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Too many tweaks? Summary of the appeal of the Kindaichi Boy’s Case Files: The Case Files of the Criminals

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Recently, “The Case Files of the Kindaichi Boys” has become a hot topic on the internet and has sold 1.4 million copies.
Even if you don’t know the original work, you will laugh and want to read the original work, and it has a good reputation as a spin-off!
As the title suggests, the manga stars the criminals who appear in “The Case Files of the Kindaichi Boys”.
In the book, the criminals commit a series of crimes with tragic motives that make them vomit blood.
That’s why the structure of this gag manga barely touches on the motives and focuses on the tricks.
However, a manga called “The Case Files of the Kindaichi Boys”, if you leave out the motive, is actually quite surreal and has some interesting points to be discussed.


The characters in “The Case Files of Kindaichi” are called “Phantom Men”.
They are disguised as fictional characters or terrifying characters from local urban legends, in order to get them to take the blame for the crime.

In both “The Case Files of Kindaichi” and “The Case Files of Kindaichi: The Case Files of the Criminals”, the first case, “The Murder at the Opera House”, a mysterious person named Utazuki appears.
He appears as a mysterious tourist with a bandage on his face, but when he visits the room after the incident, it is suspected that he is not there.

If you want to set this up, you first have to solve the problem of whether you can check into a hotel with your face wrapped in a bandage.
In the promise of mystery, a suspiciously dressed person is passed off as such, but if you think about it, it’s just a suspicious person.
If you are not good at it, you will be reported to the police.
And of course it’s embarrassing and emotionally painful to go out in public dressed as a prowler.
Still, it’s for the perfect crime. The criminals overpower their sense of shame and become a monster.

[Describing the hardships associated with the trick]

Naturally, a mystery trick is a lot of work to pull off.
In “The Case Files of Kindaichi,” even a single line of dialogue requires a lot of work.

For example, in “The Waxman Castle Murder”, the castle was equipped with wax figures that looked like the participants of the mystery tour.

However, the original wax figures are hard to get, and they have to be used for the crime.
And since they are used to commit a crime, any way to get them is out.

As a result, the criminal made a wax figure by himself.

The quality of this wax figure is not required because the trick should be crude and easily recognized as a doll.
But even if they are, it is very difficult to make.

Also, in “The Lake of Sorrows Murder”, the murderer gave false news.
In the mystery scene, it’s just one word, but if a layman tries to read it as news, it’s not quite right.
So the killer learns from the ground up.
By the way, this criminal also taught himself the suspension bridge flaming device.
It is quite gutsy.

[A trick that requires stamina and acting ability]

Now, in Kindaichi Shonen no Jiken Gaiden: The Case Files of the Criminals, any scene where no particular trick is presented during the main story’s crime is interpreted as a power push.
The only part that can be said to have been done somehow is the basic physical, gory system.

For example, there is a scene in “Murderer on the Silver Screen” where the victim is hung from the ceiling by the film, but it’s not a trick, it’s only physical.
However, the murderer in this case is a girl younger than the victim.
A small girl can’t hang a man heavier than her, unless she’s very physically strong.

Still, if the crime was premeditated, it would still be a good one.
If it’s an impulsive one, you’ll have to do something reckless without any preparation.

“The perpetrator of the Tarot Mountain Lodge Murder was a Tokyo University-educated elite.
But no matter how clever he is, he can’t come up with “an easy way to hang a middle-aged man from a windmill”.
Even so, they have no choice but to do it because their lives depend on it.
This is not the time to talk about the harshness of the crime.

And the criminals are very proud of themselves.
They especially praise themselves for their acting skills.
Because they are under pressure, they are strangely positive and when they achieve something, they praise themselves, and you can’t help but love them.
When they run out of energy and succeed, the criminals praise themselves and raise the tension while trying their best.
Maybe this manga teaches us that the last thing we need to rely on in life is our own body and soul.



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