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[Evil God-chan Dropkick] Medusa and Evil God-chan have a codependent relationship! In-depth explanation

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We’ve put together a summary of Medusa, the most angelic demon character in Evil Girl Dropkick, which will be airing its second season in the spring of 2020!
We thoroughly examine every element of her personality, her charm, and her unhealthy relationship with Evil God!

Medusa Character Profile

A female character who appears in “Evil God-chan Dropkick”.
She is a resident of the demon world with the main character, Evil God-chan, and is a childhood friend of Evil God-chan.
She was summoned to the human world by Yurine Hanazono and came to the human world to help Evil God-chan, who wanted to turn her into a deceased person in order to return to the demon world.

She is a beautiful girl with a bobbed haircut, and has such good looks that she won the grand prize in the Demon World Kawaii Girl Championship.
Even by the aesthetic standards of the human world, she is an immensely beautiful girl.
When she leveled up, her costume was changed and she now looks like a female pharaoh.

Despite being a demon, she is gentle, timid and good-natured, and does not do any evil.
He has the ability to petrify people who see his face, but because of the above, he feels guilty about petrifying them, so he always wears a paper bag when he goes out.
In addition, he has his own unique obsession with that paper bag, and kraft paper seems to be the best fit.

He has always indulged Evil God-chan for a long time, and he responds to her requests for money and other things as much as possible.
However, if she gets seriously angry beyond acceptable limits, she will go into expressionless, respectful mode.

Although she was originally called in to kill Yurine, she has never shown any hostile attitude, and seems to be in awe of Yurine, who returns Evil God-chan to an excessive degree.
On the other hand, she trusts Yurine, who has common sense as long as she doesn’t cause her any harm.

She is voiced by Miyu Kubota, the voice actor in charge of the character.

Satanic but saintly golden pattern

Medusa’s charm is that she is a demon, but she’s also a real angel and is considered an angel by Peco and her friends.
In this work, Medusa is a coolant for the readers and viewers in a world full of brutal freaks including the scum of the earth, Yuriene, who really freaks out the devil despite being human.
It’s no exaggeration to say that her presence in the world of “Evil God Girl Dropkick” barely maintains a balance.

This “angelic demon” is one of the golden patterns in manga and anime, and is a setting that should be considered an example of gap moe.
Other works such as Vine from “Gavril Dropout” and Shamiko from “Machikado Mazoku” are examples of this pattern.
They are both popular characters.

What they and Medusa have in common is that they are all caring people.
Because of her kindness, she can’t leave someone close to her when she can’t leave them alone.
She is truly a saint.

However, in Medusa’s case, this kindness can be devilish.
People think that she doesn’t have a single devilish quality to her, but that’s not the case.



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