendous proportions at 181cm tall and 93cm inseam.
Because of this innate style, she belongs to the modeling agency Bon Rouge, and her manager has promised her that she will definitely succeed as a model.
However, he is not so keen on modeling, partly because of his shyness.

She aspires to be a designer, not a fashion model, and this is evident from the fact that she attends one of Japan’s top fashion schools, Fashion and Arts College.
She doesn’t have any special talent or sense as a designer, but she works hard and spends every night at home practicing on her own to learn the art of dressmaking little by little.
His room is cluttered with fabric, sewing machines, and thread.

She’s too timid to say no

Kokoro Hasegawa is a timid character who is not easy to push.
In the fourth volume of the book, there is a welcome party for the first-year students of the Fashion and Arts College.
Although she refuses the invitation of the seniors who are forcing her to drink, despite the fact that she says “I’m underage…” at the party, she couldn’t refuse the invitation and ended up getting drunk.
The seniors wanted to take the drinks home with them, and when she couldn’t even stand up properly anymore, she naturally couldn’t refuse them.
Eventually Ikuto, who had sent a help email during the drinking session, came to her rescue, but if he hadn’t, she would have been taken somewhere before she could resist.

The scene also depicts a scene in which Ikuto apologizes when his manager gives him a harsh opinion, such as “quit the university”, because he can’t say it back clearly.
If you are told that you are “running away to be a designer” because you don’t want to be a model, you may not be confident in your feelings that you are really just running away.
It portrays a shy character who can’t articulate her own opinions.

Kokoro Hasegawa is a great model who can get to the top

Kokoro is usually timid, but she has two weapons as a model.
One is “height”.
Her manager said, “She’s a gem that can catch the top spot in the world, even if she’s born 100% taller. The deputy editor-in-chief of a magazine said, “There aren’t many Japanese people who have that kind of body”.

The second weapon is her “aura”.
Usually timid and soft-spoken, but when she turns on a model and poses for a photo, she creates an “alien atmosphere” and her cold, soulless eyes, which seem to be closed off from the rest of the world, completely changes the atmosphere.
In addition to having a unique presence (aura) about the mind, an industry insider said, “When the switch is flipped, the air stops…with a blade at your throat. I felt like I was being told not to make a sound or move.

As a model, she can stand tall with a crisp expression and an imposing demeanor when she’s switched on, but when she’s switched off, in normal times, she looks unsure and her personality is well-revealed, and she’s like a different person.

Her height and proportions are very powerful weapons, but the “atmosphere” she creates as a model is another reason why people expect her to be successful as a model.

Kokoro Hasegawa, an unconscious model

Although she has an exceptional talent for height and aura, she is reluctant to pursue a career in modeling because she only wants to be a designer.
She only wants to be a designer.
Even to Ikuto, she says, “I was modeling that day… but I’m serious about being a designer…
She is attending college and studying design, so her awareness as a model is not very high.
As a fashion model, whose tools of trade are her body, it is elementary that she does not make scars on her own body, no matter where it is.
However, her hands are covered in scars as she practices day and night to become a designer.
The character Chiyuki Fujito, who appears as the heroine and dreams of becoming a model, has a true feeling in her heart: “Take it seriously” and “Take it seriously”.



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