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【Mobile Suit Gundam One Year War】The controls were too difficult at the time【Lovable fucking games】

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“Mobile Suit Gundam One Year War” is a 3D action game exclusively for the PlayStation 2 from Bandai, based on the popular TV anime “Mobile Suit Gundam”.
It was released as a major project of Bandai and Namco, and received great expectations from Gundam game users and retailers, and the long awaited! It was a release… but I’m sorry to introduce Mobile Suit Gundam: One Year War as a “lLovable fucking games”.

Mobile Suit Gundam One Year War Basic Information

・Genre: 3D action game
・Supported devices: PlayStation®2
・Developed by Namco
・Sold by Bandai
・Number of players: 1
・Release date: April 7, 2005

The game was developed by Namco and released by Bandai.
It is an action game that allows players to experience the “One Year War”, the key theme of Gundam, from the first episode to the last episode of the TV series “Mobile Suit Gundam”.
Bandai, which held the rights to the Gundam series at the time, asked Namco to develop this game as a collaboration project, and it was also the first of a large joint project.
As a side note, the two companies later became Namco Bandai Games.

Expected work

Many Gundam games for Bandai, from the PlayStation to the PS2, were hits, with Bandai’s “Mobile Suit Gundam: Meguriai Universe” and the arcade hit “Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: Ego vs.
The fact that it was a collaboration between Bandai and Namco, and the flashy TV commercials that were aired even before it was released were also factors in that, and the fact that this title was a “sure thing” that would be a million-dollar success. Because of the manufacturer’s response to the game’s popularity, it was released as a “million-dollar software title”.
However, when it was revealed, it ended up selling a total of 330,000 copies, which was a disappointing result, and the combination of low sales and the merger of Bandai and Namco’s management meant that the big project came to an end before we knew it, and all that was left was the disgraceful result that “this title was a clear failure”…

The controls are different from previous Gundam games

The graphics, maneuverability, etc. were of a high standard, unlike any other Gundam game I’ve ever seen, and the level of surprise was no less than that of the later PS2 Gundam games.
However! The basic controls are mostly done with the L1-L3 and R1-R3 buttons on the controller, which makes this game difficult to control for players who are used to traditional Gundam games.
I actually bought this game myself and played it, but I got the impression that this increased the difficulty level of the game, and I found it quite frustrating, saying “It’s hard to move… and I can’t hit the bullets…” (laughs)
This is what is known as TPS/FPS control, and it is a control method that is used a lot in modern day battle royale games and mackerel games.
However, it was not so popular at the time, and I think this is one of the reasons why this game is considered to be a crap game.
By the way, I still hate TPS/FPS controls to the point where I crush the controller .

It’s just a waste of great graphics

This game is so awesome and underwhelming that if it was just the graphics alone (lol) I’d give it a 120 out of 100!
There are also a number of aircraft that Gundam fans can’t get enough of, so being able to see rare aircraft in these graphics is a real treat for fans!
Hey, hey! You can’t track a year of war with these graphics! Because it was so powerful that it felt like it was!
However, the gameplay is disappointing and it’s a shame that it’s a waste of a game with great graphics.
The game’s problems were covered in various media, and in 2005, it was voted “runner-up for 2005’s shitty game of the year”, and received such poor reviews as “not worth the price” and “disappointing” that it was almost pathetic.
Most of the problems were related to the controls, so there’s a good chance that with these graphics and conventional controls, it could have been a classic.


So far, I’ve introduced Mobile Suit Gundam: One Year War as a lovable piece of shit.
After all, “The graphics are top-notch… but it’s a game! I think that’s the honest opinion of the users who evaluated the game.
At the time, Gundam-related games were so popular that it was said that if you made a game out of Gundam, it would be a hit, so when this game was announced, retailers were quite excited about it.
However, it wasn’t a hit at all, and so it joined the ranks of “shitty” games altogether. How did that happen! !
But I believe it wasn’t entirely in vain, as the next Mobile Suit Gundam Climax UC was a masterpiece that capitalized on this failure!

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