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The top 50 romantic comedy anime rankings are out! The best-selling romantic comedy was that classic that shook my outlook on life!

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The top 50 romantic comedy anime disc sales of all time are announced!
The rules of the ranking are: the number of copies sold is the average of the coolest season, the number of anime seasons made for more than two seasons is the best-selling cool season, and boxes are excluded.
Which of these films won first place with flying colors?

No. 50 [0.37 million]

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Original animation produced by P.A. WORKS.
It’s a romantic comedy that leans toward the serious, set in a world where humans live in separate underwater and on land.
The heavy storyline that only screenwriter Marri Okada can create has a unique style.

Together with the box, it sold over 5,000 copies.

No. 49 [0.37 million] One Week Friends.

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A coming-of-age romantic comedy based on a manga.
The film depicts the romance between the heroine, Fujimiya Kaori, who loses her memory within a week.
It’s a serious story because of the setting, but it’s not that heavy and it’s heartfelt.

The cover of the hit song “Kanade”, which was used as the ED song, spread to the younger generation and garnered 1 million downloads and 100 million views.

No.48 [0.39 million copies] Why is the teacher here?

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It is a romantic comedy based on a manga.
The story is an omnibus of the romance between a female teacher and a male student.
In the line of erotic comedy with lots of risqué descriptions, various types of female teachers are exposed without any trace, and it was well received by male viewers.

4No. 47 [0.41 million] Maburaho

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An anime work based on a novel.
Set in a modern world where magic exists, this is a story about three beautiful girls vying for the main character’s genes.
The original story is quite biased, with 4 full-length volumes and 22 short stories, and it seemed to fit the style of the book better to delve into the characters in the everyday parts of the story rather than the main storyline.

No. 46 [0.42 million] Brides of Seto

出典 :

A romantic comedy based on a manga.
Set in the Seto Inland Sea, this is a story about a junior high school student who is rescued by a mermaid girl, Seto San, and is forced to marry her by the mermaid’s law.
There are a lot of aniori elements, including a completely original episode, as if it were from the 2000s.

No. 45 [0.44 million] Redi x Bat!

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An anime work based on a novel.
The main story is a love triangle between the protagonist, who is a Yankee on the outside and a petulant one on the inside, his childhood friend, and a young lady from the Japanese and English quarters.
As it has received the R15+ designation, there is a noticeable amount of nudity and other depictions.

No. 44 [0.45 million] Lost Cat Overrun!

出典 :

It is an anime based on a novel, and has become one of Mr. Matsu Tomohiro’s masterpieces.
It is a slapstick romantic comedy that takes place in the confectionery store Stray Cats.
It became a hot topic of conversation when “To LOVE-ru” teacher Yabuki Kentaro worked on the comic book adaptation.


出典 :

It is an anime based on a novel, and has become one of Mr. Matsu Tomohiro’s masterpieces.
It is a slapstick romantic comedy that takes place in the confectionery store Stray Cats.
It became a hot topic of conversation when “To LOVE-ru” teacher Yabuki Kentaro worked on the comic book adaptation.

No. 42 [0.49 million] New Sister Demon King’s Contractor

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The anime based on the landmark novel aired in two installments in 2015.
This is a romantic comedy of a harem series in which the protagonist has taken in a beautiful young girl, Naruse Mio, daughter of the Demon King, as her sister-in-law.
It has become one of the leading examples of sexually explicit anime due to its fairly extreme depictions.

No.41 [0.49 million] Kaguya-sama wants to tell you – Geniuses in Love Brain Battle

出典 :

The second season of the anime, based on the manga, is scheduled to air in the spring of 2020.
It is a new type of romantic comedy created by two geniuses, Miyuki Shirogane, the student council president, and Kaguya Shinomiya, the vice-president, who play a game of love… but the subtitle has been removed from the second season, probably due to the fact that both of them have a lot of clumsy elements when it comes to love.
The psychological approach is also evident throughout the film.

No. 40 [0.49 million] – Mr. Takagi with his teasing skills

出典 :

A popular anime based on a manga that established the mainstream of romantic comedies in recent years with a single heroine.
Nishikata’s ubiquitous reaction to being teased by Takagi-san every time, and the scene where Takagi-san reacts adorably to Nishikata’s rare, unacknowledged counterattack, have become very popular.
The original episode of the anime was also well received.

No. 39 [0.5 million] rosary and vampire

出典 :

An anime work based on a manga.
This is a harem-type romantic comedy set in Youkai Academy, a high school for monsters, in which ordinary high school students interact with various beautiful girls such as vampires, succubus, witches, and snow girls.
There are many other elements in this film, such as the occult, battle action, etc., but the main focus is on the romantic comedy.

No.38 [0.53 million] New Currents Samurai Girls

出典 :

Set in a world not unlike Japan, this is an action and romantic comedy about girls who follow in the footsteps of swordsmen and warlords of old, such as Yagyu Jubei.
It’s based on a light novel, but it’s also a media mix project to commemorate Hobby Japan’s 40th anniversary.
The anime was produced for two seasons and then an OVA was released.

No. 37 [0.53 million] kiss x sis

出典 :

A romantic comedy about two stepsisters and a brother who have grown up together since childhood.
The anime was produced over a long period of time, developing into a TV series that aired in 2010, as well as an OAD that came with a limited edition of the comics.
The content is quite extreme, especially in the OAD series, where sexuality is prominent.

No. 36 [0.54 million] Amagami SS

出典 :

It is an anime based on the romance simulation game “Amagami”, and was produced for two seasons.
A romantic comedy with a noticeable fetishism, the first season is an omnibus format in which each heroine has a different storyline in four episodes.
The second season then depicts a daily story.

No.35 [0.56 million] SHUFFLE!

出典 :

A romantic comedy set in Koyo Town, where humans, gods and demons coexist.
It is an anime based on the game, but the original elements become more intense after the middle of the game.
Basically, it was supposed to be a lighthearted romantic comedy… but in the second half of the film, it developed into a sloppy love triangle. The “empty pot” scene, in which one of the heroines stirs an empty pot with a ladle, with empty eyes, was controversial.

No. 34 [0.56 million] The Secret of Nogizaka Haruka

出典 :

It is a romantic comedy about a young lady who is an otaku and is the main heroine.
It’s not an uncommon setting nowadays, but this film may have contributed in no small part to its popularity.

The anime was produced for two seasons and then concluded with an OVA series.
A sequel, “The Secret of Nogizaka Asuka”, is being published in 2018.

No. 33 [0.58 million] Steel Angel Kurumi

出典 :

It is an anime based on a manga that aired from 1999 to 2001 and was adapted into a live-action series in 2002.
The story features an android girl, “Steel Angel”, as the heroine.
It has a strong sci-fi element, but the main part is a slapstick romantic comedy!

No. 32 [0.58 million]

出典 :

An anime adaptation of a popular school romantic comedy serialized in Jump.
This is a story about the protagonist, Ichijo Raku, who deepens his relationship with the heroine, Kirisaki Chitoge, the daughter of a gang boss, classmate Onodera Kosaki, and his ex-wife, Tachibana Marika.
The original was controversial for a number of reasons, but the anime was generally well received.

No. 31 [0.62 million] unconfirmed and in progress

出典 :

This is the love story of an easy-birth type girl, Yonomori Kobeni, and her wife-to-be, Mitsumine Hakuya, a clan member with supernatural powers.
The original work is serialized in Manga 4 Koma Palette.
It is often misunderstood because it’s a daily life series, but it’s not a Kirara series.

The OP video on the official Youtube page has 7.5 million views.



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