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【 Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear】Is Yuna the strongest type of protagonist? A thorough examination

出典 : ©くまなの・主婦と生活社/くまクマ熊ベアー製作委員会 : TVアニメ「くまクマ熊ベアー」公式サイト

From the Naro’o anime ” Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear” that will air in the fall of 2020, we take a look at the main character, Yuna!
The protagonist of Naro-kei is usually the strongest in the story, and I’ll be thoroughly examining this cute and heartwarming girl to see if that’s really the case!

Yuna Character Overview

出典 : ©くまなの・主婦と生活社/くまクマ熊ベアー製作委員会 : TVアニメ「くまクマ熊ベアー」公式サイト

The female character in “Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear” and the protagonist of the game.
She is a girl with long black hair that reaches her waist, and her development is rather poor for a 15-year-old, which she seems to be concerned about.

While playing the world’s first VRMMORPG “World Fantasy Online”, she was given the cheat equipment “Bear Equipment” as a gift through the update campaign, and immediately after that, she was sent to another world managed by a god that looks just like the game world, and she starts a new life.

He has a somewhat oblique personality, and is able to boldly dismiss anything that bothers him, including human relationships.
On the other hand, he is also optimistic, probably because he is a high spec guy who can basically handle anything.

He closes his mind to people who are poisonous to him, even if they are his parents, and shows aggression towards those who are hostile to him, while he accepts those who do not harm him.
In fact, she’s rather good-natured, and she seems to have a sisterly nature that takes care of the younger generation.

Her voice actress is Maki Kawase.

Despite its appearance, the “Bear Equipment” is the strongest equipment.

出典 : ©くまなの・主婦と生活社/くまクマ熊ベアー製作委員会 : TVアニメ「くまクマ熊ベアー」公式サイト

In conclusion, Yuna is a versatile and strongest type of protagonist.
Just like the image of the protagonist of Naro works, she is the type of character who can fight without a fight and get off on it.

What supports Yuna’s strength is the “Bear Equipment,” which is acquired in the opening scene and becomes her synonymous equipment.

Yuna first encountered the Bear Equipment when she was playing World Fantasy Online one day.
As part of the update campaign, countless gift boxes were prepared based on total play time, and she was told to choose one. It was a “bear set.
In other words, Yuna did not choose her own bear equipment.

When Yuna saw the unique looking equipment, her first impression was a perfectly normal one: “I’m too embarrassed to wear it.
However, as soon as she checks the performance of each piece of equipment, she has a hard time deciding whether or not to equip it.

The various performances of the bear equipment were as follows

Black bear glove: Increases power depending on the user’s level (for attack)
White bear glove: Increases defense depending on the user’s level (for defense)
Black bear shoes: Speed increase and movement fatigue reduction depending on wielder’s level.
White bear shoes: Same as above
Black and white bear clothing: Heat and cold resistant. Reversible, can be used front side as black bear clothes and back side as white bear clothes. Black bear clothing increases physical and magical strength depending on the level of the wearer, while white bear clothing automatically recovers physical and magical strength (the amount and speed of recovery increases depending on the level).

Both of these types of equipment increase in performance in proportion to the wearer’s level, and will eventually become the strongest equipment available.
Yuna, who was at full level when she got this equipment, had no hesitation in calling it a “cheat ability.
This equipment also has the effect of catching the enemy off guard because of its soothing appearance, and at the same time, it has the effect of keeping the child from getting defensive.

However, the true value of this bear set does not stop there.
As you continue on your journey, the true meaning of the cheat performance will gradually be revealed.



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