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Here’s the top 30 most likely to be announced for anime in 2020! The big winner is that popular novel!

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The top 30 manga and novels likely to be announced as anime adaptations in 2020!
We’ve selected 30 different manga, from those that have already been big hits to the most promising new ones that seem to be growing in the future.
On top of that, I’ve ranked them in order of their likelihood of being made into an anime, based on my own judgment and prejudice!

 No.1 apothecary’s soliloquy

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This light novel work, which has surpassed 6 million copies of the series and is growing in popularity at a breakneck pace, is the main focus of the 2020 anime adaptation.
The original work is also very popular, but the Big Gangan version of the comics is especially well-received, and it won first place in the comics category of the Next Coming Manga Awards 2019.
There’s enough stock to make it into an anime, and unless there’s something wrong with it, a TV anime adaptation is a definite possibility.


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It is a mega-hit web manga serialized in Jump+ and has already sold over 2 million copies (volume average 670,000 copies) as of January 2020.
It is a very anime-worthy manga with action scenes and well-developed characters, so it can be said that it is the default for a TV anime adaptation.

The one question is whether or not it will be animated by the end of 2020.
With the series starting in March 2019 and the comics being published every three months, we can expect to see a six-volume release within 2020, so it looks like it will be well stocked.
There was quite a bit of buzz around the first episode, and it was a pretty big seller from the first volume, so we expect the anime adaptation project to be up and running early on, and we see a good chance that news of an anime adaptation will be released in the fall/winter of 2020.

No.3:That dress-up doll is in love

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It is a romantic comedy manga that has been serialized in Young Gun Gun Gun since January 2018.
It has been slowly growing in popularity since the beginning of the series and was ranked 6th in the “Next Manga Awards 2019”.
The growth of its popularity has been tremendous, and it was announced in the summer of 2019 that the number of copies in circulation had broken through 500,000, but just half a year later in January 2020, it broke through 1 million copies.

A manga that has grown this much in the non-animated phase of its life should definitely be animated first.
The pace of publication is about one book every six months, and with the expected release of up to six volumes in 2020, there’s a good chance that an anime adaptation will be decided within the year.

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This is a popular soccer manga serialized in Big Comic Spirits.
It rose in popularity around volume 10 when it was released in 2017 and has become a huge hit with a total of 3.5 million copies sold, so this year is just the right time for an anime adaptation to happen.
Stock-wise, there’s nothing wrong with it, and if it’s going to be made into an anime, it’s likely to do it for at least two seasons.

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No.5:Atelier of Pointy Hats

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It is a classic magical fantasy manga that is serialized in Monthly Morning Two.
It has become a hot topic from the beginning of its serialization, and the first volume became a long seller and became a hit in the blink of an eye.
It has sold over 1.4 million copies worldwide! It has been announced that the book is popular in Japan and abroad.

Volume 6 will be released in January 2020 and is well stocked.
It looks like the anime adaptation will be announced this year, after a long wait.

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It is a theatrical manga with a theatrical theme that stands out from the rest of the Weekly Shonen Jump.
At the beginning, it did not seem to fit in with the main target audience, but as the content became more sophisticated, it has gained a certain amount of fans, and in recent years, the order in which it is published has been high and the sales of comics have been stable.
It is expected to be adapted into an anime within two years of its start, just like “Yuna-san of the Yuragiso” and “Bokutachi wa Gakugaku ga Dainai”, which are close in sales, so it is quite possible that this work, which started in 2018, will be adapted into an anime in 2020.

No.7:Otherworldly man

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It is a comedy manga that is not a fantasy of otherworldly reincarnation from Narrow, but a comedy manga that is the antithesis of otherworldly things, and is currently being serialized on ComicWalker.
Due to the fact that many SEGA stories appear in the work, it has a lot of buzz, such as the collaboration with “Mega Drive Mini”.

Sales have been strong, but the only bottleneck is stock.
Volume 3 will be released in October 2019, and LilySpace has one book every six months, so the calculation is that volume 5 will be released by the end of 2020, which is pretty close to the end of the year.

8位:Mr’s Hurumi Can’t Communicate

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This popular romantic comedy has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday since 2016.
It reached a total of 2 million copies when volume 10 was released in 2018, a track record that could be considered a definite anime adaptation at this point, but it was not made into an anime in 2019.
However, it remains a strong contender, as it is currently the second best-selling manga in Sunday after Conan.

No. 9: A story about a junior whose seniority is annoying

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This web manga is immensely popular on the internet, having won first place in the “Next Coming Manga Awards 2018” web manga category.
When the author, Shiro Manta-sensei, posts the latest story on his account, it always gets 100,000 likes.
The comics have also become a hit, with 800,000 copies sold in 4 volumes, but the number of potential readers is expected to be much higher than that, making it a manga that is quite suitable for an anime adaptation.

The daily life stuff doesn’t digest that much of the original work, so it’s expected to be well stocked in 2020, when volume 5 is expected to be released.

No.10:A wandering, otherworldly meal with a hell of a lot of skåçills

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This is an inter-world summoning light novel from Narrow.
It’s also doing very well in comic book form, with both the comic version of the main story serialized in Comic Garde and the further spin-off manga, “Tonto Skill to Wandering Meshi: Sui’s Great Adventure in an Alternate World” being a hit.
It was announced in March 2019 that the series had surpassed 1 million copies in total, but 10 months later in January 2020, the series reached 1.8 million copies, so it’s almost doubled in sales over the past year.

Incidentally, the spin-off features Sui the Slime as the main character.
Following “Tensura” and “300 years after defeating slime”, if this work is also made into an anime, it seems that the slime boom will come true.



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