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10 Love Comedy Anime Selections! I tried to put together the popular love rice works that represent the 2010s # WORKING # natsumachi # chu 2 koi # date_a_live # oregairu # Nisekoi # monthly girl Nozaki kun # nozaki kun # Moe Kano # Takagi Sanme # Teasing high-handed Takagi # Hisko # high score girl

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From the love come anime that began broadcasting in the 2010’s, I tried to put together 10 works that were recorded by a large hit and recorded by many people!
From popular popular films to relatively new animations that enliven the late 2010s, we will deliver love rice of various times at once!


出展 :

A TV animation produced by A-1 Pictures, with the first season in spring 2010, the second in autumn 2011, and the third in summer 2015.
Director Yoshimasa Hiraike (1st stage), Atusi Ootuki (2nd stage), and Yumi Kasmakura (3rd stage) respectively led command.
In December 2015, SP anime, which is the final edition, is being broadcast.
The original is a cartoon work of the same name that Karino Takatsu sensei had been serializing until 2014 in Young Gangan, commonly known as “Dog Groupi.”
The same series of characters and different characters from the Cat Group have also been serialized on the Web, and in the fall of 2016, we also animated this under the title “WWW. WORKING !!”.

A work depicting the everyday life of a stranger (+ a small percentage of decent people) who works at the family restaurant “Wagnalia”.
It is likely to be classified into work comedy in a setting, but it is a love comedy as a genre because the romance element is very strong.

The main couples are “I love small things” protagonist, bird bird Sodate (Tanai Sohta), male phobia & violent heroine Inami Mahiru, sweet and gentle baby Sato Jun Two sets of  Yachiyo Todoroki, a series of swords heroines.
While their frustrating love is depicted in comedy touch, there are also many popular characters that have nothing to do with love, such as Popura Taneshima Popura and Aoi Yamada, and they have been hit by anime fans of various tastes is.

I’ll be waiting in that summer

出展 :

Original animation by J.C. STAFF produced in winter 2012.
“A certain scientific super electromagnetic gun” “We still do not know the name of the flower we saw that day. Tatuyuki Nagai takes command and Yosuke Kuroda from “Infinite Revival” and “Mobile Suit Gundam 00” takes charge of the series.
The character draft is the illustrator Taraku Hane who is known for “Please Teacher”, and the character design is “Tora Dora! “Mr. Tanaka of” Darlin in the Frankis “serves.

This work, which featured the theme “Royal romantic comedy”, is a hero with a delusion,Kaito Kirishima, and an alien’s heroine, Takatsuki Ichika who suddenly appeared with him The story which made the main.

Kannan Tanigawa who is a crush on his classmate in the seaman, Tetsuro Ishigaki who crave on that crunchy meat, Mio Kitahara …. There is also a single-minded chain, the relative weight of love is quite high.
However, the comedy element is more than a certain level and it is not a heavy story, so you can watch it without getting too much.

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!

出展 :

A TV anime produced by Tetsuya Ishihara and produced by Kyoto Animation, in which the first season in autumn 2012 and the second season in winter 2014 were broadcast.
The original is a light novel work of the same name that Torako sensei (author) and Nozomi Ousaka-sensei (illustration) published from KA Esma Bunko to 2017.

The first movie version with a comprehensive version + a new video in 2013, “I want to love even in the sickness with six flowers, Kai-Theatrical version Chugoku disease!-“, The second movie version in 2018 will be a sequel to the second stage of television animation Ammunition “I want to fall in love with you even if I have a sickness! -Take On Me-” has been released.

The main love of the former, Chuni disease and the history of the past in the black history, Yuta Togashi, and the active love of the two-disease woman, small bird Rokka Takanasi, mainly It is a love comedy that I drew.
In addition to Rokuhana, cute female characters such as “Morisama”, Sinka Nibutani, Sstone Shichimiya , a leading Sino-Mini disease of S. Many appeared, but not Harlem.

The directionality and settings of some characters differ greatly between the original version and the animation version, so if you read the original after watching the animation, it will be enjoyable without discomfort if you keep that in mind.



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